April Fools Cleanup
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DiskmasterPosted by Diskmaster - April 1st, 2007News
Super Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack

 I shouldn't be updating this just yet, as all the files still have about 2 or so hours of upload time remaining, but I figure it will be all nice and charming by the time it is done.

 I retrived KRR a copy of the Super Smash Brothers Original Soundtrack. This stuff is from the Nintendo 64 version of Smash Brothers. Soon, you will be able to view and listen to them all from the Sounds Page.

 Also included is the game's Sound Effect Collection, and four Club Mix tracks.

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - April 2nd, 2007Multimedia
Mamma Mia
Now since (hopefully) all of that AFD stuff has safely passed on by, I can get to a'saying the normal first-of-the-month updatednesses.

This month's Front Page Fan submission comes from Iko, chock full o' three-dimensional goodnesses.
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - April 3rd, 2007Fan Creations
Hello everybody!
Got a few things for ya today- including info about the Kirbypedia!

First, a new sub! Episode 54, 'Over-the-Top Knight! Quixano'. (Yes, that's how it should be written, as he's named after Alonso Quixano, better known as Don Quixote.) Go watch!

Also, a new set of Guru answers, and I've also updated the Story page of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror with a more accurate translation. Also I've updated the Mini-Boss and Boss sections of Kirby Super Star, though they're not finished yet.

Also, an... odd new poll. And for Kirbypedia info and how you can help, check the full story!
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - April 4th, 2007Miscellaneous
I found some stuff- oh yeah and we're hiring.
First, a new sub! Episode 55, 'Dedede of a Certain Love'. Go watch it!

And some game updates! I have intruction manual scans for Kirby's Adventure, Kirby Super Star, and Kirby's Dream Land 3. (I also updated the Story and Friends page with official names.) If you

And for information on how KRR is hiring for 'Helpers', see the full update.
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - April 14th, 2007Games
Canadian Reversal
No, this time the mailbag is behind schedule, and the Comics are getting updated. For some, this is interesting. For others, this is trivial. For myself, this means I have less to do later.

Several new pages from Mango, and maya-chan presents a new series; The Legend of Moon Kirby.

Mailbag 36 is being held up due to reasons outside my capacities, you'll see why when it's finally updated, provided the original concept isn't scrapped for the sake of it ever actually coming out.
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - April 15th, 2007Fan Creations
Kirby's getting on in his years...
Did you know Kirby's 15th anniversary is in only two days? Yes indeed! And you can bet KRR will have a little something to commemorate it!

For now, I have a new batch of Guru answers, and a new sub! Go watch ep 56, 'Selfish Pets, Scarfy'! Who doesn't love Scarfy?

And you may have noticed images on KRR not working. This is because someone who shall remain nameless broke the site, but we're working on fixing it! Myself, Disaster Kirby, Mad Goblin and maybe others have been diligently going through and straigtening things out on the site- also including fixing older pages that use the incorrect enemy names and such. Awesome! (Let us know if you spot any other problems though, kay?)

Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - April 25th, 2007Information
Kirby's been around longer than a lot of you guys have been alive! I was only 6 or 7 when the first game came out- I didn't get into the series til later though. Why not head over to the forums and discuss your memories of Kirby with other fans?

And in honor of this day...

The Kirbypedia is NOW PUBLIC. Simply click the lil logo above for a world of fun and amazement. It's a new sub-section of the resort designed to give more in-depth info!

A HUGE thanks to many people for getting it up and running and looking great, including our own KindarSpirit for installing it and Mad Goblin for doing lots of coding stuff.

It's not close to being done of course- we'll need people's help to finish it!

And in case you ever need to get there in a jiffy- just type in www.kirbypedia.com and it'll redirect you right there.

All for now! I hope you enjoy it.
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - April 27th, 2007Information
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