Ask Guru Gobbo #03

The installments continue, and luckily they are getting into more bite sized of pieces. A bit less epic than normal today, kiddies. The brevity can be seen as a nice change of pace.

- July 17th, 2008

  1. HeavyMetalHalberd
  2. Dom
  3. Toast
  4. Lei
  5. Torkirby
  6. Altranet
  7. Shadixx
  8. WolfNeko18
  9. MarioFan

I've been playing Kirby and the Amazing a lot lately. Why? I'm trying to unlock boss endurance by getting 100% in my file. I've done it before, a year ago, and I forgot. My younger bro erased my file because he got angry at nothing. (so angry at him) Anyways, I've tried going through every door so the star above each door isn't shining and I've opened up every chest. What in the name of Nightmare am I missing!? Please help me!

- HeavyMetalHalberd

Squeaky Bogg

Unfortunately, your situation is puzzling as what you are saying should mean that 100% is obtained. And, since there's no straggling percent from saving Blob like in Dream Land 2, completion is rather clean cut. Kinda like the initial, "Well, is it plugged in?" verification, are you certain that all doors and treasures have been accessed? I know that I sometimes could over look a stranded occurrence on those several large maps. Other than that, I can only guess that a switch has gone unpressed.

Why are the colors lighting once you begin a new part of the project. Is there a code or anything else? If you could answer that question that would be fine, if you don't want to that also would be fine.

- Dom

Squeaky Bogg

Ah, you are referencing Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W.'s banner on the main page. Every time one of the seven parts is released, the corresponding letter is lit up and turns into a link to that section via an image map. This creates a colorful progression marker of the event. When it is finished, all seven colors of the rainbow will be shining. It is the Rainbow Resort, after all. It should be more colorful.

Is metaknight a good character or a bad character in the kirby games? I just can't figure it out :/

- Toast

Squeaky Bogg

Meta Knight is, truthfully, good. In Adventure, he was protecting a piece of the Star Rod to keep Nightmare away. In Super Star, a large number of changes were made in the dialogue from the original to the English version which makes Meta Knight come across as a much more nefarious character. He states he wants to end the "corruption" that is in Dream Land, which is never clearly explained. In Amazing Mirror, he comes to the aid of the Mirror World only to have his dark doppelganger over power and imprison him. Thus, all bad guy acts in this game are actually performed by his evil twin. In Squeak Squad, much like in Adventure, Meta Knight battles Kirby only to keep him from unleashing a great evil, this time Dark Nebula.

Surprise, surprise: Kirby Super Star Ultra lost it's Wikipedia page again after a week from June 25th (when it was confirmed for a North American release). For some time it had a page, then it was down, then it had a section on Kirby Super Star's page, and then it got a revived page with the logo and current information, and now it's down again, with just a brief mentioning on Super Star's page.


This rages me! Is it really confirmed? I would think that if Nintendo's press release gave it a release date, it IS real, but it's just annoying. And this huge wait- just for a remake of a game that was already perfect? HAL, you should've done this yeeeaaars ago. Now modern gamers can't even enjoy "Kirby, the puff with one of the best games ever called Super Star" until later in September. That makes things worse.

In other words, are you leaning towards "it will be pushed back, but still come out" or "it will come out right as Nintendo says"?

I've been dying for a new Kirby game since 2006. I'VE GOTTEN OLDER SINCE THEN! (unlike the stupid Pokémon monopoly, with more DS games than Mario)

- Lei

Squeaky Bogg

First off, Wikipedia is, for the most part, a joke. The sections that have the most fan boys are the ones that have the most bickering and childish actions carried out. I'd avoid them and just get any game information from a game site. As for the release, yes, I believe it will make the deadline. HAL has been good to release Kirby games on portable systems.

Do you have any idea why Kirby has a red tongue in the games, and sort of a yellow-brownish one in the anime?

- Torkirby

Squeaky Bogg

The game and television series are based on a single concept, but neither really connects to the other beyond that much. There are several differences between the two Kirby characters. For example, one is a baby while the other is a youth. One favors tomatoes while the other adores watermelons. One can speak. Tongue color is just a minor change made to, most likely, add some more color to Kirby. He's already pink with red shoes. A different hue helps his character design. Now, in the games, Kirby's color scheme is controlled by a palette of a set number of colors. Here, they want to limit the amount of colors his sprite shows.

Do you know how many people know what Chuchu is?

- Altranet

Squeaky Bogg

Very few people probably know what Chuchu is. Also, very few people care what she is as the Animal Friends, from what I've gathered, are not the most popular in the Kirby games. Most fans seem to prefer hatted powers to riding pals. Most Kirby information sites still say she is "some type of blob". It took me quite some time, years even, to learn. However, once someone said "octopus", it all made perfect sense. Pink, tentacles, sticks to ceilings.

When the identity of Chuchu came up in the forums, however, many folks of this community still called it into question. In truth, there is no official listing of what she may be. People are still set on her being "just a blob" or an amoeba. Some folks link her to the girl Gooey of Dream Land 2 but this is a false association. That character was, unimaginatively, named Blob and only served as a stand in for the American version of the game to replace Chao, a little girl from another HAL series, Yuuyuuki.

This question is further discussed in Session #15.

Why is it that you decided to answer every question sent to you? Are you looking for something to do, or do you just feel obligated?

- Shadixx

Squeaky Bogg

Obligation for the most part. Although, I have skipped over some two of the questions. These weren't really anything that deserved to be called such, mind you. The one was blank and the other seemed to be song lyrics. As for looking for something to do, I'm always trying to find an active role to play out at this site. Most of my ventures are complete misses. Providing 100% feedback will either keep this section alive or make everyone sick of it. Whichever, I'm good with. One thing that's for certain is that I'm not trying to steal Mailbag's thunder. Heh heh... >_>

With Sakurai in Sora Ltd. will the Kirby games loose some of that flair as such with Air Ride, and those other older games where each has its own special "thing"? Now it is all identical platformers! Will Super Star Ultra break this trend?

- WolfNeko18

Squeaky Bogg

When a creator leaves, the creation tends to suffer. Everyone else doesn't treat it with the same love and whimsy that the founder had for it. I'm not saying that they will flounder over time, just likely.

What happens to the Waddle Dee at the end of Revenge of Meta Knight? Does he die?

- MarioFan

Squeaky Bogg


No, the crew is told to evacuate the Halberd after it begins to fall from the sky. This would suggest some sort of escape pod or means of fleeing the vessel. The crew all leaves in waves, first the bulk of the hands, then the captain, then the Meta Knights after one more shot at stopping Kirby. They all leave except for Meta Knight for his final confrontation and Waddle Dee who is, I guess, watching the battle. Since there were several points in time at which the Halberd crew were evacuating, Waddle Dee could have waited until after the spectacular battle to abandon ship.

That, or HAL truly has no soul!

This completes the questions I got up until the 14th of July. If you asked before, it's been answered. If after, it's coming. Don't agree with something I said? Think I really dropped the ball on an answer? Well, then, rebut it! Just submit question to question the question.

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