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Top rated - superyoshi888's Gallery
Kaboola Canvas Curse Style697 viewsSimilar to my Orbservor picture, except in another style. I must have spent a good portion of the afternoon on it. I hope you guys like it. :)2 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(4 votes)
Appetizing...904 viewsKirby's appetite claims another victim.

Gee, been a while since I've uploaded something, hasn't it? And all I got is this doodle.
7 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(3 votes)
Gyron Yarnified546 viewsWell, about two years ago I made Gyron for the midboss IF contest. And looking back, I can't believe I thought that something waaaaay to complicated(behavior wise) made for a good midboss. However, I like the design itself, and decided to do a KEY version after coming across fan art with Gyron in it(!) in the Gallery today.3 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(3 votes)
King Dedede Pokemon Style481 viewsWell, a new entry to my Sprite album! I actually made this for my deviantart page, but I figured it's Kirby related, so what the heck! I made this awesome sprite using the limitations of Pokemon D/P/Pt. That being 80x80 size limit and only up to 14 colors. Of course, this doesn't exactly duplicate the official style. I took some artistic liberties and added texturing. Just look at that hat!2 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(3 votes)
Kirby GIMP Brush Test397 viewsA simple brush test. I made a brush out of desire of being able to make a textured outline in the manner of Ken Sugimori's art. (He's the guy that does the art for the Pokemon series) IMO, I think I succeeded. Just need to shrink down my brush size and the outlines should look identical.

Good thing about Kirby is that he lends himself rather easily to these things, being just a ball with arms and feet.
(1 votes)
Yarn Fire Kirby546 viewsI just felt like doing an ability in the KEY style. I tried to make the fire look like Hot Wings's fire.1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Dedede sketch364 viewsWell, at the suggestion of some people here at KRR, I downloaded the trial of SAI. I decided to give it a test run and did this sketch of Dedede using the pencil tool.

It's a nice program, but TBH anything I can do in SAI I can probably do in the oekaki.
1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Final Cutter462 viewsMore oekaki stuff. You know, I promise to have a couple of big pictures done sometime this year. get what's on the tin. Kirby using the Final Cutter. Poor Bronto Burt and Waddle Doo.
1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Sword Kirby Scratch Sprite357 viewsA new sprite for my album! I did this on the oekaki. Of course! That's where I do all of my Kirby related stuff these days.superyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Orbservor (Adventure Style Art)678 viewsI'm uploading this to the Sprite Album because I technically didn't draw this. Boy did it take a while to get it right! But I'm proud of the result. It looks like official art from Kirby's Adventure. Made in GIMP and MS Paint.1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Dark Star Kirby436 viewsI'm not sure if this counts as being a "redesigned" ability because of the differences between this and the star rod(which is a final weapon, so some might not think of it as an ability), but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I tried to make the gold band around Kirby's head look tarnished. Did I succeed?

That weapon he wields in his left hand(similar to beam and mirror) is the Dark Star Rod.(not the most original thing, I know.) I based the design of Paper Mario's Star Rod rather than Kirby's.
1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(1 votes)
Kirby's Dreamland 3 Boss- Acro707 viewsLong time no see, KRR! This is everyone's (or at least mine, in any case) favorite aquatic foe from Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby 64, Acro. I was a little hesitant to upload it here, given the current state of the site, but I don't feel like refraining from sharing it. Mainly just practicing Ken Sugimori's art style, so nothing too amazing here.1 commentssuperyoshi88855555
(5 votes)
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