Kirby Super Star Ultra is the re-release of the SNES game Kirby Super Star. This time, it is for the Nintentdo DS and packs all new graphics, fully rendered animated sequences, multiplayer minigames, two-player cooperative play, and a slew of new sub-games.

Helper to Hero let's the sidekick take the driver seat as all of the copy ability helpers get to try their mettle through an arena.

Meta Knightmare Ultra is a flashback in more than one way. Guide the masked swordsman through all the trials the pink puff just faced with unique techniques.

Revenge of the King puts a twist on the pushover Spring Breeze by amping up the tone and difficulty as well as bringing back some familiar faces.

The True Arena rolls out all of the new challenges faced and has the creampuff run them in one final, grand gauntlet. Do you have what it takes?

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Last Updated - October 27th, 2009