There are a lot of fan comics, and so little time. While you can just delve right into the thick of things, this Fan Comic Directory will help you know at least what each comic is about. You can browse for laughs or thrills, for hours of amusement or kill a few minutes. I wasted my evening putting this all together so you don't have to. You're welcome!

Different Comic Mediums
Icon A quill denotes that the comicker has crafted the work with a traditional art form, be it pencil, ink, or marker.
Icon The magic paint brush represents a comic drawn digitally, be it with a mouse, a tablet interface, or simply colored over with a computer.
Icon The star block is a spokesperson for when a comic is comprised with sprites. They make up the characters, and probably the objects and backgrounds.
Number of Comics
Icon The tiniest star shows that a comic has <10 pages or strips, it's just starting out.
Icon A medium star shows that a run has piled between 10 to 50 into its collection.
Icon A big star means that a series has exceeded 50 pages or strips. That's a lot!
Comic Canon
Not to be confused with the kind that you fire, this denotes what continuity or focus the storyline of the comic follows.
Games reflects that the comic is heavily founded within the Kirby game titles.
Anime denotes that the animated series was the inspiration for the comic.
Crossover implies that two or more video game series have been blurred together.
KRR means that the events and chracters reflect this very site and its members.
State of Operation
This let's you know how recently the comic was worked on or if it is a complete series in itself.
Finished tells you that everything that was wanted in there is in there.
Active means that the author regularly is pumping in new pages to be read.
In Progress shows that the comicker is making more ... but it might be spaced apart.
Abandon denotes when an author has stopped working on the series for some time.
Types of Genre
Icon Action comics are filled with fighting and battles, fast paced!
Icon Adventure sees the characters setting out on some grand quest.
Icon Comedy is filled with jokes and humor. Have a good laugh.
Icon Aaannnd... Well, I'd hate to use the word "random", but that sounds better than silly.
The Adventure of Kirby by Torkirby A re-telling of Kirby's Adventure which tracks the heroes learning of his abilities.
Icon Icon Games Icon In Progress Icon
Chillyzilla by Alice2 Pop Star is under attack by a giant, rampaging Chilly. How will the day be saved?
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Comics by Bimblesnaff by Bimblesnaff An assortment of comics for an assortment of reasons with no real purpose.
Icon Icon KRR Icon In Progress Icon
CyberZ74's Legacy by Ceceil These are comics involving Kirby taken from various points of a sprite comic prior to the author's renaming to Ceceil Felias, which explains the title. Consider it a bit of a memorial for the old name and past.
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Dark Matter's Return by Shadow of Meta Knight Meta Knight takes a deserved seat of power but gets trouble as Dark Matter comes back.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
dmciGAMERS by xiHix Comedy and non-sense with characters shaped after video games but not necessarily related to them. A warning about language is duly given.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Finished Icon
Danger in the Dark by Lord Deguass A new, sinister force comes to Pop Star, and just when Kirby and Meta Knight were enjoying some peace for once. !!! Warning: graphic content !!!
Icon Icon None Icon In Progress Icon
Dream Land Tales by Bimblesnaff More than just Kirby live in this enchanted land. These are their adventures when Kirby is away.
Icon Icon Games Icon In Progress Icon
Gooey: A Heroic New Ambition by Chibi-Pohatu The blue blob turns from side kick to protagonist as he takes up a new attitude to fight the bad guys.
Icon Icon Games Icon In Progress IconIcon
Heavy Lobster Redux by Infinity A very short filler comic putting focus on the Horror of the Halberd, Heavy Lobster.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Kaabii no Manga by Metaphor Kirby A behind-the-scenes look at the casting behind the Kirby games with insight from the actors and director.
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Keiron by Antoan67 With all evil rid from Pop Star, what is a heroic puffball to do? Fill the void himself, of course!
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandoned IconIcon
Kirazy Komic by Kirazy The looming threat in the sky has its eye set on Dream Land and making friends, all the friends.
Icon Icon Games Icon Active Icon
Kirby Adventure by GalactaKnight09 A team of Kirbies protect Dream Land ... and bumble about oafishly... Wow, 100+ comics!
Icon Icon Games Icon Active IconIcon
Kirby and Friends by Hyde It's Kirby and his friends, which apparently includes Sonic the Hedgehog and no one else from Dream Land.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Kirby Battle by Kevintasta Action packed and lengthy battles between Kirby and a different foe. No jokes, no talkin', no interruptions. Just action, fightin', and high octane.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Kirby Castle by Odin The Star Rod is stolen. It's up to Kirby (or some puffballs that look like but aren't him) to get it back and save the day.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
The Kirby Komic by Wii Kirby Kirby travels through other video games to undo evil! That just spells interesting! Actually, it doesn't spell anything as it's not letters...
