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Top rated - purplegallysgph's Gallery
To KindarSpirit546 viewsAs a Christmas Precent of course. X3

I want to say thank you for creating this gallery. We have so much fun on this gallery and we want to thank you for bringing this gallery alive. Did this at the HHQ Oekaki a long ago but decided to upload it here. So yeah, Merry Chrismas! =D
5 commentspurplegallysgph44444
(5 votes)
Sleeping Kirby1025 viewsYo! I'm back. =D

Yeah, I'm sorry I've haven't been uploading this piccy like a while, I was busy playing too much Twilight Princess because it's one of my favorite Zelda games. X3 Anyway, here's Kirby, sleeping like a little angel. =3
6 commentspurplegallysgph44444
(9 votes)
Walking Home657 viewsJust my old Oekaki art I drew at HHQ Oekaki boards1 commentspurplegallysgph44444
(3 votes)
Where am I?467 viewsYeah, done this on some Oekaki program. Can't give out what site it was though. <,<;1 commentspurplegallysgph44444
(2 votes)
Just A New Family714 viewsHaven't upload here for a long time. This is actually based from one of my online friends, MoonWarrior Autumn's fanfiction. It's from her old series that she used to write, but she still draws Kirby. From left to right: Pedley (her character), Kirby Sapphire (another one of her characters), Meltino Jr. (New son), Meta Knight, and Knuckle Joe.1 commentspurplegallysgph33333
(1 votes)
Sailor WaddleDee397 viewsI drew this when I was like...14? Not sure. Based on Revenge of MetaKnight from Kirby Superstar.purplegallysgph33333
(1 votes)
Ice Cream Everyone?735 viewsWho wants Ice Cream? =D2 commentspurplegallysgph33333
(2 votes)
Wish Upon a Star633 viewsDecided to upload this because it looks cute. x31 commentspurplegallysgph33333
(2 votes)
Hello Kirby1155 viewsMy First Picture here. Did this a while back. Enjoy! =D4 commentspurplegallysgph11111
(5 votes)
Kirby Halloween513 viewsDid this a long time ago before I draw better. Not sure what year this was. :/purplegallysgph00000
(1 votes)
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