Comments on Update - Armor Up:

Good timing, cuz I finally have enough cash in my wallet to buy the game.

Hopefully this time I'll be able to come up with an entry that doesn't suck...

Comment by Julune on 4:32pm Jul 2nd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

*has never drawn a robobot ever* oh boy this is gonna be fun

Comment by SuperScratchkat on 8:52pm Jul 2nd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

hoy Scratch

looks like you joined after all

I as well am hyped to do this

Response by Plazzap on 10:22pm Jul 2nd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

What do you do if your mode has 5 moves? Cutting one move would make it feel incomplete.

Comment by Hantho on 8:13am Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I tried to make it adhere as close to how the different Armor Modes are displayed in the pause screen, thus why there's the two sentence overview.

All official Modes only have a single page for their move set, so I kept it limited as such. They are pretty simple when you get down to it.

If one of these commands is something like aiming the previous skill, maybe combine the two into one line?

Response by Bimblesnaff on 11:00am Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Now my mode has 4 moves, but the entry fourm says my discriptions for all of my moves are too long and that the input for one move is to long (while using move 3, release the ability button) What do I do now? (I'm trying to describe each move in detail so that the reader knows exactly how they would act)

Response by Hantho on 2:48pm Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

The input methods should be written like the move list screen in the Kirby games writes them: A, ^A, > V A, etc. See the received entries to see how this is going to be converted to icons. A sentence is not necessary.

As I said on the submission page, the character limits per field were a lot shorter since everything is being split apart and not just lumped in one big blob as per normal. I didn't think that it'd be an issue, honestly, and even the normally wordy Kiroscarby got what he wanted in without issue.

I was going for a streamline of the submission since all of the fields to fill might have been seen as daunting, and then the move-list tables could be swelled to a huge size if each row contained a long paragraph. On my monitor, the longest description is about three lines and matches the height of the icons.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:33pm Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I submitted the Water Mode already :)

Comment by Kiroscarby on 11:57am Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Are we allowed to vote on our own entries?

Comment by Hantho on 6:17pm Jul 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Much like in a democratic election, you should get at least one favorable vote. Yes.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 5:19am Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Mirror Mode submitted! But now I want to edit it...


Comment by Kirbyfan27 on 12:33pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I submitted Sleep before anyone else did! Yes!

Hopefully it appears soon, and no, it's not just "the Robobot Armor malfunctions and Kirby has to fix it" or "the Robobot armor fully heals itself, but it is a one time use". No, it is very different from that.

Edit: No, it does not do that either, although that sounds... interesting.

Comment by Keeby64 on 2:10pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Does it... attack with pillows and such?

Response by Kirbyfan27 on 2:49pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

this is my first time submitting to an IF contest, and I'm really excited to see my entry in the list!

it's been kind of a longterm goal of mine, ehe... i've been following them for years

Comment by Serena Strawberry on 4:56pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I made a Tornado mode! I drew it myself.

Comment by Kirbyfan27 on 5:42pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I submitted a Paint mode! This is exciting, I've never participated in one of these before :D

Comment by bubbyboytoo on 6:56pm Jul 4th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I'm gonna create one eventually, is going to be my first time participating so I'm quite excited about it! c(^ω^c)

Comment by Chibi Manny on 4:50pm Jul 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I made another Yo-yo mode because the old one wasn't any good.

Comment by Kirbyfan27 on 4:51pm Jul 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

If a image is provided, does a discription still have to be written? I plan to use the space for something really important for another submission.

Comment by Hantho on 6:51pm Jul 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Yes, you should still describe it. A single entity can be interpreted several ways by different artists.

There really isn't anything else "important" that needs included that I can think up. Sounds like you may just be tryin' to bypass the move set size limit (you know, given your trouble before an' all).

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:54am Jul 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

No. I want to make a mode that changes the gameplay, like how Jet Mode is a side scrolling shooter. I would need space to write about how the gameplay works for it, which is not provided.

EDIT:The Mode in question is my second Missile Mode. I managed to squeeze in the short version as to how it works, but more room would have been better.

Response by Hantho on 6:15am Jul 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Wow, mine didn't get in. It was probably because 1. It was much too dark for a Kirby game by any means. and 2. It was more of a joke entry than anything.

Comment by Keeby64 on 7:00am Jul 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

What was it?

Response by Kirbyfan27 on 2:23pm Jul 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Can we make modes for abilities that already have modes if we want to give it different moves?

Comment by Kirbyfan27 on 2:25pm Jul 6th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Kind of too dark to mention here, haha.

Comment by Keeby64 on 6:52am Jul 7th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

The "subject matter" was one reason -- clearly -- for it not being published, but when you get down to it, the Mode had nothing to do with Sleep. Ninja, maybe, if it was samurai-themed...

Response by Bimblesnaff on 2:58pm Jul 7th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Is my Yo-yo mode getting in, or was something wrong with it?

