Do you remember this picture? What else?

Did you know, the image above is over 8 years old?!

The new home of KRR in case you don't know....

[Link removed since that Gallery is out of date, it is filled with debug info, and isn't suitable to be viewed by anyone ~ Ometon]

However I feel like the honor to present it should be given to Goblin, [redacted], and Debageldond. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Goblin and [redacted] the site move is going so quick and so smooth that time is flying by and stress is going way down. Debageldond has initiated financially supporting KRR’s first months as a domain. I'm not touching anything while they work on some... complicated things =). Because of them moving into our 10TH YEAR (can you believe it?!) our transition will be seamless and they are owed some major kudos.

In fact this update is to thank them, and ask everyone who has time, your memories of KRR and thank you for keeping KRR alive. This is part of a special celebration and sort of flash back being revealed on September 26th, 2009.

In the past we've just had a "Yay we are old" picture, but this year we are actually trying to do something special and offer something to our visitors who read this (this is the only place I'm posting it!).

For our 10th anniversary there will be a flash back over the years, a more complete history of KRR, and a lot more. With that we'd like your contributions of what you remember, or pictures you have made, or however creative you can get to celebrate our decade long journey!

(Before you start thinking about posting your contribution in a comment, please stop and instead send them to kindarspirit@yahoo.com. This news system will be phased out and it also keeps a funner read on the big day if your contributions haven't already been seen!)

ALL Your submissions will be included in the 10 year milestone probject!

Say as little or as much as you want. We are looking for anything and everything, here is a list to give you an idea if you'd like to say something to go along with our celebration.

The most important part of this... please e-mail them to me at kindarspirit@yahoo.com! Again, this current setup will phase out soon with something new and better coming. Also, this gives you ability to let me know if you'd like to include your contribution privately (your name will be posted if you don't specify)

Some ideas:

- How long have you been visiting?
- Talk about a particular person, staff member, forum member, chat member, fan art, oekaki... you get the idea, ANY person(s) or things you remember at a particular time that stood out in the time you have been visiting.
- People you remember coming/leaving and having an impact
- Dramatic moments on the forums
- Silly things
- Remembering certain moments with site updates, or nagging people to update, such as when I actually used to update (yes jab at me all you want it is fair game!)
- Friends you have made, and even some people here have met people in real life and become good friends or even dated!
- Something shocking, something you disliked
- Dramatic moments/fights/forum topics. Yes you can finally write about KRR in a tabloid manner. Debageldond remarked to me "Finally?"
- When the site was locating on a different server, our different layouts, etc. ANYTHING you can think of!

The most important thing is that they are what you think of when you think of memories concerning KRR. In addition, here comes the crazy part:

If you snail mail us your contribution, picture, or whatever you can dream of that contributes to the history of KRR, we will send you back a handmade surprise!

If you want to do this, you will have to e-mail kindarspirit@yahoo.com and ask for the address where we are accepting snail mail contributions.

The deadline to be included is September 25th, 2009 -- a day before our 10 year anniversary flash back is shared. Then we will be working hard to keep KRR going stronger while we fly on our own now! After 10 years, it is fitting we start somewhere that will be our final home.

For fun and to stir your memory, you can read the full article and check out a  "Do You Remember..." check list with 100 items about KRR. How many of them do you remember? Post your score in a comment if you like!

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For people that use facebook or want to...
KRR has a facebook group now! If you are groaning that is okay, but why not right? I'm friends with people in life from KRR, maybe others want to get to know others better as well.

People new to facebook:

You must have a facebook account to join, and just because I have to say it in case, facebook is a social networking site where people use their real names (you can also create an alias if you are uncomfortable, I have a "kindar spirit" account as well as my real one) and create profiles featuring pictures, personal interests and more.

If you catch someone you know from KRR who feels comfortable friending people on facebook, you can get to know them even better by friending their personal page, or just stick to the group and post on the facebook type forum and use some Kirby themed applications... you know, "Which _____ are you?" or sending people virtual Kirby themed gifts to display on their profiles.

Also, you can create certain user groups that give people only certain access to your profile. So, for example if you don't want to share your pictures, you enter someone's name under a list you can create and set that lists settings to not being able to view your pictures.

Maybe Redacted will join! Ometon is a silly and no fun. Please also don't forget to read the update below this one if you haven't seen it!

So, if you already have an account or after you create an account, come to this link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=104349026085 or search for "Kirby's Rainbow Resort" and join the group!

Younger visitors who are interested should talk to their parents/guardians and ask permission and have them read this update and check out the group first.
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Last Updated - July 30th, 2009