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Dark Matter Swordsman417 viewsYesterday I made it as VS sprite and was too lazy to upload it here. Today I was bored when I got on the PC and thought that I could make a full version of it.
I like it, especally the sword.. <3 It's the best sword I ever made, lol. XDDDD
I hope you like it. <3
3 commentsZeri55555
(5 votes)
Hot Wings1048 viewsHoly-- man, was this hard!
Not the battle itself, but drawing the stupid thing.

The only real problem I have with this is the fact that I couldn't get the very faded fire wings done, only the main wings and the fiery aura.

Fun fact: the only area in this picture that's pure white is in the eye.

Other fun fact: my favorite part of this drawing is the button in her chest. :3

Made in Inkscape, thank you for viewing.
4 commentsGalactic Knight 0955555
(5 votes)
Kirby of the Stars!593 viewsIt has been a LONG time since I last submitted a picture here. Since...2007? 2008? I cannot remember. But I was watching the anime yesterday and I just remembered all the times when I loved drawing Kirby pictures...<3 I took a look back at my old pics here and I was all "Omg thank god, I've improved...I guess."

Here's Kirby and human Kirby! Yes, he's a boy, but he looks like a girl, huh? Drew this with copics <3
3 commentskleinebeere55555
(5 votes)
Rocky Portrait917 viewsI decided to just finish this and post it rather than a comic this week. I made this to look more like a digital painting.6 commentsAdol55555
(5 votes)
Plasma Kirby562 viewsSo, I got this request, See, and, Well, here it is!

I'm kind of proud of it. :v

(Also, yeah, sorry about not being active here for a bit)
2 commentsWannabe55555
(5 votes)
Meta Knight Doodle704 viewsJust a simple doodles with some thrown on effects. I really like this sketch for some reason. :37 commentsJessicaSephiroth55555
(5 votes)
"Epic"1884 viewsQuick comic I did in celebration. I swear, the game looks great, but really, Nintendo? Really??11 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(5 votes)
K64 Female Trio1031 viewsWanted to try using an ink pen for the majority of the pic this time. That and also draw Adeliene since I rarely ever do.

Although me posting here in general's kinda rare as of late.
4 commentsMinon55555
(5 votes)
Kopy Abilities --- Ice1835 views'Been too long. These Kopy Abilities are just so time consuming. Whatever. I think this one turned out fantastically. One of my best. Jam packed with 20, count 'em 20 poses! Only equal to my epic "Paint" Kopy Ability!
Still on the list: Cupid, Animal, Fire, Fighter, Hammer, Ninja, Smash, Stone, Suplex, Tornado, Wheel and Wing. And maybe I'll do Cook, Ball, Balloon, and Crash.
Enjoy, and be sure to search for the Blank Spot!
10 commentsKirazy55555
(5 votes)
Little April Shower764 viewsLoved the theme for April, couldn't resist interpreting it.1 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(5 votes)
Nago the cat x3439 viewsI love cats, and I love Nago. He is my fav animal friend in KDL 3.3 commentsBieni-Nyu55555
(5 votes)
Galacta Knight774 viewsThis is Galacta Knight, evolved form of Apprentice Galacta Knight and also the Strongest Warrior in the universe. Years later of the Galaxy Soldier Army creation, his leader "Galacta" finished his training and now he was the Strongest warrior in the universe. He taught great and ancient technniques to his apprentices and in few time all Star Warriors learned how use his powers to fight for the justice in all universe. Much creatures had this great army and only one leader, for this Galacta decided to create a elite of warriors that will allow a better control in the great army. His elite is known has the "Cardinal Knights" and it consist in the four strongest knights of all. Each one of this knights looked after each one of the cardinal points in the universe (North, Sourth, East & West).
With this Elite, the G.S.A. become better that before and more powerful that never.
But one day, a terrible evil and the original form of "Matter" known as "Ancient Matter" attacked the Palace of Gods and all G.S.A. come to the rescue, it was one of the worst wars of all, the power of Ancient Matter was so big that even the Gods can stop it. In this battle G.S.A. lost the 95% percent of its army.
But, the greatest Galacta Knight with the help of his Cardinal Knights stoped it, although this action had a high cost. To defeat this menace Galacta sacrificed his body, he absorbed Ancient Matter and its evil powers and enclose them in the interior of his body. Galacta knows that he can`t bear much time this power and he request that he will enclose to avoid that Ancient Matter can escape from him.
His elite with the help of Gods create a Mighty Crytal in where Galacta rest for all eternity. This crystal enclose Galacta Knight and he slept for all eternity. The gods ordened to the Cardinal Knights to protect the Crystal at all costs.
A long time was pass and one day a knight know as "Meta Knight" request to Nova the wish to fight against the strongest warrior in the universe, with this wish the Crystal Prision that had enclose Galacta Knight was broke and Galacta was released from his prision.
But how time have the universe after the Ancient evil reborns?. (Legacy of Wisdom, fragment).

In this time, he lived in a place known as "Palace of Gods". (Unknown date)

This card is a model from Kirby Trading Card Game and Kirby Aura Adventure
6 commentsKiroscarby55555
(5 votes)
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