Ask Guru Gobbo #10

Already at the big ten-oh. It seems like no time ago, this was just some half thought out project that I volunteered for without really knowing where or what would come of it. Now, it seems to be whipping up a whirlwind of activity and interest. Let's see what's coming off the Question Cache today.

- July 30th, 2008

  1. Curious Guy
  2. Zero-Slash
  3. Chimera
  4. MOP
  5. Doore1337
  6. Torkirby
  7. Mr. Game and Pie
  8. A Waddle Doo with a Hat
  9. Air-Rider24

You said before that the kirby games don't have any classification for species, but in kirby's dreamland 3 there is a kirby like enemy called a batamon, isn't that what kirby is?

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

Trust me, I am well aware of Dream Land 3 and that included within it. Batamon is, as is apparent and described in the DL3 manga, an enemy that looks like but is not Kirby. It is not Kirby. It is not in the same family as Kirby. It is merely a bizarre look-alike. Now, misinformed people run about claiming this as a species that Kirby is, but these people are fools. The "species" of Batamon is Batamon. It is its own, separate, unique, and very creepy thing. If you're going to call Kirby a Batamon, then you might as well call Waddle Dee one, too, 'cuz they both have just as many similarities. Well, okay, not color, but you get my point. Well, maybe you don't.

In Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland, Meta Knight had his henchmen come after Kirby and in Super Star/Ultra, you probably know that it'll happen in similiar ways. However, after Nightmare in Dreamland, his henchmen seemed to disappear. Although, I do know it was a remake, I'm wondering what do you think happened to his henchmen?

- Zero-Slash

Squeaky Bogg

His henchmen bowed out and exited the stage left. Sad to say, but there's only so much characters that can be fit into a game. In Adventure, there were several battles against Meta Knight's crew that led up to the gripping battle with the leader himself. In Super Star, the entire mini-game devoted to Meta Knight called for his crew to return. In Amazing Mirror, the scarce appearance of Meta Knight, despite his high involvement in the story, did not warrant his lackies to tag along. Likewise, in Squeak Squad, his one level was not going to have a group of one level only enemies. There's only so much screen time, and they'd rather give that face time to the mask rather than the henchmen. Hopefully, they'll be back. I love those guys. Trident Knight is made of six kinds of win, one of which is frosted.

i have a theory related to kirby games, kirby looks much like a waddle doo with a mouth just like metaknight(without mask) and the other kirbys. so my theory is that kirby and the others are actually semi-evovled waddle doos who gained mouths and other attributes. so how possibly is this?

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

I think its more that most all Dream Landers are similar. I wouldn't say that Kirby is a more evolved form of Doo but maybe a divergent path in the evolutionary chain, if you would. Much like all dogs came from the same proto-hound, they all are still the same species while looking very different amoung their breeds. I've broken it down, and you can construct most of the characters out of simple parts and line up the trends. Kirby and the Waddles have the same body types. Their only differences are their facial details (eyes and mouth or eyes and peach patch or no mouth and one eye). Bronto Burt and Scarfy even fit the bill, each just having more chops and swaps than the previous. Marx is just armless with bigger eyes. This really flies in Dream Land 3 with the simplified nature of most the rolly-pollies.

I believe its more like variation than evolution. There's short people, fat people, folks with long noses and blokes with jutting chins. On Pop Star, it varies more with eye number and size, mouth visibility, etc. Dream Land showed us that there are lots of others that look like Kirby, but we never see their fronts (or feet, for that matter), so who knows how much the crowd varied. You don't walk into a room and see everyone looking the same. That just happens in video games since no one wants to make that many sprites.

In Session 6 you said there was no connection inbetween Ness and Kirby? Well you are wrong!


Squeaky Bogg

Those are vague connections between the two series, not the two main characters. That is hardly the same thing. A single sprite that appears in an obsure debug mode for a game does not give Kirby any connection to Ness. Likewise, finding a statue of Mr. Saturn doesn't link Ness to Kirby. Mr. Saturn isn't Ness, unless the statue was of Ness when he was transformed into a Mr. Saturn, but I think he still wore his cap at that point, if it even happened. I mean, in that past question, I already fully mentioned how the two appeared in the same game together (Smash Bros.), so I don't see how these minor associations between series links them any closer than that out.

That doesn't matter, however, since the point is that those are both slight nods and references to each others' series. They do not, in any way, suggest a real connection between Kirby and Ness. Those were my words, Kirby and Ness. I already was blatantly aware that Mr. Saturn was a treasure in The Great Cave Offensive. I've only played through and cleared all of the game numerous times. You aren't teaching me anything. The fact that you linked to a boring, drawn out YouTube video when a page on this this site (which I changed said link to) already had the information available to everyone for years now really shows that you aren't showing anyone anything new.

I am more than ready to admit being wrong, trust me, but I gotta be wrong first, and I really don't appreciate being called wrong when the case being brought forth is holed, fraudulant, and not even what the initial case was being called up against. So, really, you are wrong, MOP, in every way.

Hi, it's me again. It says on Wikipedia that Kirby is tone-deaf. Is this true? I don't believe it.

