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The KRR Message boards started on a small free service known as Echelon. It was unstable, people could post anonymously, and there were basically no rules.

In March 2000, the boards officially opened on Ezboard under http://pub8.ezboard.com/brainbowresort. It grew rapidly, and we easily went over the 1,000,000 visit mark in less than a year. It also brought attention to us, and ezboard showcased us on the frontpage. You can see that here, although it's lost who made this screenshot. Thanks whoever you were =) Rainbow Resort EZBoard Showcase.

After that, we bounced back and forth from http://www.xsorbit.com/users/krrmb/index.cgi (the link is dead) and back to EZBoard.

After receiving server support from GameSpy, Aqua went about and created the phpbb message board forums that you see today. She was responsible for not only setting up the forums, but designing the layout, graphics, and just about everything else. She was also responsible for a lot of the older forum layouts. Although she has since moved on, you can still her influence everywhere around KRR.

Then the entire server of GameSpy was hacked, and everything was lost -- including our forums, oekaki, etc.

Diskmaster, of Disktech (now Darkfire Aviary), then graciously hosted our forums under his webspace. We were much indebted to him, and even had a Diskmaster Appreciation Day.

After the forums put too much strain on Disktech, we temporarily moved to old SMF Forums which were running a few months behind, and had notable things such as Pointless Palace still around. The SMF Forums were pulled down after a few days, and Disktech returned with the phpBB forums still temporarily hosted on them. With help from Disk, Aqua, giving more help, moved the forums from Disktech back to GameSpy, where they reside now.

Last Updated - August 21st, 2009