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The staff of RR! If you want to contact one of us, please keep in mind we work on this site for fun. We don't get paid, so we don't have endless time to work on the site. If you've sent something, please be patient we try our best.

If you have a particular question about a certain area, please contact the section's maintainer.

If you want to become a staff member, we hire every once in a while and make this notice on the front page. Please don't ask us, due to overwhelming requests - we just can't answer you. =)

Chat staff and forum staff can be found in those sections, respectively.

Site Staff
Kindar Spirit
Contact: kindarspirit INSERT AT SIGN HERE
AIM: kindarspirit
Job: Founder, KRR Legend
Contact: debageldond INSERT AT SIGN HERE
AIM: AcceleratedBagel
Job: Site Admin, KRR Legend
Site: Lair of the Mad Goblin
AIM: Bimblesnaff
Job: Guru, Site Admin
The Ometon
Contact: bluecladvagrant INSERT AT SIGN HERE
AIM: Blue Clad Vagrant
Job: Developer, Everything?
Last Updated - March 19th, 2016