...Maybe they are weirder when we can understand them?

JboyPosted by Jboy - September 1st, 2007Multimedia
More Smash Brothers Developments

 Great news. It seems Meta Knight's Profile has finally been added. They even admit that he was rather delayed getting up there. He is merely said to be Kirby's... Rival. Is he really? Or has Sakurai-san forgotten how to exactly describe him?

 ... He is a difficult person to talk about in detail, after all.

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - September 5th, 2007Games
More Smash Bros

 Stage update on the Halberd, including a mention that it is very important in the Subspace Emissary. Also confirmation of the Combo Cannon, which they call a double-barreled battery arm. It attacks with missiles, beams, and it's arm.

AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - September 12th, 2007Games
Three in a row... What does that say to us all?

 Today is a lucky, lucky day. On this day, Nintendo tells us that all that stuff about "SSBB being Online" was simply not a lot of empty promises, and the following screenshots are evidence of that.

 Brawl is becoming a more and more anticipated game. I know too many people that have included Smash Dojo on their daily online rounds. Will it all meet expectation? If by rare misfortune, it doesn't, we would have atleast have had fun waiting for it, right?


 Normally, this isn't even Kirby related at all, but there is a bit of something KRR-wise that will go along with it. In light of this, there is more to discuss. Would you please make your way to the full story page? It will only take a moment.
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - September 18th, 2007Games
Kirby's Rainbow Rejuvenation - Ready For Action!

Hey, you visitors remember that project I was talking about around a month and a half ago... Kirby's Rainbow Rejuvenation?

Well, the project is now ready for activity!

In case you don't remember the specifics, KRRejuv's purpose is to fix up KRR as a whole, and even adding to it! But you visitors are able to contribute to the cause via multiple ways, including this handy form and the brand-new "Post Your Request" area of the forum!

Be sure to check things out!

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - September 23rd, 2007Interactive
KRR Turns 8 Years Old!

Can you believe it? We don't do much to celebrate anymore, but I guess it's worth mentioning!

I think maybe we'll have to get off our lazy butts (more like I will )and celebrate when we actually reach 10 years. Nearly a decade we've been around. Crazy!

Things are changing around here, maybe going into the 8th year is a charm. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us for so long, and a welcome to all the new people who have joined us!

Thanks everyone!!!

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - September 26th, 2007Site Info
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