- Doore1337

Squeaky Bogg

They mean he has no singing capability whatsoever. This has been a solid truth with the pink one since day one in Dream Land. The microphone, an item back then rather than a copy ability, tormented his enemies. The same applies in all later occurances every time he uses it. The same really applies in the televised series when he unleashes the awesome(ly terrible) power of his singing. It's true. Kirby has no ability to determine pitch, tone, or other nuances of singing quality. He's hopelessly bad at it. It even says so in ability descriptions when you pause the screen with Mike or, heck, right here from the Dream Land instruction booklet: "I'm not a very good singer and I sometimes sing off key, but King Dedede's bullies can't stand to hear me sing and will just explode with laughter when I puff out the microphone." Wow, really? Laughter? I should have read that first instead of typing it out on a whim. Well, they've changed it in later titles to "just plain bad" crooning. They didn't exactly keep the first game in pristine translation.

I have a question concerning Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. When I searched NiDL at IGN, I saw some interesting videos that showed completely different levels that weren't used in the actual game. What made HAL get rid of those levels? Did they remake it into Kirby's Adventure during the development?

Also, I saw some Kirby Cursors somewhere in the site. If I made some, could I add them on the site, too?

- Torkirby

Squeaky Bogg

In truth, no clue. I've never seen these scenes or played Nightmare in Dream Land to notice them missing. However, yes, it is true. NiDL was intended as an independent game. Sometime during production, it was switched over to just being remake. After its release as the title it was never meant to be, Masahiro Sakurai quit HAL shortly after. Whether or not the two (HAL counts as one in this case) hit a rough patch during the games development and that led to its deflection, I cannot say. The placement in the timeline sure does raise a lot of questions, however.

As for the cursors, I would think we have enough of them, despite having never even seen that section of the site. There's far better things to create in fandom than mouse image sets.

it is obvious you have quite a few frames of you avatar, but there is one frame where theres a round thing coming out of your side (for me left, if you were looking through the avatars eyes it would be at his right) is that a hand? if not what is it supposed to be?

- Mr. Game and Pie

Squeaky Bogg

You mean this one? That "round thing" is just a tail, only bent around from the back and curled forward. Since Squeaky Bogg lacks any arms, any gestures that would normally be carried out with the limbs are substituted with the caudal appendage. So, that's a tail pointing at you, the reader, in a pointing motion.

Hello Bimble of Snaff. I have a question for you, one that was actually inspired by a discussion on the forums for a while back. I just want to get your opinion of the matter.

In Kirby 64, have you ever noticed that Shiver Star looks a lot like earth? What with the spherical shape and the moon? If you look closely enough, you can even see the continents on the surface! This along with the presence of numerous rather scary-looking factories leads me to believe that Shiver Star may be earth, after something wiped all the humans out; possibly all the pollution from the factories. Then it entered a second ice age, or something of the sort. Then of course, there's HR-H. Of course, while playing the game you assume "Oh, he's posessed by Dark Matter", but he's a robot. Dark Matter can't posess robots, can he? So was HR-H actually programmed to guard the factory? And judging by how he reacted to Kirby's intrusion, was he made to kill anything that got in his way? Yet another possible reason the humans got wiped out.

This is all just in theory, but what do you think?

- A Waddle Doo with a Hat

Squeaky Bogg

In all truth, I've never played The Crystal Shards. Having never owned an N64 is one of my less-than-secret shames. However, I can still piece together enough from what I know about it without ever having played it,much like how I still answer questions about the animated series.

Whether or not it actually is Earth, it certainly is an Earth analogue. Man's destruction on nature is a common message in Japan. Why, just ask Godzilla or fellow kaijuu Gamera. There's countless morals about humanity heading down a path of destruction. A frozen world with lots of cold, hard factories really drives a point about pollution. Although, strange to think, most folks worry about the green house gases and not the smog blotting out the sun. Regardless, I'm pretty certain it is not earth. Pop Star is reputedly hundreds of lightyears away from out nick of the woods, so I don't think Kirby travels that far on his adventures.

The exact nature behind HR-H's attack could be difficult to pinpoint. It might just be that Dark Matter had control of him, or, malfunctioned and discarded, Dark Matter just flicked the on switch to let it do its damage. From that point, you could say that its programming has bugged over the long hibernation and that it shouldn't be attacking with such lethality. A point that I am confident in is that robots like HR-H probably were not responsible for the downfall of Shiver Star. They have no standing activity on the surface. If the robots took over, they'd still be crawling all over in the cold having themselves a robo-winter bash. No, their masters just stopped coming to clean their clogs, and they rusted up while waiting.

This question has a follow up in Session #21.

If Kirby has to wait 200 years until he's an adult, will the people in Cappy Town be dead by then? Or will they be super old?

- Air-Rider24

Squeaky Bogg

I sure hope so. From how the Cappies reacted to Kirby's lifespan, the two-hundred years is a long time to their kind. I would take it that they'd be long dead before such a time were to come. I mean, there would still be Cappies there, just generations down from the current residents.

I certainly didn't think I'd get this far. In all truth, I figured this project would barely scrape together enough questions to even fill a weekly volume. Rather, since day one, I've been struggling to keep these things flowing out every other day. I kept telling myself, "Oh, it'll slow down eventually. I best let a safety buffer build up as not to exhaust the supply." Well, you sure showed me. Because of you, the fans (assumably?), this has become my favorite task here at Rainbow Resort. Not only is it great fun, but I've learned more about Kirby in the past month than I have in the past few years. I mean, I think it's pretty well known that I can't know all the answers, and I surprise myself with the knowledge uncovered. It was once stated by Ivyna J. Spyder that Guru's was being put to rest since all questions had been asked and answered. Well, I know some are repeats, but I know there's a ton that ain't. Thanks, guys. Because of the support shown for Help Nook/Ask Uncle Gobbo/Ask the Kirby Gurus, I'm gonna start dishing these suckers out whenever the quota maxes out. See you tomorrow.

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