Kid Kirby (Canceled)

Kid Kirby is a title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that never saw the light of day. Developed by DMA Design Ltd., a Scottish company responsible for such games as Lemmings, Unicyclers, Manhunt, and, under their current name of Rockstar North (yes, it's going there), started the violent juggernaut of Grant Theft Auto titles.

The game would have been a forgotten memory if not for Mike Dailly, a former employee at the DMA, who heaped up a pile of never-made game graphics and designs on his Flickr account.

Little is known about the game. It follows a younger Kirby, as if he wasn't young enough, who sports a curl of hair and sleeps in a crib. Familiar sights like King Dedede and the Fountain of Dreams can also be seen, but the rest of the material is foreign and generic.

An interesting note is that the game was to utilize the SNES mouse for its controls. Rarely seen used in games, this is contributed to the title's downfall. If an unfavorable amount of target buyers even had the device, and a joystick could only offer controls that were subpar for the game play, release would have been foolish even if possible. Time passed, and the game never was let out of development and into people's homes. It was cancelled.

And, yes, this is literally all the known information on the game.

There are a few scattered graphics that can be found for the game. Most of them are very generic and could be long to anything. Outside of some level layouts, a picture of young Kirby and a sprite sheet is most all there is that pertains to the pink puff himself.

For all of the graphics, visit Mike Dailly's Kid Kirby set.

Last Updated - February 15th, 2010