UpdateBonus Stage Marathon and Kirazy's Comic96% -0+

First and foremost, four further features from favored fan ... comic guy, Kirazy, have hit shelves. And, by "shelves", I of course mean are available for viewing in the Kirazy's Fan Comics page.

But, next, I would like to direct y'alls attention to Bonus Stage Marathons first official video game marathon. Why's that? They've chosen to start with the best game series first -- Kirby's -- and will be showcasing nearly ever title in their Stars of Dream Land event. It's all for charity to benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter. So, if any fans are near the Maryland area or are interested in checking out the live feed over the internet, check them out. It's for the animals, after all, and Kirby. And video games. None of those things are bad, so how can it not be good?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 8:00am Sep 16th, 2009
UpdateThird Time's the Charm54% -0+

Too bad it's not the Charmed. That'd really spice this place up. Am I right, folks? Huh? Huh?

Anyhoo, there's another shot of Guru's knowledge for yer skull cases to absorb. Why? Well, because I that many questions. In fact, another should follow semi-shortly. Sure is a switch up from last months "Gurus at the start and end of the month only".

And, yes, I will keep making semi-antiquated pop culture references. It's also a day for semis.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 1:18pm Sep 14th, 2009
UpdateNo, YOU Need to Make Other Updates80% -0+

Is it too soon for another round of the Guru gushing nonsense knowledge or pretending that what he's saying is real? Well, two headed He-Man villain!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:46pm Sep 8th, 2009
UpdateGuru-rumon Digivolve to #14482% -0+

Go, out of date references! That aside, it's time for another batch of Ask the Gurus. This time, it's actually a full sessions, but don't think that means there isn't a shortage of repeats. Those never go out of style. It's like bell bottoms and mustaches.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 4:58pm Sep 1st, 2009
UpdateDid You Miss the Storybook?100% -0+

Making its triumphant? return to KRR is the Interactive Storybook! Many of you may remember this secret feature which debuted close to a year ago. Now, it is firmly affixed in the sidebar, and you even get a prize for completing a story! That's right, a shiny reward for your Collection Room if you get the highest ranked ending!

So play it if you never have, and if you have, I hope you remember how to win~! (I didn't, and I made the thing!)

Posted by The Ometon on 10:36am Aug 30th, 2009
UpdateDog Attacks Postman for Kirby Books89% -0+

If my dog Ralphie doesn't intrigue you to read more for the full story, what will? =)

Bagel and I have invested in buying Japanese guide books and they are filled with official art (which KRR is used to) but also something that I am nuts over: maps!

So of course we are going to be sharing all these goodies, including scans from the Nightmare in Dreamland Guide that came with bonus stickers, a calendar (2003), and paper pull outs to make Kirby finger puppets.

The books we ended up buying: Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble, Kirby 64, Nightmare in Dreamland, Squeak Squad, and Amazing Mirror. All are filled with maps, art, and other fun things but the question is which one do you want to see on the site first?

Also, besides answering you can see the full story for more sneak peeks into the books.

If you were wondering, the Japanese on the picture with my soul mate and partner in crime Ralphie, is just that -- "Ralph" =)

Posted by kindarspirit on 11:26pm Aug 28th, 2009
UpdateComments and Messages86% -0+

Two new features have been implemented: threaded comments and messages.

Threaded comments allow you to respond to an individual comment. It makes things much easier to follow when you're in the mix (and makes this place less like a forum if you are not), and it is easy to stay in said mix because...

Messages are received whenever something happens that involves you: approval, denial, comments, replies -- you'll be directly informed of it all now in your Passport. You'll see the notice at the top of the screen when you are logged in.

Posted by The Ometon on 7:26pm Aug 25th, 2009
UpdateThings are Getting Kirazy85% -0+

Resident really-cool artist and champion of fan comic-y epics, Kirazy, has whipped out another batch of his continuing saga, bringing the grand total to twenty-one. It could drink if those pages were years. That's gotta mean something, or nothing, but obviously not both. That'd just be crazy talk.

If you haven't read it before, or don't like fan comics because they tend to be copied artwork, unrelated gags, or overall pointless, then take this time to catch up on the series. This is the comic you've been waiting for: Original storyline, drawn artwork, and Kirby-centric-ness. It's almost like all fan comics should be like this one. ... Hey, why aren't they?

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 5:11pm Aug 24th, 2009
UpdateBreaking in the New with Guru77% -0+

With the face lift comes a tide of things to shake a stick at. There's been a tide of Fan Comics from various contributors in the past week. Also, the Kirbypedia has had new life breathed back into it, and all the information on the things you don't care about are getting fleshed out once more.

Moreover, there's a new dose of Ask the Gurus. It's technically just a half-batch of questions, but it's about the same size as the last three releases.

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 7:29am Aug 22nd, 2009
UpdateFor people who use Facebook or want to...25% -0+

Another repost of kindar's original story.

KRR has a facebook group now! If you are groaning that is okay, but why not right? I'm friends with people in life from KRR, maybe others want to get to know others better as well.

People new to facebook:

You must have a facebook account to join, and just because I have to say it in case, facebook is a social networking site where people use their real names (you can also create an alias if you are uncomfortable, I have a "kindar spirit" account as well as my real one) and create profiles featuring pictures, personal interests and more.

If you catch someone you know from KRR who feels comfortable friending people on facebook, you can get to know them even better by friending their personal page, or just stick to the group and post on the facebook type forum and use some Kirby themed applications... you know, "Which _____ are you?" or sending people virtual Kirby themed gifts to display on their profiles.

Also, you can create certain user groups that give people only certain access to your profile. So, for example if you don't want to share your pictures, you enter someone's name under a list you can create and set that lists settings to not being able to view your pictures.

Maybe Redacted will join! Ometon is a silly and no fun. Please also don't forget to read the update below this one if you haven't seen it!

So, if you already have an account or after you create an account, come to:


or search for "Kirby's Rainbow Resort" and join the group!

Younger visitors who are interested should talk to their parents/guardians and ask permission and have them read this update and check out the group first.

Posted by Debageldond on 12:48am Aug 22nd, 2009
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