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Kirby and the Two Strings2027 viewsAlt title: "Hoshi No Kubo"

Everyone! If you have not yet seen the new animated movie by Studio Laika-- KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS-- you must do so! It's a visually stunning masterpiece of handcrafted stopmotion wonder. Plus, the Japanese folklore references and stylistic choices are top notch, which may be why I am biased in my love for the flick.

After seeing it on premier night, my mind went wild making connections to the Kirby series, my other infamous obsession. Kubo is a strong yet innocent protagonist just like the hero of Dream Land, and many of his foes and allies directly parallel characters out of the pink puffball's games. With a few reworkings incorporating a mesh of designs from both Kubo and Kirby, I bring you this mighty artwork which reflects my ultimate digital drawing powers.

Please help support the makers of Kubo and the Two Strings by seeing it in theaters before, like the ephemeral summer, it is gone. Big thanks also to the Kirby games and the many joys they bring their fans-- Kirby Planet Robobot being the most recent. I cannot recommend these two great things enough :)

Doumo arigato gozaimasu to all for viewing my art and spreading the love. Let's look forward to the future of me hopefully uploading more awesome Photoshop creations soon~!

2 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(5 votes)
Kirbys Tarot Cards1188 viewsThe whole set in one picture.=3
oh yeah, 22.03..?xDD
6 commentsHisui55555
(5 votes)
Meta Knight 2.01074 viewsHi, friends. I don't leave KRR, i'm still here. A long time ago that don't show any new card. But today is the day. I'm continuing with the KTCG and KAA games. I'm more busy than before but never i forget KRR, i always see it. I need an opinion from you, because i need to know if you like more this style of drawing or you prefer my old style. Your opinion is very important for KTCG, you have the power you make a great change and i'll be very thankful with you if you help me.
This is the version 2.0 of the previous card Meta Knight.
8 commentsKiroscarby55555
(5 votes)
Friendly Traitor369 viewsThis was supposed to have a transparent background, but ah well...

Only got this game on Thursday (a day before it was released in my country, go me) but omigosh I love it so much, especially this guy.
(5 votes)
This is more like it423 viewsHow stacking with Dedede on top SHOULD look.equidna_rojo55555
(5 votes)
Nine too many979 viewsJust as Kirby's recovered from having *three* doppelgangers, he now has to put up with a maximum of nine. Oh HAL, you seem to enjoy making his life hard! This is just a fun, simple sketchy piece.3 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(5 votes)
Just Playing548 views...2 commentskirbykawaii210555555
(5 votes)
Dark Matter391 viewsI wanted to make a Dark Matter plushie for a long time, but I only made one now because I've been really lazy. X33 commentsHoshi no Dedede55555
(5 votes)
Little Marx752 viewsCute little Marx, plotting to take over the world :)3 commentsmetadoo55555
(5 votes)
Mirror Kirby655 viewsMirror Kirby attacking a Waddle Dee... the little guy looks scared! D8 4 commentsequidna_rojo55555
(5 votes)
Sleep Kirby--Sweet Dreams605 viewsI was wanting to do a more polished pic instead of a speedpaint for this painting. XD I was practicing a few different painting techniques, so it may not be my best in execution, but hopefully it still looks cool!4 commentsequidna_rojo55555
(5 votes)
Kirby 'Modern' Art869 viewsOK. I've wondered this for a while now. What exactly defines modern art? Is it a stylistic thing? Does it concern the subject matter?? It boggles Kirby's mind...4 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(5 votes)
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