Well, I don't know whether I should be honored to receive an e-mail regarding a Smash Bros. update or not, but seeing as how everyone seems to have been wanting it...


On November 1, Sakurai 'revealed' Meta Knight's Final Smash, "Galaxia Darkness"! Meta Knight swiftly engulfs his opponent(s) within his dark cape, and with a swift slice of his sword, sends them flying into oblivion!

An overpowered Final Smash for a ridiculously powered character, huh?... Well, just as long as the inital swish of the cape makes its mark...


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Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - November 4th, 2007Games
Jazzin' Up the Skies

It's a double update today, including Meta Knight's special moves (again), and a jazz remix of Meta Knight's Revenge, theme of the Super Star game with the same name.

Depending on the situation, we'll have the remix available for download on the site eventually. And here, have some pictures of Meta Knight.

Please see the full story for everything on this.

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Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - November 14th, 2007Games
Blizzard Warning
There's a winter warning of... fan participation? Awkward as it sounds, yes. So get out yer scarves.

First, there's a loverly new front page by Silver Lunar that you probably saw on your way here. Way to go, kid. Next, there's been a storm of things happening by way of the whole fan comics area which, apparently, I now curate. There's a good load of submissions from WiiKirby for the most part and maybe some others that escape my mind at the moment.

So, thank you, fans of Kirby and the Resort. You keep this place shiny diamond crazing... or, actually, maybe something a bit more sensible.
Or not.
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BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - November 30th, 2007Fan Creations
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