RPG Maker's Functions

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A- The Map Files... Right click in this box to get a Drop Down box, that allows you to make a new map or a new area. If you make a new Map, a window will come up allowing you to mess around with what BGM will be on the map, what monsters, what chipset and how big the map is.

An Area is just a place on an existing map, that will have different monsters inside it.

B- The there boxes with the arrows inside them allow you to select the active layers.

The Green One- The bottom layer. It is where you put the ground, and the grass, and floor.

The Blue One- The middle-type layer. It is where you put the trees in stuff, and the things that will never ever move.

The Yellow One- That is where you put the stuff that does move. Like a tree that gets cut down later, after you pay the guy with the axe lots of money to do it, or people that you talk to. I'll make an entire lesson on this later.

C- The Pallette where you pick what you want the brush to be. You click on the square that you want and you paint it on the map. You can also click in the box there, hold and stretch to make a really be big brush.