Once a month, the front page picture rotation is updated with a new slew. That's the very first page you see when you visit the website, assuming you don't skip right into that one which displays the site's recent updates. For some fan participation, this tradition is turned into a contest! Make your best picture, submit it to the FPC, and you could have your work on display during that month. The guidelines are very simple, so here's how you can participate:

The Rules

  1. You must create a work that is Kirby related. It doesn't have to be a picture of Kirby, though. It can be made with any Kirby character.
  2. It should be around 400 x 400 pixels. Larger images will be scaled and cropped to size.
  3. The picture must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. No bitmaps (.bmp) or other image formats, please!
  4. Remember that this is an all age site, so the content in the picture has to be appropriate!
  5. Submit your piece into the Fan Art Gallery under the special grouping of "FP Challenge". That way, we know you intend on it being in the running.

Themes, Content & Challenges

While there is no required theme or content for the pictures (outside of a Kirby affiliation), it is better for pictures to represent the current time of the year (holidays, seasons, etc.). Every month, the target is changed to properly capture the time of year or spontaneous impulses. Other nice touches include sticking the site's name on somewhere in the picture so that it is linked to the site (it's really, really good to do that). Other text, not so much appreciated. Rainbows, being in the name, are also always nice to keep up year round.

While the contest formerly only displayed one picture for the length of the month. However, we'd get so many good pictures in a month that now several are put into a rotation. Not only does this mean that a submitted picture gets a bigger chance to be put into the queue, but in the following years to come as well. So, draw away and help make KRR more fan oriented.

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Last Updated - April 2nd, 2011