Merry X-Mas from D3-D
Ho ho ho, everybody, or, should I say Dedede, Daimyo? Probably not, 'cuz it doesn't make any sense. What am I even trying to get at?

Rainbow Resort all-around cool guy, Dedede-Daimyo, worked real hard this month, maybe longer, on making a grand ol' present for every fan of Kirby: A Kirby Super Star Ulta Emaki. It's basically a giant, detail, unbelievable stretch of great artwork after great artwork. So much was his masterpiece that he got his own Fan section.

If SiR6 deserved one, he deserves one. The guy's about how I'd define "a fan" of Kirby.

So, Merry Christmas from D3-D and, subsequently, RR, and a Happy New Year as well.
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - December 24th, 2008Fan Creations
Christmas Wishes!
This will be completely overshadowed by Dedede-Daimyo's absolutely wonderful image (see previous update), but here it is anyway!

Mailbag 58! Starring Diggery the capricorn!

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AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - December 25th, 2008Information
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