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Man, life has been rough without the mailbag. I mean, I didn't even really leave. That leaving post of mine? Bimblesnaff had a gun to me while I wrote it. It was part of his master plan all along.

But I still need to scrape by for a living, and because I certainly never realise when there's a new mailbag because he doesn't make big flashy front page posts like I used to but stuck it in tiny text on the right there, people might miss it. Maybe. I just want to be loved.

So here is Bimblesnaff & Crew's Mailbag 60!
And Mailbag 59 if you missed it?

C-can I please have my paycheck (or job back) now :(
AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - March 8th, 2009Other
Mailbag LXI
'Cuz three letters look cooler than two numbers.
It's the first day of spring, and we're cleaning out our mailroom for you, so here's another bag:
Mailbag #61
While cleaning, we found some ol' things laying around. Amazingly, two of them were still alive! What a surprise.

... that the poison didn't take...
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - March 20th, 2009Interactive
Totally Legit
Breaking news! First, the less than phenomenal Mailbag #62 creaks out onto the scene. Why do I say such ill of it? Because of the other news broken today.

This just came out; exciting news of a new Kirby game. I'm not talking about that doomed Wii title you've heard about for years on end. No, a great, new, and totally really-real Kirby game is coming out for Wii. Read all about it.

BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - March 31st, 2009Information
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