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Kirby Kuts by JamesGhost A charming, four-panel strip that follows the charming and zany antic stylings best likened to the official mangas. Contains two complete series.
Icon Icon Games Icon Complete Icon
Kirby on Zebeth by Ceceil Kirby wakes up on the planet Zebeth and has to find out why and how to get out.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Kirby vs. Shy-Guy by Peardian Kirby, Shy-Guy, and a Yoshi go on some type of adventures.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Active Icon
Kirby's Geek Squad by CheatfinderGB Kirby runs a tech help center within Dream Land. Gotta do something when not saving the day, right? Contains two complete series.
Icon Icon Game Icon Complete Icon
Kirby's Krazy Comic by Slimy the Slime Kirby, a Slime, Chilly, and Waddle go out and do stuff.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Knight on the Town by Meta Warp Kirby, Meta Knight, and sprite comic non-sense.
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Kool Kirby's Comic by Kool Kirby When the first comic states that it is the "latest and greatest sprite comic", you know they're full of it.
Icon Icon None Icon Abandon Icon
Legend of Moon Kirby by Maya-chan I can't say much what this is about as there's more title cards and cast info than there is actual comics.
Icon Icon None Icon Abandon Icon
The Legendary Swords by Destructo-Knight A mysterious force of evil, a series of ultimate weapons that need found, and Meta Knight? Yep, sounds like a Kirby storyline to me.
Icon Icon Anime Icon In Progress Icon
Life by Jirby Taylor A ferlon looks like Kirby and Meta Knight but apparently isn't the same thing. They also seem repellant to interesting storylines.
Icon Icon None Icon Abandon Icon
Mailbag Manga 2 by Daimyo Koi-Koi Mail Bag Force returns from their adventure to find KRR in a very different state than when they left...
Icon Icon KRR Icon Finished Icon
Mango in Dream Land by Mango A girl comes to in a strange world with a stranger hat. Is that half a Kirby on her head?
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Max's Comic by Max What can I say about this comic? Really, what could I say? Or, what good could I say?
Icon Icon None Icon Abandon Icon
Melancholy Dream Land by Torkirby The Animal Friends and Kirby kick it into action.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Mishaps of Dream Land by Torkirby Dream Land can be a crazy place to live. Here's just a glimpse of that day to day insanity.
Icon Icon Games Icon In Progress Icon
NES Heroes by Emerald Mario, Kirby, and other NES classics have a meeting.
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Origins of Marx by Infinity A quick insight into the creation of the diabolical villain, Marx.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Pikakirby's Comic by Pikakirby Kirby and Waddle Dee and... Luigi and Bowser?!
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Abandon Icon
Plunder of Thunder by Bimblesnaff Resident Guru Bimblesnaff has his eyes set on the power held by the Mailbag's Runner Asotoku to steal his thunder!
Icon Icon KRR Icon Finished IconIcon
Pogman's Comic by Pogman Kirby braves the horrors thrown at him by ... the comic's maker?
Icon Icon None Icon Abandon Icon
Rainbow Resort by Firebingo The Rainbow Resort is under attack by Nightmare, so it's up to Kirby to save the day.
Icon Icon Games Icon Abandon Icon
Siege on Rainbow Resort by Bimblesnaff The villainous Seeds of Dark Matter have rallied from across Pop Star and march against the haven of peace, Rainbow Resort, with conquest in mind.
Icon Icon KRR Icon Finished Icon
Sleeping Balloons by Kirbster98 A short and cute duo of comics where Kirby can't quite get to sleep.
Icon Icon Games Icon Finished Icon
The Superkirbies by SuperComputer276 In another universe, the famed hero is many instead of one. They are the Superkirbies! A team of several powered puffs fighting evil.
Icon Icon Games Icon In Progress Icon
The Wacky Adventures of Dagger the Blade and Cutter the Kibble by Baby Charmander As the title says, these are the crazy antics of a Blade Knight and Cutter in Pop Star.
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Waddle Dee is Stuck! by Bobmanguy A Waddle Dee is stuck in a room. How can he get out? Maybe Kirby can assist him?
Icon Icon None Icon Finished Icon
Yoshi and Kirby by GalactaKnight09 Kirby wakes up on Yoshi Island and meets, who else, a Yoshi... named Yoshi. Wow, over a 100 comics!
Icon Icon Crossover Icon Active Icon

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