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Note: Themes are subject to change, as are the forum listing, watch the announcements forum for new releases or alterations. Theme screenshots taken May 9th shortly after the release of Monochrome. Update: Many themes are currently under work, and are currently not in use.

The Forums

This forum is for board related-announcements, changes, and various other pieces of information the staff deems important. You cannot create topics, but you are more than welcome to respond to them.

Greeting Gardens
New users -- please visit here to introduce yourself and so we can greet you! You can also find quick links to rules, our FAQ, or just ask questions if you have any.
Fountain of Dreams
This forum is about the Kirby games. Discussion can include timelines, rumors, characters, and more. Create polls, discuss, post pictures, etc. -- just as long as it's about Kirby.
Pupu Village
A forum dedicated to the Kirby Anime. Discuss episodes, baddies, characters, and find out how you can download Ivy's subs so you can watch the original episodes!
KRR Site Discussion
This new forum is for any discussion about the KRR site. It can include submissions, link errors, staff openings, and any news that may affect the site will be posted here first.
Miscellaneous Mountain
This forum is designated for everything un-Kirby related, such as other games, hobbies, events, etc. It is not a place for mindless random chatter however. Polls are allowed, but not excessively -- no more than once per week per person.
Smash Bros. Stadium
A forum for discussing the Super Smash Bros. series, and trading friend codes and find matches for Brawl!
Pointless Palace
This place is only rumored to exist. Rumors also exist that the spirits of Magi and Joshi haunt here. Contains the subforum Post Your Favourite, for "what is your favourite _" threads.
Dream Land Newsstand
This is a forum dedicated to the discussion of current/recent events. Understand that this is NOT a forum dedicated to the senseless arguments of controversial topics. These kinds of topics are not restricted, but they are very much discouraged. Topics posted for the intention of debating may or may not be deleted.
OCM Brigade
A forum dedicated to discussing computers in general, and receive help on various computing/electronic troubles. Contains the subforum Fumu's Tutorial Library, where you can ask and receive help, create, view, and add input on tutorials to promote a forum dedicated to learning.
Kirby Café
The Kirby Café, a forum for authors. Any type of writing may be done, Kirby related or not. Just imagine that it's for literature! Free brainfood is good too. Subforums include the Masterpiece Theater for roleplaying, and the Proving Grounds for roleplays centered on battling.
Paint-Roller's Canvas
The forum dedicated to the artists by the artists. Display your paintings or drawings here! All other forms of artwork, such as fan created games and photography, are also allowed, however, except written forms (Kirby Café). Topics exhibiting offensive artwork will be deleted immediately. Please remember that this is a family site.
Dynablade Arcade
Come and play some fun games and enter contests -- or make your own! Come try it out!
April Fools
This is a silly place containing a ton of fake staff posts created during April Fools Day 2005, and will serve as a monument to how awesome it was.
Curio's Museum
A collection of posts that were too good to delete, but too dusty to display elsewhere. Note: This is an archive, you cannot actually post here, but you were welcome to read.
Last Updated - August 22nd, 2009