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Haboki1666 viewsRight out of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", Habooki is the miniboss for the clean ability, only appearing in KDL3. She fights by closing in on Kirby and sweeping a ball of dust at him. She can also jump high into the air, and try to smash Kirby under her bristles on her decent. Habooki is based on Tsukumogami from Japanese folklore: ordinary objects which gain a soul after 100 years of good care. She is a Hoki-Obake, ghost broom, far less popular than her cousin, the great Jumpershoot. This figure is actually quite tall, including the vertically-pointing handle.4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(3 votes)
Yabon1551 viewsOne of the privalaged few who make it into the 3D Dojo from obscureity. Yabon (the uncivilized barbarian; Jp.) is an ability-less enemy from KDL3. This peach and green wildman is an archer-extrordinair! He will stand in place, jump into the air, and shoot arrows at Kirby when he enters range. Living in the wilderness has toughened him to withstand Gator bites, and abled him to take down full-sized Grizzos; both of which do not appear in this game! But let's not forget, Kirby is the REAL tough pink-puff! His relative is Yariko.1 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(3 votes)
Dreamland Group (1st Series)2350 viewsYou all have waited patiently, and now you can see the end product of the first group of sculptures I've uploaded here! Every character that I have made originating from Kirby's Dream Land is here. This four-panel picture in arranged as follows: 1) Boss Rush, 2) Small group, 3+4) Large group (from two diff. angles). I plan to upload a compilation pic such as this, after every section or so. I also wanted to include a background, but it was hard enough just to arrange all these figures properly, and I do not have the fancy programs to do such.3 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(3 votes)
Klinko1558 viewsNow presenting Mr. Hut-Hat himself, Klinko! This is a very over-shadowed bad guy; the reason is, there are just so many other obvious examples for obtaining the parasol ability. The little eggplantesque blob may not display any attacks or distinctions that connect him with the said ability, but I can explain this phenominon. His covering is not actually a hut, but a Japanese straw raincoat, which guards the wearer from the elements, and serves the same purpose as a parasol. It is often worn to shield from snowy winds, which explains why Klinko is found primairly on Iceburg. Who doesn't love this little snow-runt? Japanese-Guru man away~!4 commentsDedede-Daimyo55555
(2 votes)
Goomers!598 viewsWood Goomer is arrangement of fluff of seed.2 commentsaru55555
(2 votes)
Capsule Js1569 viewsFull view'd be appreciated.

Gosh this one took a while.
I personally like Capsule J2's design more than J1. Love both of them and their ability though.

Bubbly Clouds is such a beautiful place on Popstar.
19 commentsMinon55555
(19 votes)
Why Meta Knight can't copy abilities2866 viewsLong time, no upload. And I wanted to draw a halloween drawing too! CURSE YOU EXAM WEEK!
Anyway, a new UPGRADED cute-faced Kirby! I hope you like it.
PS. Sorry Kirby....
10 commentsQtie4U55555
(16 votes)
Dream Land1433 viewsI especially love how the sky came out c:6 commentstorkirby55555
(15 votes)
Dashing Kirby249 viewsThis was inspired by the dashing Kirby picture from Nightmare in Dreamland.Zero Matter55555
(13 votes)
It was 19 years ago today...1443 viewsHi again guys! April 27 marks 19 years since the original release of Kirby's Dreamland in Japan. I wanted to do something big to commemorate it. I know it's not the big 20 quite yet, but that doesn't take away the significance! Happy birthday, Kirby!15 commentsAnimeKittyCafe55555
(13 votes)
Kirby Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOOUUUR!!!1350 viewsOr Crystal Shards. I just call it Kirby 64.
Any way, it's been 10 years since this great game has come out. Horraaay!!
Actually I'm two months late, but that's only on the japanese schedule.
This one picture surely took way too much time from me.
10 commentsElectro55555
(13 votes)
Battle with Marx1784 viewsDespite the obvious flaws I notice in this, it's still one of my favourites. Ironically, Wing Kirby is my favourite ability, but I never use it to fight Marx. 6 commentsDemi55555
(13 votes)
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