Greetings and welcome to the RR Fan Comic Zone. Here there is a collection of comics created by you, the fans, pertaining to Kirby or the Kirby universe. This page is also the central point to get your own comic creations in the mix.

It's easy enough to get your own pages on this one: just email the comic or a link with your name for credit. Just make sure that it is your comic. We don't want you taking someone else's.

When you're ready to showcase your own, just pop a line to KRR Staff with "Fan Comic" or something like that in the subject line.

For more fan comics that users didn't submit, you can always find more at the KRR Forum's Paint Roller's Canvas Board.

Guidelines: So what does it take for a comic to be accepted to the site? Well, it should maintain a certain level of professionalism (note: I'm planning on cleaning up the current gallery). If you draw a comic, it should not be on lined notebook paper or smudged. It should read cleanly. If you make a sprite comic, there should be a background and smooth use of graphics, no crudely drawn lines or mismatched character sprites (meaning one from an NES game standing next to one from a DS game without some sort of time paradox explaining it).

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Most Recent Uploads

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2016/04/01: Daimyo Koi-Koi - 5 New Pages

2011/01/15: Kirazy - 3 New Pages

2010/12/21: CheatfinderGB - 11 New Comics

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