Quittan gamez.

*picks up his suitcase and gets the heck out*
DiskmasterPosted by Diskmaster - April 1st, 2009Information
I'm sure you've all been waiting for us to finish the Kirby Super Star Ultra page.

And we have!

Also ignore any abnormalties with the site today. All this media hype about viruses and all that.
AsotokuPosted by Asotoku - April 1st, 2009Games
As of April 11th, 2009, I am retiring from the Rainbow Resort. My only excuse I can really give is that real life trumps online life every time. I can't have both at once and expect to live a normal life. There will be more details about transition later on once I've spoken with Bagel.

As for if I'll stick around, that's probably going to happen, but not in any official capacity, as I don't want the second job anymore. In the meantime, I thank everyone I've met and enjoyed talking with, chatting with, admiring their art, reading their fanfiction, or even playing their fangames.

I just have one thing that needs addressed. It's an issue that I've seen come up in a few forum topics lately. Please direct gallery issues directly to Bimblesnaff, Ometon (also known as the Gallery Admin. OOOH THE MAGIC IS GONE), or Bagel as the rest of us don't have the permissions (or the time) to help you. Forum or site related issues are better sent to anyone else on staff or in the Suggestion Box forum, and oekaki issues temporarily can be sent my way or to Babycharmander (she also admins there, along with Baker).

Also, despite what some people might think, this is most certainly not an April Fools Joke despite my previous post.
DiskmasterPosted by Diskmaster - April 11th, 2009Site Info
Another Bag #63
In honor of the recent hemorrhaging of personnel, he's a very special, after-school special, Mailbag #63 where Diskmaster learns the meaning of true friendship and why not to do drugs. Also, how to believe in himself and the power of cheese.
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - April 14th, 2009Interactive
Happy 17th Anniversary!
The Kirby series turns seventeen years old today! Go and... uh, play Kirby Super Star Ultra to celebrate or something, I dunno.

In other news, I'm not dead!
But Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. is, if that wasn't obscenely obvious. (holy cow how many times did you people ask Bimblesnaff about it)

Note to self: Don't let myself try to do multiple big things at once and then lose interest, only to have another staff member come around and do pretty much all of work for my poorly thought-out ideas.
Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - April 26th, 2009Information
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