Too much of a good thing is an awesome thing. But too much of an awesome thing is...umm...really, really dumb and bad.

Instruction manuals - you know about them. They come inside the boxes with your shiny new games. Usually they're tossed aside; you're not dumb! You don't need some paper pamphlet telling you how to play a game! That's stupid!

Like it not, however, I've taken the liberty of scanning the manuals of five of the more recent Kirby games! How d'ya like that, huh?!

Now you can look at the manuals for Kirby 64, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, and Kirby: Squeak Squad! And expect Kirby: Canvas Curse to show up eventually!

...See the full update for direct links to the manual pages.

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - June 4th, 2007Games
KRR Pokémon Tournament One
The official forum thread is here.

Our first tournament is going to be pretty unique, and you'll only be able to use certain unevolved Pokémon at level five (the old egg hatch level). There are all sorts of potential prizes, such as shiny Pokémon and rare items and TMs, and if you're on the forum you might get custom titles or crazy stuff like that.

It's scheduled to begin on June 18, and is being hosted by glod, forum admin and mailbag letter guy extraordinaire. Make sure to sign up or you won't be able to participate!
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - June 9th, 2007Interactive
More exciting than the Super Smash Bros. Brawl blog.
Here! Here is a Kirby related update on a Kirby related site! I hope you enjoy it!

Netsunami sent me this [link] a few weeks ago, it's only up on the site now because I wasn't sure where exactly fan remixes went but I spontaneously took the liberty of making a fan submitted remix folder on the site now!

It's short, it's pleasant, it's a Yogurt Yard remix!
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - June 11th, 2007Multimedia
I need to stop with these delays
Summer begins and I'm as busy as ever! Working on a Meta Knight costume- I'll post pics if I can finish it.

Today I bring you TWO shiny new fansubs for your viewing enjoyment. You can go watch 'Punishment by Demon Teacher!' and 'Smash-Hit Program! Direct Hit! Dinnertime'- including some interesting food info and recipes by Jboy!

(If the torrent for ep 59 isn't working for you, delete it and re-download it. There was an error and I had to replace it.)

I also updated the Kirby Gurus. Man it's becoming a once monthly thing, isn't it? My apologies. I'll try to do em quicker. Bye now! (Are you reading the Kirbypedia? I added a new front page feature to show updates more clearly!)
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - June 15th, 2007Other
Boston pops popcorn.
Dale from mailbag 36 (didn't happen) formally appears to you today in Mailbag 38. [link]
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - June 23rd, 2007Other
Hey it didn't take a month this time!
Awesome. Okay, today I have something many of you have been looking forward to! Kirby episode 60 - Sacred Sword Galaxia! Go watch it.

Also more guru stuff. That's all for now though. Also I can't think of a new poll idea, give me suggestions! Also not enough people are submitting are to the gallery. Submit art, dangit! (Also if I banned you it's because you were uploading stolen art. Really, people should know better...)
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - June 27th, 2007Multimedia
Oh my!  I'm SOOOO late!  Sorry.  But I'm finally back, and with a set of Guru answers...it's about time!  I didn't...answer everything I got while I was gone, so feel free to ask again if you sent a question some months ago and still need an answer.

Yeah, I still need to make that Guru FAQ too, don't I?  I'll get to it...eventually.
Kirby WarriorPosted by Kirby Warrior - June 30th, 2007Other
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