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"Yessir, I have the ring!" 307 viewsInspired by one of Hisui's pics. Gooey's the ring bearer.

He also thinks he looks dashing in a tie.
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(2 votes)
DarkMatterSamurai226 viewsDone in my brand-new style. I call it Pohatu-ism!

Anyways, thanks for the permission, DarkMatterSamurai. I appreciate it!
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(2 votes)
All life is precious243 viewsMeta knight, Paint roller, and Optimus prime contemplate the meaning of life.

Too bad this is never going to happen.
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(2 votes)
Noble Gooey 2.0328 viewsAn updated design, featuring a torn cape and the closest color to gold I could find in my colored pencils. I'm quite proud of this, to say the least.3 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(1 votes)
Noble Gooey272 viewsGooey has been seen in a dark matter "flying" form, so why not as a swordsman?

I'm sure others have come up with this idea, but nobody posted it here, so yeah.
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(1 votes)
Chill Gooey248 viewsSince I haven't posted Gooey fnart in a while, I decided to start fresh.

Chill is Gooey's replacement for Ice. While it has most of the super star attacks, he can also activate skis. These work great on snow and water, but on ice, ennh, not so much. Dry ice steam is constantly coming out of his mouth.

Hey, Kiroscarby, could you keep track of these? These abilities could make for great cards...
1 commentsChibi- Pohatu55555
(1 votes)
Body swap346 viewsJust a face-swap gag I had in mind. Gooey is devilishly clever masquerading as Meta Knight.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu44444
(3 votes)
New age Gooey288 viewsA form of a tribute to Kiroscarby. The description for the card is pending, as Kiroscarby himself has the authorization to make one. Well, nonetheless, I hope he enjoys this.2 commentsChibi- Pohatu44444
(2 votes)
Sir Kibble204 viewsThere really should be more fan art of this guy.

Done without any reference, but I actually kinda like the pallette here...
2 commentsChibi- Pohatu44444
(2 votes)
Gooey's dark side356 viewsGooey despises his dark matter brethren, espically because of their morals, and will go to any extent to stop them. I don't think he had a wonderful past being a glob of it...3 commentsChibi- Pohatu44444
(2 votes)
Kirby's other abilities255 viewsThis is an older drawing, but it's still good. I love how mischeivious Kirby looks with his throw/backdrop ability.1 commentsChibi- Pohatu44444
(1 votes)
Mimik (False Gooey)267 viewsBehold Mimik, a phase-changing monstrosity. An advanced glob of Dark Matter, it has but one goal: eradicate the threats to the master plan.

Phase one closest resembles his template, Gooey. While his entire vocabulary starts off as "MII-MIIIK!!" he slowly learns to speak. He is also the only format that can use copy abilities.

Phase two is slightly more humane(ish), and also the point where he begins to resemble his template less. He relies on brute force a lot, and occasionally interjects his speech with "Hrr" and "Mrr".

Phase three is an aristocatic type. He gives up sheer staggering strength for enhanced itelligence and greater firepower-- as in, shooting balsts from his hands. Beware! Complex and treacherous is he!
Chibi- Pohatu44444
(1 votes)
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