After many spinoffs and handheld releases, Kirby finally got another traditional console release! Kirby's Return to Dreamland is a brilliant return to traditional Kirby gameplay that feels very familiar to lovers of Kirby Super Star while still introducing new ideas.

Up to four players can join the fun, dropping in or out at any time. Player 1 has to be Kirby, but the other three players can be either a differently colored Kirby or series favorites King Dedede, Meta Knight, or a Waddle Dee with a bandanna and spear (You might remember him from Super Star Ultra).

Also new are the flashy Super Abilities, which allow Kirby to perform devastating attacks and destroy all enemies onscreen (and even parts of the environment). There are also some new standard abilities, like Water, Whip, and Leaf.

The story involves a friendly alien named Magolor crash-landing on Pop Star. He enlists the aid of Kirby and friends to find the pieces of his ship, the Lor Starcutter.

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Last Updated - February 1, 2012