Ask Guru Gobbo #04

Today, I tackle every question put to me from the 14th. Why giving the date should matter, I don't know, but it sets up a nice comparison for where I am in the que of Q's.

- July 19th, 2008

  1. Chimera
  2. Chaos Kirby
  3. Nanabobo
  4. Sonny B
  5. Speedy
  6. DeathlyH
  7. Peyton
  8. Animaster
  9. Some Guy

do you think the squeak squad will appear in another kirby game? if so, allies? or villians?

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

The Squeaks were a good themed team to have star in a game, but I don't know if the team will make another appearance. I would think that of them might come back to make a few more recurring roles, most likely as villains. If the Kirby series were to get something like Mario Party or the such, a non-platformer, I could definitely see some more coming back to be in the game.

is meta knight good or bad?

- Chaos Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

This question was actually already answered, although days after you asked it. To read what has already been said about Meta Knight's state of being, see this question & answer.

Erm... Hi. I guess this is a question about a theory I have. Now, many people will just glance over the fact that Kirby's beaten Dedede more times than could be imagined, or that Gooey appeared in one-and-a-half games. I think more in-depth about these kinds of things. So I want to know your opinion on the "good/evil" ideas of Dreamland. Here's my theory.

All of Dreamland is good. Or at least, tries to be. Kirby just happens to get carried away, killing people over missing shortcake. King Dedede may be rude, but he has the best of the world in heart. After all, in all the times Kirby has fought His Majesty, there have been two (three counting Dream Course) where he was not possessed. All-in-all, he just has problems with doing things rationally. Meta Knight is a good guy, but is almost as naive as Kirby, to the point where "testing the skills" of someone means fighting to the death. After all, though he wanted Kirby off the Halberd in RoMT, he shows remorse that he shot down Dyna Blade. As for Dark Matter, Nightmare, 0^2, etc... They are a league of their own.

What do you think about the evil entities of Dreamland?

- Nanabobo

Squeaky Bogg

That is true. I agree with what you said a lot. Dedede is really only evil in one real game, Dream Land, and that's just greedy, not evil. The non-platformers, for the most part, just pick up on general game themes to make a puzzle/sport game, and I don't consider an actual heinous act by the king. I think the television series really got his character wrong and propagated a poor image of him.

Nightmare is about the only real evil force in the Kirby series since, well, he's a bad dream. Those can never be good what with the psycho clowns and perpetual falling? The Squeak Squad are another villain that come to mind. They were acting out of greed and selfishness more than evil, however, which is also what drove Kirby in that title as you already stated.

As for everyone's favorite recurring darkness, Dark Matter and the affiliated Zeroes have the lesser known story line of not actually being evil but just wanting to make friends. He's just really, really bad at it. It's hard to get further details or clarification on this since no word of this ever officially breaks out of Japan.

Sweet. I don't have to use my email address.

Okay, here's a question:

Tampering with an art form is supposed to be illegal, but this didn't bother 4kids as they have tampered with actual historical art in the kirby anime dub. In the episode called "Dedede's Monsterpiece" (Dedede AcaDemy), famous earth paintings were literally vandalised in the dub, as if by some fiend who doesn't appreciate art. Take Mona Lisa for example. Her hair was tagged yellow, her dress was tagged blue, and airbrush glasses were added to make her look rediculous!But she didn't get it the worst. trust me, it was truly awful!

What are your thoughts on this, if you have seen both the original and the dub? Please answer if you already seen them both.

- Sonny B

Squeaky Bogg

I've seen neither, actually. You mention tampering with an art form being a crime, and I believe that is exactly what the Kirby show was no matter what hemisphere you broadcast it from.

My hatred aside, Japan holds a different set of standards. Most of the art featured was probably Renaissance art, since that's when the stuff was big, and that means European origin. Most Americans, having originated from there in some way, feel more strongly connected to it. Japan, however, has no such ties. Put the Michelangelo's David in drag, who cares? It's funny!

What is your view on the duplicate Kirbys from Amazing Mirror? They seemed to have vanished in Squeak Squad.

Yes, it's not really an important question, but I'm sure it's more civilized than others.. *cough* ..and I do wonder what the viewpoint of others is.

- Speedy

Squeaky Bogg

I would say since the Kirby clones had their origins with the Mirror World, once the trouble was solved and Dark Meta Knight was defeated, they probably disappeared or de-split back into Kirby. Or, Kirby ate them 'cuz he wanted to know what he tasted like and thus gained a Kirby copy ability, making him three times more Kirby.

Why is it that the American dub of Hoshi No Kirby (Kirby Right Back at Ya!) have so many pop culture references? I do like the US dub, and I have always wondered why Sakurai OK'd the use of Pop culture jokes in the anime.

- DeathlyH

Squeaky Bogg

I am reminded of an anime by the name Super Milk Chan that was loaded with pop culture references. Thing is, they were all Japanese pop culture references, which were already a stretch to understand even in its homeland. One of the dubbings kept these obscure references to stay true to the original, but another replaced them with the closest American equivalent so that the joke would not be lost.

But, as more likely is the case, I'd blame bad American writing. Pop culture and parodies of such are the easiest sources to pull a quick grin off of most people's faces. Why, look at Family Guy. They just mention a pop culture reference without a joke most of the time to be adored by people.

are they going to retry making kirby wii in the future?

- Peyton

Squeaky Bogg

Despite time's best efforts to erase that game from everyone's mind, HAL still promises to have it completed and released sometime in 2008, as was last reported. However, if was delayed before and another won't surprise me.

Wouldn't it hurt for Kirby to eat a spiked enemy?

- Animaster

Squeaky Bogg

Kirby is one tough cream puff, as told by the ads in the mid 90's. Given the fact that he inhales and holds still kicking foes in his mouth, not to mention balls of fire and other hazardous objects, I would take it that his oral interior is quite resilent. His outside is already fairly durable, given the beatings most foes lay on him. Plus, with the love Dream Landers have for eating, I'd take it that they have very good fortitude throughout their digestive canal.

A somewhat recent comment on the main site has caused me to want to ask, who exactly is Shinichi Shimomura? All I know is that they directed Kirby's Adventure with Masahiro Sakurai, mapped Super Star and Dream Course, directed Kirby's Dream Land 2 and 3, and (he? she?) apparently died in 2003. Is this true? That and Sakurai leaving HAL might explain why the only Kirby adventures afterwards that weren't involved with Flagship(Kirby Canvas Curse and the unreleased GCN Kirby that hopefully will appear on the Wii eventually) had a mix of Kirby's Dream Land and Super Star styles, without either to give a distinct style, the remaining members went off of a mix of both.(Canvas Curse was apparently directed by Motomi Katayama, listed as being behind games like Ridge Racer, if I got the name down right)

I can't find any information on Shimomura besides a few credits listings, and now I feel I have to know just a little more! Hope this wasn't too long for such a question.

- Some Guy

Squeaky Bogg

They are quite the elusive one. Those random credits are about all that show up for the guy, I'm afraid, but I can try to list some tidbits that may be of interest:

Shinichi Shimomura's hand directed four games, each one featuring characters that never reappeared anywhere else, the Animal Friends and Dark Matter. Dream Land 2 & 3, Crystal Shards, and Star Stacker are all credited under his name, and it seems that he was a big a force in having these guys be used. I guess that's sorta bad news for any fans of those games.

Outside of that, there is nothing on the man. I cannot confirm or deny his passing, either, sadly. He's quite the mystery.

A th-th-th-that's all folks. Yep, I went for that cliche. I feel shamed.

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