Another... Mail... bag..?
Oh, jeez, again? Even I'm getting sick of seeing Mailbag updates hogging up all the spots on the front page. We've had three in a row already! If only I felt it necessary to glorify every minute thing done to the site, like five cosplay pictures from a convention or newly added fan comics, neither of which are any effort on my part!
So, then, there's this still. Come an' get it:
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - June 20th, 2009Interactive
Video Guides!
I'm not dead! Yet. Today I have an update for the Kirby Super Star section, video guides for The Arena posted by the KRR visitor Kapus. Community-submitted contented for the site is always welcome, so if you want to add anything for a specific section or show something off yourself, feel free to send it in. I'm not quite sure where you would send it in to though. Where is Bimblesnaff when you need him?

KSSU section? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Also, DrNK is doing a special Podcast for KRR, which will also feature familiar faces such as Diddgery. They want to ask you this:

"How do you feel about krr as it is now? Is there anything that it used to have, any particular flavour that isn't there anymore? What are your comments? We'll be reading and discussing some of them during the podcast. "

Leave a comment for DrNK here.
AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - June 20th, 2009Games
The Future of KRR?

There is a buzz going around that IGN/Gamespy hosting services will come to an end August 31st at midnight, and Bagel and I have stayed quiet about the matter while figuring out what we want to do. The announcement went out in May or at least I received it in May through IGN, and I know Disk and Aqua together have done a lot to secure the site in the past and even now... and without them options would have been exhausted a long time ago. I also know it is a lot of work and a lot of energy to host this site because Gamespy has told us we have always made them happy with our hits and their gain from our ads.

So I think everyone is wondering what is going on, and I know there are people here who probably don't even know who I am. I guess now is the time to speak openly about it here instead of leaving everyone confused. There are a lot of options, and ultimately while unfortunate it could be the best thing that has happened to the site so far but what about everyone else? Is it worth it to you?

Read more for a LOOOONG ramble

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - June 22nd, 2009Site Info
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