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If you think that this end of the latest I.F. is a month late, you're wrong! It happens to be two months late, sucka! As with the general winding down of things, everything winds down. When Planet Robobot came and went, so did that influx of moxie to the site. Thus, those two months. Also, Mr. Pibb™ is superior to Moxie™, just saying. Also, the latter isn't in nationwide production.

This is what happens when I go a month without updating; all the crazy comes out at once!

Posted by Bimblesnaff on 3:00pm Nov 20th, 2016

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The reason why the site is dead again is because you didn't approve posts on the forum! Ugh...

Comment by Keeby64 on 5:48pm Nov 20th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Never go there, never saw post approval when I did, and things shouldn't even need approved. It's a bunch of malarkey, really.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 7:09am Nov 21st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Something about spam, I'd suppose. Though the approval times are a real problem. It took about a month for me to be approved and the only reason I still joined because I was dedicated enough to check each day.

Response by Hantho on 3:35pm Nov 21st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

If you're having a tough time maintaining the drive to update, you could always hire more admins ^^

I don't know much about web design, admittedly, but I'd be more than willing to lend a hand keeping content flowing on the site.

Comment by Griscuit on 12:51pm Nov 22nd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

This is always the offer made, and the answer is always the same: There is no -- and has never been -- a problem "keeping up" with materials of which to update the site. The issue is -- both historically and now -- there is a lack of materials to post as updates.

Largely being fan content driven (as most of the information pages, I feel, should be preserved for legacy's sake), if the people ain't pushing, the rock stands still. Having more people standing around to measure how far the boulder is being moved won't remedy the situation.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 9:20am Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Fair enough. I suppose I'll just pull up my sleeves and make something to contribute, then~

Is there any chance we could see the return of the collaborative writing section? I had a lot of fun way back when adding to other folk's stories.

Response by Griscuit on 2:48pm Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Although an attempt to organize some sort of data to send for RTDL pages was done. The roadblock there was lack of images, both screenshots and enemies.

Response by Duth Olec on 7:38pm Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Ah yeah, this contest was cool. I did come up with some concepts, but I never had enough space to write all I wanted, so I ended up just not submitting anything this time around. Hope to join in again for the next contest!

Comment by mrgameandpie on 8:52pm Nov 23rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

It's strange how much of an impact that character limit made. I'm a verbose fellow yet was well able to skirt under the restriction. Typically, people never seemed that prone to fill up that much space -- individually -- on each of these details. Somehow, putting forth a separate box for each appeared to fuel a desire to go hog-wild with wordy flourish. The cap will be raised in the next go (as it is going to follow a similar submission format), but it won't be that much higher. Don't gotta right a full paragraph just to say "shoot X forward".

Response by Bimblesnaff on 9:25am Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

"Don't gotta right a full paragraph just to say "shoot X forward"."

Leaf, Whip and Water modes disagree. When some of your moves interact with other moves, things can get complicated real fast. You'll note that Hookshot's discription leaked into Hooked Swing's discription, Fountain Pour's, Harvest Rake's, and Spring Breeze's descriptions struggled to fit details on the move itself and the effect on seeds from Seed Spit, and I had to retype Water Mode's move discriptions so many times I ended up leaving typos in my wake. I'll add that Missile Mode (1), my first submission, had so much detail left on the cutting room floor (precise move angles and ranges, I even had the range of detection for the homing missiles) and I had to skimp on the details of the gameplay of Missile Mode (2), simply saying "Scope Shot with levels and two planes!" instead of having a precise definition. Those character limits are not fun for me.

I'd theorize (keep in mind this is my first IF) that having separate boxes makes creators see each discription as it's own entity, instead of part of a whole. Therefore, each discription is encouraged to be able to have enough detail to stand on its own, hence the, "wordy florish." (I don't believe it's florish, I believe that they are important details.)

Response by Hantho on 12:09pm Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Aw, man! I just lost getting in the top five! Twice!

Also, You're right in that this contest got less entries than previous ones. I can't decide if that's declining interest in IF or just a bad prompt.

Comment by Irritated Fern on 7:01pm Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I meant updating the FORUM. It's the cause of all our problems.

Comment by Keeby64 on 8:34pm Nov 24th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Good to see a proper wrap up to the contest~ Congrats winners and all participants!

Might I suggest adding an Interactive Fandom icon to the top of Index2's Current Features (could replace the defunct Oekaki icon)? It's hard for me to find the update posts that link to contests sometimes, and the main link is buried under the list of links in the left column.

Also, could someone add the link to Robobot Remnant to the list of "Past Contests Held" on the IF hub page? Thanks, glorious admins~!

Comment by Daimyo-KoiKoi on 8:20am Nov 28th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

That's a pricklier pickle (prickly pickler?) than it seems to be. Between modifying the whole image -- of which no source graphics are possessed leading to compression -- and matching the exact font on the font overlay, it's a beyond my knowings of how to match it. Furthermore, I think all but two of the "current" features ain't really current.

That wonky automated indexer never seems to do stuff right. It's supposed to move the prior thing to the "out of season" list when finished, but... it never seems to happen. Given the length of time between doing this, I never remember how to force the transition, possibly by making the next one? This is why I don't like things that I didn't code (or people I don't have under mind control).

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:12pm Nov 28th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

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