I'm not dead. Also Happy New Year!
Aren't you happy?! Did you make any resolutions? I resolved to stop making promises about anything.

So yeah. Finally got ep 64 done (completely by coincidence, this is the New Year's episode. Hah! Funny. Go watch it. )

And I got a great big batch of Guru answers. And I was up all last night so now I'll go back to sleep or something. Let's hope 2008 is a good year for Kirby!
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - January 1st, 2008Multimedia
New Mailbag! Now with 35% More Candy Coating!

With the new year, there comes change. Making its debut in Mailbag #43 is Bimblesnaff's MB Auto-Gen 2x-Square Rooted V1.0, which makes the Mailbag look all nice and organized (complete with pine fresh scent!).

This month's Mailbag features the man himself, Bimblesnaff, and also guest stars the popular Dr. NK of the forum!

Next Mailbag's theme!: ...What should the theme of Mailbag #45 be?
(Yes, we're taking the easy way out this time.)

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - January 5th, 2008Interactive
More Brawl News?

Not specifically a Dojo update, but...

Brawl Central has received reports that say that Kirby can eat specific items, and gain powers from said item, for example eating a Fire Flower gives Fire Kirby. The site also lists the known colours for Kirby: White, Green, Red, Light Blue, Yellow, and the default Pink.

[MW Edit: I would like to inform everyone who lacks common sense that Kirby gaining the use of his own abilities from inhaling items has been just plain rumour for some time now, as well as one that hasn't been supported by those who have been given access to Brawl at this point (Famitsu/Jump Festa). While wishful thinking is nice, please keep this in mind until the release of Brawl one month from now.]

AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - January 6th, 2008Games
Brawl Delayed Again!

This isn't Kirby-related, but you did read the header correctly. No longer is Brawl coming out on February 10th, but March 9th.

Try to figure out something else to do for a month!

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - January 15th, 2008Games
Kirby's Adventure Drama CD and Amazing Mirror Sound Plus
 I've made two additions to the Sound Archive.

 The first one is the Kirby's Adventure Drama CD that Ivyna had up on the forums a while back. It is very old material and isn't very good by today's standards, but I pasted it up there all the same. You may download the full recording or one of seven parts.

 The second one is the full soundtrack of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Sound Plus. I'm not even fully aware of how we got our hands on this one, however it's fine all the same. Each track is in CD Quality, so they all sound very nice even though their filesizes are a bit on the big side.

 Allow Sir Tenuto here to give you a slight run through of the CD's music, ar?

 This update also sports a more functional new look for the sounds section. With school down my back counted out, it still took a little longer than I thought it would to finish. It is still mostly incomplete, but me and Jboy are adding up little by little; you may still browse without issue. How does it look?
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - January 26th, 2008Multimedia
This has nothing to do with Super Smash Brothers at all.
 So there has been a new development regarding the upcoming game that I - as the multimedia handler here - am entitled to report to you. ... Sadly, the information was givenout involuntarily by Nintendo and it wouldn't be very polite of me to talk about it on their regard. ... So to make up for it, let's talk about something else, ar?

 There was a some number of fights yesterday. Yep, quite the brawl. It was about two people having discerning tastes in music. I know such a thing has been said and done before, but it was only about the kinds of genres they listen to while eating green onions (leekeds especially). Here, have some of it on audio:

 Where did it happen? Over by that store that sells all the thread.

 Also, you heard none of this from me, got it?
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - January 29th, 2008News
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