RPG Maker's Functions (Part Two)
Lesson Three: The Database.

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1) How much of the character's Attack power is put into a skill.

2) How much of a character's Mind Force is put into a skill.

3) How much the total damage is different each time used.

4) *If you use a Weapon Attirbute in a skill instead of a Magic Attirbute, the skill will not work.

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Uhh... It is really simple. Land, Water, and Terrian Damage/Lava is all you need for these things.

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An "O": The hero can walk on this.
An "X": The hero can't walk on this.
A Star: It will be above the hero, and any events that are "Below Hero", or "SameLevel as Hero".
Counter Attribute: Put these on Tables and Counters, so you can talk to NPCs over these chips.

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Start Event Conditions:

Call: Is activated using "Call Event" in NPC's and Objects.
Auto Start: Will start automatically.
The last one: Will start and repeat itself.
The Last one with the switch thing: Will start once the switch is on, and repeat, but it will stop if it is turned off.