Different Double Finale

  1. Fan Favorites
  2. The Daimyo Medal
  3. In the Spirit of Robobot
  4. Closing Thoughts

So, I guess two months ago now there was this thing. Yeah, things kinda got away from me. I couldn't really get behind wrapping it up as it never really seemed to end as much as it... dragged? I thought that a normally archaic Interactive Fandom contest related to the newest of new Kirby titles would get a resounding response. And it did... from about three people who combined submitted more entries than every other person combined. Well, that's a kind of success, right?

  1. 77% - Kiroscarby's Water Mode
  2. 68% - Serena Strawberry's Magic Mode, ZeroInsignia's Ghost Mode
  3. 66% - Griscuit's Sleep Mode
  4. 62% - Zero_Breaker's Needle Mode
  5. 61% - BubbyBoyToo's Paint Mode

Fan Favorite: Contrary to the normal trend, the highest rated entries came earlier in the contest. Typically, the higher votes found from the longer standing sees a regression to the mean. It seems that this time around that the public viewed an "idea fatigue" with entries.

Hey, did you know that the top four entries (due to the tie for second) had artwork contributed by their original creator? Yep, that trend is alive and well, so rest soundly tonight: people will always like pictures. In fact, I should do the rest of this wrap-up with pictures! Actually, the top rated entry did not receive its artwork until over a month after the point it was posted, so I'll scrap that whole graphical interpretation angle.

Another trend that I feel like noting -- appropriate for this being the "best of the best" by the public's eye -- is that several of the modes did not serve any particular function. In Planet Robobot, Kirby used the mecha-marauder to plow through obstacles or solve puzzles. Many entries were simply extravagant means of killing enemies, typically with a stream or arched attack of some kind (note: my poison entry started that ball rolling). Of these six modes, only the Ghost Mode offers any use with getting our hero through some complex scenario.

I would like to continue The Daimyo Medal for a second time, but it is just a rehash of what appears both above and below. Do I really need to bother at that point? I think not. However, I still want it to keep up and alive, so I'm reminding everyone that it exists. Thus, it won't be head-scratched when it pops up again next time (in... six months? seems about right).

  1. LunarHalo24's Metal Mode
  2. ZeroInsignia's Ghost Mode
  3. Hantho's Missile Mode
  4. Hantho's Whip Mode

In the Spirit of Robobot: Because I couldn't think up a closer way to reference ghost in the machine, the philosophical statement, that is. Pretty much picking up where the top pick's left off, I'm giving a nod to those entries that played out as good game entries, allowing for an interesting dynamic of game design. Some entries towed the line, performing exactly what could be done outside of the robot armor. That's good, but this is focusing on expressly new ideas that go above and beyond (sorry, Fern's Animal Mode).

LunarHalo24, I felt, had one of the best over-all entries. The design was sleek and fitting while the function was in-line with the root copy ability. Being able to apply weight where not present opens up a lot of potential puzzles and thinking.

Zero Insignia branched upon the source power as well but dialed it up to eleven, giving control over multiple enemies. Their capability to fit through spaces that the armor cannot and fetch items is akin to how the remote control robot functions. Overall, one can sit there, think upon it, and imagine the possibilities.

Hantho really blitzed out some entries, huh? The second Missile entry (which I could not for the life of me grasp the form) had a game play change sequence like Wheel or Jet, turning the armor into a tank. Surprisingly, this was the only entry to do such. I suppose there weren't many options left to provide. I tried to come up with a Ball Mode that put Kirby in a pinball machine, but it was a flimsy concept.

Hantho again appears with the hook-shot inspired Whip Mode, which may have worked better with an Archer basis. Much like the source material, it can snatch objects from afar. That's a novel concept, even if borrowed.

Closing Thoughts: Well, that generic brand adhesive bandage has been torn off, finally. Apologies for the lateness. It wasn't really the best, and now you see why I dragged my feet for so long. I suppose there should be another IF coming up soon, probably for the non-denominational winter season breaks folks will be enjoying. Boy, this ending sure is... nondescript? Regardless, the next one is already in the pipeline and will have an increased character limit in fields since that seemed to be a really big problem for people.

Last Updated - November 20th, 2016