Ask Guru Gobbo #05

With a rebel yell, more, more, more answers to questions.

- July 21st, 2008

  1. Waddle Dee
  2. Boss Fighter
  3. Heavy Metal Halberd
  4. Anonymous
  5. Lei
  6. Super Kirby
  7. Mario Fan
  8. Nive
  9. Mico27

why do you guyz pick on me so much i just wanna have a snack and take a nap on a cloud

- Waddle Dee

Squeaky Bogg

Well, Waddles, you see, you are a wimp. A harmless, kind hearted pushover. This is just asking for all sorts of bad things to happen to you. You run and jump around with little to no actual threat. It's so easy to, how could we not?

However, if this is out of character and you are referring to here at Rainbow Resort either in the chats or forum, then it's probably 'cuz people are jerks.

why do bosses just sit in those rooms like meta knight does he really sit up on a platform up there all day

- Boss Fighter

Squeaky Bogg

Bosses, whether it be of the mini, mid, level, or final variety, are serving as guards. The path takes the hero, in this case Kirby, though a set route. The bosses, just like the regular enemies, are attempting to stop that progress. When the route is funneled through a single chamber, a worthy guard is selected and stationed there to impede the hero. This, in almost all cases, fails, but it is still worth a shot.

Why does the Halberd blow up almost every time they show it? There was only ONE time in Kirby history when it stood alive throughout the game, and that was Squeak Squad, yeah, Squeak Squad. Maybe you can think of an explanation to why Mety can't keep his ship together.

- Heavy Metal Halberd

Squeaky Bogg

I only know of one other true Kirby game it appeared in, Super Star's Revenge of Meta Knight. However, it is always destroyed as it is a huge threat. Giant flying warcrafts are not seen as a safe thing to just let slip by. The ship was Kirby's objective in Revenge and destroying the vessel was his only real goal to save Dream Land. Maybe if it delivered puppies and cookies, it'd be allowed to fly in peace for a while.

1. Was the kirby anime ever referenced in one of the newer games?

2. Where did Kirby's combineable powers from Kirby 64 go?

- Anonymous

Squeaky Bogg

1) To date, I do not believe much of anything from the televised series has crossed over into the game series.* However, in the upcoming (if it ever does come out) Kirby Wii title, it does appear that the Clean ability wears a hat like donned in the show.

2) The combinable powers, much like the Animal Friends, were a copy ability gimmick. Much like the bubbles in the belly for Squeak Squad or highly variant powers in Super Star, this was a change made to the series' game play to mix it up and keep things fresh. On a sadder note, those games with the power matching, Crystal Shards, Dream Land 2, and Dream Land 3, were all directed by Shinichi Shimomura who seemed to favor their use. Many elements introduced in those games have never been seen again, suggesting he was a big proponent of them.

* This answer was corrected in Session #16.

Some people think that the Kirby Wii game is now Super Star Ultra, because of the Helpers feature (and that the Wii one is trashed now). Are they seperate games or not?

- Lei

Squeaky Bogg

People think that? The two games are quite different. Ultra is a remake with updated graphics and some minor new content that is sprite based. Kirby Wii is 3-D graphics with a related but much more evolved Helper system that uses stacking for more power. One game could not just be translated into the other. One could be scrapped in favor for the other, now, but this wouldn't be a metamorphosis. However, according to official press releases, Wii has not been abandoned. Ultra is just an easy release they wanted to make to old off rabid fans.

does kirby know mario?

- Super Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

The two appear in the Super Smash Bros. series together. They know each other, yes, but in cannon, no.

In Kirby Super Star What happens to NOVA and the badass Marx at the end?

- Mario Fan

Squeaky Bogg

After the ultra awesome Marx is wasted in his battle with Kirby, he plummets into NOVA. With the amazing wish power NOVA granted, the two sparked a massive explosion that left no trace of either one. However, Dark Matter was thought defeated before and he came back a bunch of times.

In Kirby 64 you had to fight Waddle Dee turned in to Waddle Doo when he was possessed by the dark matter, does that mean that all Waddle Doos are possessed Waddle Dees?

- Nive

Squeaky Bogg

I would think now. Waddle Doo has been around long since before the threat of Dark Matter came to Dream Land. I would say this was more of a game gimmick. They did not want to have Doo as a regular enemy, as they already had enough unmemorable foes to face in 64, but they wanted Dee to be changed in some way. Rather than make a Dark Dee, why not just upgrade to the next Waddle? Cheap? Yes, but at least Doo got to appear in another game. That guy gets cut out a lot.

how do you think kirby's skin would fel like?

rubbery?really short fur'd feel? like the human skin?...

- Mico27

Squeaky Bogg

Given the properties of Kirby's body, I would think rubbery. It stretches, it bounces, it can shrink and grow. Plus, given his favor for eating, I'd think it would be quite fat laden.

And that wraps up the questions from the 15th. Yes, I'm almost a week behind on the answers, and that's with knocking down a day or so every other day.

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