Comment by Kirbyfan27 on 5:20pm Jul 7th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

It's sorta covered in <a href="/fan/if/faq.html#more">the I.F. FAQ</a>. Submitting more than one? No problem. Submitting a flood in rapid succession (where some of the fields were not even bothered to be filled out)? Well, that's gonna earn some negative points on your behalf. Basically, a delay was held on approval to see if the more-than-an-entry-a-day pace was kept up.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 9:05am Jul 9th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Oh. Okay.

Also, one of my modes had only one move for a reason (it was one-use) and the others where I didn't fill in some fields was because... well, I forgot. As for the "submitting a flood in rapid succession" part, that does make sense. Sorry.

Response by Kirbyfan27 on 9:39am Jul 9th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Actually, it did. You know what, is, technically, a permanent form of unconscious. What is sleep? A temporary form of unconscious. See? It had to do with sleep.

Edit: I submitted another dark one, yaaaaaaay.

Comment by Keeby64 on 5:23pm Jul 7th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I'm very busy with a project right now and I can't take part of this, but I hope that until the end of the month I will be able to release my entry.

I already did a couple of concepts like this in a thread of the forum, for Spike and Laser, but maybe they need to be improved a bit...

Anyway there was someone who in the same thread made a Sleep Robobot mode that was something awesome, that would have taken all my + votes!

(it involved the armor having a problem and stopping working, and Kirby repairing it for a while) I can't remember who the author was, I should search...

Comment by Iko-kun on 6:18am Jul 10th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Heh. I remember seeing that "unused copy abilities for Robobot Armor" thread. Thought about posting a link to the I.F. there. You know, for fun.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 8:31am Jul 10th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

I know there was a thread about custom robobot modes, but the ideas I'm talking about are from the Planet Robobot thread:

"I think that the next creativity contest of KRR will be make your own Robobot Armor mode XD"

lol (it was a bit predictable anyway)

Response by Iko-kun on 6:02pm Jul 17th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Gah, Beetle is close enough to Suplex in concept that it's hard to make an Armor mode for it without having a moveset that's most likely going to be overlapping with a potential Suplex Mode.

I'm just going to settle with a mix between Wing and Suplex.

Comment by zero_breaker on 9:17pm Jul 11th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Please don't hate me for asking, but when do you suppose you guys could do a new mailbag? If there just haven't been many new letters yet, then maybe we could ask people to give their opinions on Robobot or something?

(I mean, seriously though, I really just wanna see my super old letter finally get answered! And, I wanna know, why was it put off for so long anyways?!)

Comment by Julune on 9:54pm Jul 12th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Could you guys work on the "Recent News" thing over in the corner of the site? Recent news is a little, uh, stale. By a few years. I know that's the old insufferable former staff's and Amika's fault, though.

Comment by Fawn (Guest) on 4:46am Jul 13th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Why are you not accepting new users' posts on the forums? The site's going to die again if you don't.

Comment by Keeby64 on 1:59pm Jul 15th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

My goodness you people, I didn't mean for these comments to turn into a complaint section! I really just wanna hear from Minty about Ye Olde Mailbag Letter.

Comment by Julune on 7:44pm Jul 15th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

While I can understand the need for keeping descriptions short for these entries, I feel like I'm writing a tweet on Twitter Dot Com with all the cuts I'm making to the entry I wrote. I guess I am nothing if not overly complex and detailed in my nonsense.

Actually, as long as I'm making a comment here, I wasn't entirely sure how to put the button sequence commands in. I could imagine a capital A would hold down the ability button and a lowercase a would mean tap it, there's no instructions on such. I just typed in the hover text for the buttons on the Button Sequence Commands page, but I imagine a streamlined "do this!" would make things easier for 'Snaff.


Comment by Duth Olec on 9:41pm Jul 30th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

It was really sorta free-styled. No two people did it the same (probably not true), but the gyst is pretty clear when there are only so many outcomes.

The lengths were based on how long I made mine plus a hundred or more characters. We all know what a blowhard I can be, so I never expected it to really be an issue (less, of course, for Daimyo).

Response by Bimblesnaff on 3:45am Jul 31st, 2016 (Report| Reply)

And, apparently, for me. Although that's probably because I had a bunch of specific situations for different items and enemies and how that could change.

Response by Duth Olec on 3:29pm Jul 31st, 2016 (Report| Reply)


Haha, actually just been really busy lately. I've been following and admiring all of the entries from afar. Great job everyone so far!

I hope to add a few of my own Robobots this weekend ^^

Response by Daimyo-KoiKoi on 1:55pm Aug 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Whip is the last Robobot Remnant I have. Well, I think. I might make a firetruck themed Water Mode too.

EDIT:I ended up making another Robobot. But, when I was going to comment on my Water Mode, (to point out a typo I had made) I saw this message:

Error: You are not allowed to be the first to post a comment on your own creation. If you have anything else to add, just edit the article.

There is no edit button for Interactive Fandom contests. What am I supposed to do now? Not point out the dumb flaw I left in?

Comment by Hantho on 8:54am Aug 20th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

Finish the contest, Gobbo. It's been months.

Comment by Irritated Fern on 12:16pm Nov 11th, 2016 (Report| Reply)

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