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Newest Stories [8/13/11]

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Revenge of the Sir Kibble by BabyCharmander

Rating System

- General Audiences. Mom won't get mad if you give this to your 4 year old sister to read. Good for people of all ages to read.
- Parental Guidance Suggested. Good for people of all ages, but some people might deem some parts of the story inappropriate at a select few moments.
- PG-13. This simply means there's some good bit of violence in here, some language, stuff like that. Romance, too, probably. Be careful if you get offended by things like that.

- RESTRICTED. Vulgar language, graphic descriptions, and pretty much just some stuff a lot of people might not like. Hopefully you aren't all maniacs that write these sorts of stories, but if the need ever arises...well, we have the R Rating.

These ratings are merely to tell you what kind of story you're about to read. You can read any fanfic you want, but please note that you have been warned fairly and if you are for some reason offended or appalled at what you read (hopefully we won't have a problem with that) then KRR or any of the authors are by no means liable for anything.

Here's a form Musashi made before that would be useful to fill out before sending your fanfic. It just makes things easier that way for both me and you.

Fanfic Submission Form
Author Name:
The name your works will be published under
Story Name:
The name your story will be published as
Story Genre:
The category your story falls into, ie: action, romance, etc.
Story Rating:
The rating your story deserves (See ratings above)
Story Summary
Just a quick 1-2 sentence summary of the story that can be used as an introduction.
Don't forget to actually give me your story somewhere in the e-mail, either as an attachment or pasted into the e-mail. Preferably as an attachment.

Um, hello everyone! I'm Diddgery. Some of you might know me from other parts of the site, but for now all you need to know is that I'm in charge of the fan fiction section from here on out. This place has gotten kind of dusty due to years of neglect, so I'm gradually working on fixing it up. So if you see any broken pages or weird code or anything like that, please don't hesitate to let me know!

That aside, there's only a few rules about submissions. First off, when you submit something, make sure to use the form above to make my job easier! Second, try to use proper grammar and spelling in your fanfic! If you need help with that, Ivy's Guide to Writing is still helpful, though I think it's due for an update sometime soon.

Those two big ones aside... well, there's not really much else to say for now. If I can think of anything else, I'll put it here. And don't be afraid to ask me for help if you need it, because I'm more than willing to give you some advice. I've got a lot of experience beta-reading stuff for my friends, and I'm more than willing to do it for you, too.

So, yeah! Send me your fan fictions!

Last Updated - 8.13.11