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Welcome to Ask the Gurus, the corner of the Rainbow Resort where you can get your burning questions answered by an elite expert on the matter. Or, failing that, the universal fill-in, Bimblesnaff, will take a stab at it. Hm, he'll have to do... for now.

It's pretty simple: ask a question that you can't find the answer to, and, at the turn of the week or so, depending on how many folks ask things, the Gurus on hand (ie, just Bimblesnaff) will crack your nut with profound insight, total completeness, Google, a previously given answer, or the forsaken arts. Necromancy, a-hoy!

- Bimblesnaff, Acting Guru

The Question Cache:
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Aug 16th: Gobbo's Session #162
July 20th: Gobbo's Session #161
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Mar 1st: Gobbo's Last Session?
Jan 29th: Gobbo's Session #158
Jan 3rd: Gobbo's Session #157
- Gobbo's Sessions Archive -

The retired Gurus Ivyna J. Spyder and Kirby Warrior still hold a place here, but don't be expecting them to answer anything. As for now, all of your question can be directed to the Guru on call, your Uncle Gobbo. Games, manga, animation, site info, or interpretations are all open for questioning. Or, take a crack at browsing the enormous archive of already answered questions with the handy-dandy search feature. I've answered over 1,000 questions. Chances are it's already come up.

Squeaky Bogg
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Note, this section is for real questions regarding Kirby, the game series, and related materials. A more informal Q/A styled session can be found at Mailbag, in which Bimblesnaff may-or-may-not have a hand. See the Gobbo FAQ for what not to ask and other asking protocol.

A quick what-what for the what-not include: information that can be found on the Games pages, casual or stupid questions that should go to the Mailbag, or detailed, walk-through information that could be found in Game FAQs.

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Last Updated - December 4th, 2020