Brawl Soundtrack Thus Far
  I'll have to apologize for the somewhat sparse updates lately. I've been running a lot of things and a lot of projects at once.

 This is the progress of the Super Smash Brother's Brawl Soundtrack uploads:

 I wish I had all the totall free time in the world to do this stuff, but alas, it is limited. My school now has me tagging along with a Film Festival, so if I were to get another soundtrack disk up, it would only be one or two. So let's make it a good one, ar? Of these three, what one would you like to get the most?

 And let's not forget, our dear friend Huepow has been updating the Kirby Remix Archive a whole lot. Go check the place out to see if your own music collection has everything it could.

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - May 11th, 2008Multimedia
Get your comics showcased here on the front page everyday!
As my finals week wraps up, kindar and I will be trying to spend more time working on the site.

The newest feature should appeal to all comic makers and lovers alike:

Every day you'll get a chance have your comic showcased on the main page of this site! The comic section is going to re-open, but comics that are short (as in not a continuous series) and highlight Kirby and other characters will be featured on the frontpage. If we can get enough people to do "shorts", we hope to bring a new comic every single day!

While this might take time, and of course we need submissions to queue up so we can post them everyday, if you are interested please send all comics to kindar:


Again, this will not work well for continuous series, so please make sure if you want your comic to appear on the front page, do not use a lot of "to be continued" types.

Summer is coming, next year KRR turns 10, and we are planning all the time how we can keep the site fresh and going. Thanks to all the visitors that keep coming and keeping our favorite character strong!

Also make sure to check out the forums, where the buzz is still going strong for Smash Bros., and swap your friend codes with other fans!

DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - May 14th, 2008Other
The first daily comic: Over your head!

Between two artists, we've already got enough comics for a week and then some! However, we are going to alternate by who sent in one first and that happens to be Brian! After that we hope to choose someone different each time, and then repeat the other artists comics in rotation. AKA everyone will get their comics up here, it just might take time.

(Also, please don't forget to include the name you want credit to go to!)

Bagel and I had a lot of fun looking at these, and we can't wait to post tomorrow's which the artist on their Deviant Art also used Kirby as a way to bring attention to pink for breast cancer awareness. We will also be posting her DA gallery link tomorrow with her comic for you to see! It's just proof that Kirby fans are by far the most diverse and the most awesome! Now, for the first comic, enjoy!

If you want to submit your own comic, here are a few ways:

- Send it straight to kindarspirit@yahoo.com
- Link to it from another site (we will host all pictures on our own server)
- Join the fan art gallery and upload your comics there if needed, and then send me the link.

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - May 15th, 2008Fan Creations
"Daily" Comic #2!
Sorry I'm so late with this, I just had the last of my finals the other day, so I'll be set to do more as time goes on!  This next submission comes from DalSifyDyas, who sent us this comic all the way from Germany!  Not only has she sent us comics, but she's sent us a link to her deviantArt as well, right here!

Remember to e-mail kindar at kindarspirit@yahoo.com and keep those comics coming!
DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - May 18th, 2008Fun Stuff
Daily Comic #3: Kirby doesn't like to share

I can relate to this comic. I remember when my friend got an SNES, and I went over his house and he wouldn't share. Not even 2 player games. I think we've all had friends like that. ;D Here is Psycho Kirby by Kirbyfan134!

Once again, if you want to send in a daily comic, please be sure to e-mail it to me or follow the directions below in a lower update.

I've also been playing Brawl on the Wii with Bagel... I am really really bad. It's quite embarrassing. That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be doing some game updates soon!

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Daily Comic #4
We now have our fourth daily comic, from ShadowKirby22107!  You can see his deviantArt page at http://shadowkirby22107.deviantart.com/.

Remember to send submissions to kindar at kindarspirit@yahoo.com!  We look forward to seeing more!
DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - May 20th, 2008Fan Creations
Daily Comic #5

Ahhhh... Zelda + Kirby = love. Thanks to SilverLunar =D

As long as you keep sending these comics to kindarspirit@yahoo.com, Bagel and I will alternate updating them.

From now on, my only job on KRR is the site and the gallery. I can help you with other areas on the site, but for now this is all I will work on. There is so much to do, but I don't know where to start. If there is a game or a section you'd like to see updated the most, please feel free to post a comment and let me know!

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To our trolls

The daily comic today is from me. It's old, but I think it really suits this topic quite well.

While I'm getting stuff together, the daily comics are a way to keep the site updated. Yes things are outdated, yes things need to be fixed. One step at a time, I don't have all the time in the world and neither do the other people who work on this site kindly, and voluntarily.

The comments coming from RMD and others insulting the site are just kind of pathetic. If you guys can do better, please volunteer to work on the site, or go elsewhere and do something productive with your time. The rest of us who work on the site and the kind people who submit their efforts in anyway especially lately the comics, are busy working hard in school and dealing with their own real life things. Trolling a fan site is just really sad.

I would not waste the time to post this, if I didn't catch some of the insults being directed at the people submitting comics. Please don't insult the artists or you will lose the ability to post comments. Insult me all you want, I don't mind, but not the people who are actually productively doing something instead of complaining. That is the last I will say about it. Thanks =)

And thank you so much to everyone else who visits the site and helps us in anyway, even just by visiting. KRR will be 9 years old this year, it's hard to keep a site going, and I think we've done pretty well despite what others may say.

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - May 22nd, 2008Miscellaneous
The Beast Behind the Fang

Today's comic is from VB Kirby! =)

Keep those comics coming (kindarspirit@yahoo.com)! =D

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - May 23rd, 2008Fan Creations
Daily Comic

Thanks to DalSifyDyas for another daily comic =) It's thumbnailed since it's rather bigger than the others. Just click on it to view the full size.

Thanks to everyone's sweet comments and asking to help on the site, please never feel shy to email me. =)

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - May 24th, 2008Fan Creations
Quick note

Yay there is new stuff coming, and I am actually going to be out of school for the summer (I usually take summer school). That means more time to work on KRR. There are also talks of some new faces appearing on the front page (if you'd like to be one of them, don't be shy to try and join our staff by emailing me or posting here with what you'd like to do!)

Mainly we are just looking for people to keep the front page updated with as much Kirby related content as possible. However if you are comfortable working on the site, that is very much encouraged and very appreciated. As far as updating the front site, this can be anything to creative writers writing a series of writings, contributing to the daily comics, posting trivia and revealing the answers the next day, finding news and scouting the internet for rare pictures or articles to share and showcase... and anything else you can think of! The goal is to keep the site fresh and keep the interest of Kirby our main goal.

Meanwhile, I will be working on fixing the site up and adding and finally finishing the game sections. Unregistered users may now post comments, it was disabled for a short time.

Thanks to all the staff all over KRR who help! You guys really have put up with a lot and we all appreciate you sticking around through the good and bad.

That's all, thanks for reading =D


kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - May 24th, 2008Site Info
Daily comic time!

Here I am with another daily comic!  Sorry I haven't been around in a few days - I had to attend a family event in Illinois, so I was very busy.  Kindar was also busy yesterday picking me up from the airport, since I'm staying with her and we work on the site in person.  She and I are reviewing all the wonderful people who are working on the site; please give us a few days to respond while I'm settling in.

Today's comic is from Sarah Holbrook, who illustrates how reaching for the stars might not always be the best idea.  Thank you!

DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - May 26th, 2008Fan Showcase
Daily Comic!
Today's contribution is another from VB Kirby, about how certain clouds can be denser than others...

Remember to keep sending submissions to kindarspirit@yahoo.com!
DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - May 28th, 2008Fan Showcase
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