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Two forms? Yeah, I guess you'd want it in one. Keep in mind that the artwork can have a "full" version, typically larger than the thumbnail displayed next to entries.

Don't know if it will last four more weekend. Typically, I wrap it up once things wind down, and it's been a-windin' for a bit.

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Comment on Update - Last Gurus EVER (for the year)

No clue what that's a-boot. I just went ahead and moved the "not approved" thing in the gallery thing for you to "yeah that".

Couldn't tell what it the deal was, unless the email address is written wrong or... gremlins? Sure, it's them.

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Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Phew, good. That'll save me the time of drawing them so I can instead, I dunno, be lazy? Yep, everything works out.

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What? Are you telling me that I left out that part about requiring at least an associates degree in computer programming and full-fledged working script illustrating the submission?

Well, I guess that explains why I haven't gotten any code snippets yet.

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Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

"Interesting" would be the ideal. Less of things like K64's Burning/Ice combo and more like the Bomb/Cutter. We don't any "look how dumb this ability is, lullz", especially if you plan on doing more than one.

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Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Yes. I log in every day at least once. Haven't seen anything sent in for a bit, unless it came a minute after I last checked.

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Comment on IF Entry - Knight (Metal/Sword)

The one-eyed whisps with the lance, right? Sadly, the only title I've yet to witness. Him, thinking on it, this would have been better as a spear mix with a mighty lance instead. Curse you, hindsight!

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Comment on IF Entry - Baseball (Ball/Hammer)

Such a gosh-darn cool ability. It's charming, it's innovative, it's Kirby. In fact, the only way it could get more Kirby would be if he somehow hit himself as the ball!

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 8:10pm Dec 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

No doubles is gonna remain no doubles. Arguably, one should be able to pull out a different ability to get the desired effect. For example, Cutter/Sword for a big scimitar, Hammer/Stone for a mighty maul, ... uh, Archer or Crash Missile/Bomb for a missile array? Certainly not Archer -- that'd be stupid.

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Comment on IF Entry - Jewel (Mirror/Stone)

I tried to make Crystallize, um, Stony by making it stop in place. To make it less than the Mirror Guard, you'll note that it has a time limit to nerf its usage.

Response by Bimblesnaff on 4:42pm Dec 5th, 2016 (Report| Reply)
Comment on IF Entry - Out-of-Body Experience (Sleep/Ghost)

I'm curious: just what does it do, exactly? Can it retrieve items, activate switches, scout ahead? Or is it just a "bwa-bwah" situation?

Comment by Bimblesnaff on 2:50pm Dec 3rd, 2016 (Report| Reply)
Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Well, the Dark Matter Trilogy had bad combinations for abilities, such as Kine + (insert anything) and some of the 64 mixes, but they also were single functions. Remember the opener to this I.F.? How it was about expanding upon things? Usually, effort isn't wasted on garbage. (Unless extremely comical, like Mints' Ouch Ability Review, which I apparently can't make a link to :/)

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Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

Ugh. For the last time, I can't. I have no ability to do that (for some reason). I checked. I went in, I looked about, I even gave myself someone else's pseudo-permissions. Then it showed up, but I couldn't do anything about it with the mock-view.

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Comment on Update - The Powers are Yours

No? They are supposed to have influence of the two abilities, not necessarily a "theme" of one or the other. For example, in my ... example of Jewel, it was highly defensive, partially stationary, and bounced back attacks. Fuuusion.

Aaand I just found out that I didn't have the form sending in which abilities were mixed. Well, that's gonna be fun...

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Comment on Update - Robot Remnant Wrap-Up

That's a pricklier pickle (prickly pickler?) than it seems to be. Between modifying the whole image -- of which no source graphics are possessed leading to compression -- and matching the exact font on the font overlay, it's a beyond my knowings of how to match it. Furthermore, I think all but two of the "current" features ain't really current.

That wonky automated indexer never seems to do stuff right. It's supposed to move the prior thing to the "out of season" list when finished, but... it never seems to happen. Given the length of time between doing this, I never remember how to force the transition, possibly by making the next one? This is why I don't like things that I didn't code (or people I don't have under mind control).

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