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Pirate Kirby1092 viewsArr, me Kirbys! Intended to look like a T-shirt design.6 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(7 votes)
Nruff Race1148 views7 commentsAdol55555
(7 votes)
waddle dee crayon503 viewssomeday i will be able to copy kidl3 style7 commentssilver-scythe55555
(7 votes)
Dark matter - sword form - 3D995 viewsMade a render of a dark matter model I made.
(also yes I forgot to put the "zig-zag" texture on his coat)
10 commentsmico2755555
(7 votes)
Rock On1189 viewsAlright, how bout' some real pics and not just a pchat doodle..

This looked a lot better in my mind.. Then again in my mind I had a stage, Waddle Dee on Bass, and DeDeDe on Drums.. hahaha

Still, it turned out alright.

..And then all the sorrounding Enemies died..
5 commentsEyeofCalamity55555
(7 votes)
Fight through the sky!1126 viewsOne last work from summer vacation.
Kirby vs Dark Matter in KDL2.

I was lost on what I should of done for the background, but there wasn't much background to base off the game. So this is as good as it gets for now. ^ ^;

Done in GimpMint.
7 commentsJessicaSephiroth55555
(7 votes)
Eclipse1092 viewsMr. Bright and Mr. Shine (weird saying it in that order) unite for the most awesome attack known throughout all of Pop Star, the devastating Eclipse!

Just testing out some water color pencils, which needed heavy digital doctoring.
4 commentsBimblesnaff55555
(7 votes)
Halloween Night2362 viewsThis pic I made for a Kirby's contest. By the way, I won the contest. Hope you like it! Please, don't copy.
Obs: I just drew characters of the games, not from the animes. And sorry If I forgot Axe Knight, or Marx. I reaaaalllyyy dumb...
7 commentsgerugeon55555
(7 votes)
Don't Fall Back1294 viewsQuick Doodle

Medics need to be at full throttle, it's raining artillery fire.
6 commentsMinon55555
(7 votes)
A Gift for Kirby712 views6 hour photoshop drawing6 commentsPhredryk55555
(7 votes)
What could have been...650 viewsJust an experiment with a different way of colouring~kirbykawaii210555555
(6 votes)
Hammer Against Sunset736 viewsAs requested by Privatewaddledee on the forums.3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(6 votes)
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