KRRR - Radio

This is KRRR- Radio. Sure, we could just not repeat that last R, but it's that good. This project is currently under development. Hope to see it up soon.

Third/3.5th/Thourth Broadcast - (Run Time: 19 minutes) Producer Ems gets revenge for being left out of the previous show!

Second/Third Broadcast - (Run Time: 3 minutes) A short "Why not?" spit out with spare time. Accomplishes nothing.

First "Official" Broadcast - (Run Time: 10 minutes) Featuing Producer Ems, the Fan Foyer, and neverending themesongs!

Trial Run / Betacast for the Show - (Run Time: 3 minutes) Feature analysis to how there is a lack of a show to even have.

Coming Soon
Good evening, folks. This is your broadcast baron, Bimblesnaff. Here you'll find the spoken word, straight from my unclean mouth to your unclean ears. If they happen to be clean, oh, they won't be for long. It's that I have a foul tongued nature or the sort, but you'll shortly be cramming crap into your aural cavities after listening to me. Er, that is to say, I am awesome. Listen away.
Last Updated - 06.15.08