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Top rated - 3D Daimyo Dojo!
Kracko2159 viewsThe classic cloud boss, Kracko, in all his iconic glory! He is a staple in the Kirby series, being featured in some form in the majority of the games. He is one of Dedede's most trusted underlings, though his appearence is more god-like than what he is worth. Kirby often has to deal with Kracko's first form (or sibling??) Kracko Jr. as a miniboss, before he gets to the BMOC (Big Monster on Clouds) himself. He can shoot lightning, create a down-pour, release a beam, tackel Kirby, and spawn minions; though he is not too tough to beat- corners are his weakness! I modeled him more after his 2D appearence, rather than the bulbus, multi-sphered trophy seen in SSBB.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
Dedede-Daimyo 3D2140 viewsThis is my first uploaded non-traditional/ computer-made artwork! Made with the 3D modeling program, Milkshape 3D- used to design the fangame, Kirby Cosmic Chaos. The program is free to try, if anyone is interested. The character who is totally taken from the Samurai Kirby minigame, Dedede-Daimyo is my stand-in for online stuffs. His robe-trim is reminiscent of the curtain of the Kabooki theater. His mallot, a kine, is used for pounding rice. Another of my artworks adornes his back.10 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
Samurai Kirby!~ King Dedede2509 viewsDedede is the Daimyo of the 'Samurai Kirby' profecture! Seriously though, he is my avatar, if noone has noticed yet. I believe I have explained all there is about him in my 2D work, "Dedede Daimyo", so seek that out if you want to know about his outfit and such. Here, he is in a mie pose, seen in Kabuki theator; with his mallot behind him and his left arm outstreched. This sculpture is reminissent of another of my 2D works, "Dedede-Daimyo of KRR". This style is based off of the minigame in K:NiDL.10 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(9 votes)
Ribbon & Mr. Star2053 viewsRibbon is a fairy from the planet Ripple Star, seen in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. She attempts to rescue the Power Crystal from being taken by Dark Matter, but it accidentally breaks and scatters the shards over the various surrounding planets, until she collides with Kirby who is resting on Pop Star. Together, they journey across the planet, collecting shards of the crystal and allies to help them on their adventure, and eventually make their way across the galaxy, back to Ripple Star, where they confront Dark Matter at it's source. In the final battle, Ribbon is controlled, flying while carrying Kirby in her arms, who is holding the completed Power Crystal. She kisses Kirby after they rescue her planet.
Mr. Star is a generic shooting-star, who only appears in Kirby no Kirakira Kids and its remake. He was just minding his own business, when one day he is blasted out of the sky by King Dedede. The lil' guy splits into smaller star-pieces and, like Ribbon, falls right into Kirby, who agrees to help gather his shards with the help of the KDL2 Animal Friends. Star-Stacking ensues, and after they have reclaimed all Mr. Star's pieces, he heads back to outer space, but not before being stopped by Grill. She and her gang of onions do battle with Kirby's gang, but in the end, she is defeated and Mr. Star is free to roam the night sky.
6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(9 votes)
Kirby Ultra!1625 views(Description to be updated with more unique writing after Newyears.) This is the first wave of my super-special, Ultimate Kirby Super Star sculpture series, for KRR Christmas 2009. Check back again in eight days for seven new figures. Happy Holidays from the 3D Daimyo~!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(11 votes)
Burnin' Leo1698 viewsHe's on fiya~! Burnin(g) Leo made all other Fire Ability enemies obsolete in his sole appearance in KSS(U) and is perhaps totally responsible for the 'Ability Hats' of Kirby. As an enemy, a pink BL slowly trots around, and occasionally spits a hard-to-dodge fireball in Kirby's direction. All changes when he becomes a helper-- Leo rolls his fire-hair to move faster, and is able to perform all attacks and skills 'Fire' Kirby has at his disposal, including the “Buddist monk” self-immolation technique. Whaha, yes... Anyway, I highly recommend those interested in Burning Leo to read my analysis on his close similarities with the Kabuki “Lion Spirit” here <> Explaining why he spins his hair, holds his sideburns in his hands, and the connection with his name. 3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Samurai Kirby!~ Waddle Doo1881 viewsWaddle Doo is an underling of Dedede Daimyo in this appearence. He is dressed in traditional Japanese pilgramage garb, consisting of a broad straw hat and a striped blue cape. You can always spot Waddle Doo by the giant, single eye. Instead of shooting a beam, he uses a paper fan, seen in Japanese comidy skits. Though he has enthusiasm about being a samurai, Waddle Doo is the least skilled of all the troupes, and is almost always the first to fail! Poor Waddle Doo...4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Bomber1948 viewsOne dangerous dude-as evidenced by the skull drawn on his body. Bomber walks around on two legs, but whenever he falls from stairs or other high places, he hits his head and explodes, covering a significant blast radius. Kirby can suck him up to learn the Crash ability, the ultimate weapon for wiping out every last enemy on the screen. Use it once and it's gone! In addition, this is totally a rip off of his trophy description in Brawl. I'm kinda pushed for time, but I promise I'll work real hard next week! (PS: I totally screwed up on this figure! I put a wind-up key in his back, instead of two red fins and a fuse! What is he, a Bob-omb?! Based on his less-common look, Kaboomba.)6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(4 votes)
Blade Knight1966 viewsOne of the only sources for the famed sword ability, Blade Knight, along with his relative, Sword Knight, first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. He is a stout knight, half covered in green armor, with red hair out the back of his helmet, and (supposably) only one eye in the front. The anime skyrocketed his popularity when paired with Meta Knight, and teamed up with him again in KSSU- where he was also one of Kirby's helpers. Originally, instead of the red mane, they had only two antenna, much like Waddle Doo.5 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(4 votes)
Samurai Kirby!~ Meta Knight2700 viewsMeta Knight, or more accuratly, Meta Samurai, is the toughest of all challengers in this minigame. He has such skill and is so quick, that he is able to strike within a fraction of a fraction of a second from when the exclamation sounds. His weapon of chioce is a broad katana. He wears his mask with a slice over the eye, cape and collar, armored sholderpads, straw sandles, and his [hair!?] up in chongmange style. However, in his first appearence, Samurai MK was only scantily clad.6 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(13 votes)
Javelin Knight1835 viewsAnother Meta-Knight, Javelin is a robotic droid and keeper of the spear. It floats around the stage as if it were bouncing. One of it's attacks has it separate its two hemispheres and hold out a long spear. This way, Javelin will move about while rotating, creating a dangerous spear-sweep twister. Another of its attacks produces a slow-falling, flaming javelin shot in a homing fashion. Javelin Knight is egg shaped, with a glowing eye on its top half, and a spinning base. They seem to be the weakest of M-Ks5 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(6 votes)
Nago1990 viewsNago is my favorite of Kirby's animals. This Japanese bobtail cat is just plain cute and cuddely. I think the reason is that my real cat looks alot like him-- and is just as fat XD. Nago rolls Kirby along the ground when traveling, and can preform up to three jumps (triple jump) in the air. He really doesn't offer any special traveling styles, but rather limits the player to a more traditional platforming style. Like Rick, Nago can jump on enemies heads in order to defete them and gain height. As much as I like him, I think that I could have done better on his model. His girlfriend is Shiro.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
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