Ask Guru Gobbo #16

Time again for another round of Q & A. Well, there may not be so much as Q's as it is confusion, and A's as much as it is rambling. Either way, right?

- August 5th, 2008

  1. 111Kirby111
  2. Chimera
  3. Vinny Boy
  4. Sapphire Kirby
  5. Kirby Watcher
  6. Señorita Meta Knight
  7. SSBB Fan
  8. Darkstar
  9. Bimblesnaff Fangurl
  10. Kirby?

When is Ivyna J. Spyder going to finish episode 66? I want to see Meta Knight in the penguin suit! Also, where is the link to the KRRR radio?

- 111Kirby111

Squeaky Bogg

Ivyna J. Spyder, animé queen, has been busy with lots of thing, probably that imaginary boyfriend for the most part. While it was claimed that she would eventually get all the episodes completed, that's not a time frame that can be defined. Hey, I don't doubt she'll get it done, but she may be sixty by then.

KRRR - Radio, "We're still putting too many R's in there!", a project mentioned earlier, does not have a readily displayed link like most sections of the site since it is, largely, in the works. Actually, most of my "underground" sections for this site are like that. The fact that a question came of it really makes me want to start working on it again, tho'.

I have another theory about kirby games, related to the fact about that when kirby leaves a area after eating or beating an enemy there back I believe that when a waddle dee for example is defeated it blows up and heals itself until it happens again what is the posibilty of this?

p.s. mind using the angry bogg again?

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

This theory was actually recently shared by another regular of the site. It holds worth, but it would largely mean that the enemies are bound to a particular park of Dream Land and cannot stray far from it since they are bound to respawn at that original site. Also, as stated before, enemies can show up even if they are not defeated and still on screen, at least in older titles it could happen. For the most part, it's just ease of programming. But, yeah, it makes sense that they just got the wind knocked out of them and are dusting themselves off and throwing back into the frey.

Hi! This is the first time I meeting you.

Some of my buddies asked me about this. Is Kirby have fall in love in any games and anime? (This is stupid question that he ask me. I say him No!) Will you answer this?

P.S. I know you not played Brawl, but in the Adventure Mode, The Subspace Emissary, the story and the cutscenes are focus on good vs. evil. It feels like Kingdom Hearts, but whoever made this should reward for this. It is just my opinion, and it looks awesome.


- Vinny Boy

Squeaky Bogg

Kirby has no expressed love interest in any title. There's folks who via for Kirby to couple with some of the dames, like Chuchu or even Fumu/Tiff, but these are just hintings. There's never anything where they just fully, all-out make it known that Kirby is in love. The one exception to this is in the German Kirby comic, which defies all sense, logic, and character aspects, which has Kirby as a detective with King Dedede. In this bewildering series, there's a female version of Kirby named Susy who is his girl despite the fact that is quite intimidated by her.

And, while I have never played Brawl, I can agree that it does look awesome and does deserve some sort of medal, like the Nobel Prize of Awesome. They have that, right?

This question has a follow up in Session #19.

Hi, Bimblesnarf! It's me again, Sapphire Kirby, with two questions and a comment.

1. Why is everyone mad that Kirby has angry eyes on the US boxcover for Squeak Squad? I don't mind it, but is Kirby not allowed to be serious? Mice stealing cake is very serious.

2. On the Monthly Poll, who is Señior Noodle Arms?

My comment : In your 5th Session (I remembered this time!), someone asked if there were any Anime references in the games. You said the only reference you knew the the Clean Ability hat for Kirby Wii. There are actually a few visual references in Squeak Squad, and since you said you didn't have it, I thought I'd help. First, the image of the outside of Dedede's castle on the Prism Plains level selection is the same as the anime's castle. When battling King Dedede in his castle, the monster transporter is in the background. The image of the Halberd on the world level select is also similar to the anime's Halberd (in truth, I've only seen the anime on Comcast On Demand, and we haven't gotten to the Halberd yet, so the last one might not be true.) I also like to think that King Dedede's final smash in Brawl, Waddle Dee Army, is based on his army of Waddle Dees and Commander Doo in the anime.

Sorry this was so long...

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) The "angry Kirby" is not just a one-time occurrence. American marketing feels that Kirby is too... lame to be marketed to its target audience, which is pretty much any video game's audience: young boys. When you see a pink marshmallow with stars and rainbows, the last thing you'd expect is an enjoyable action platformer, or so is the argument of the advertising department. Their solution has always been the "One Tough Cream Puff" motto of making Kirby rough and ready despite his cuddly appearance. Doing this bothers some people more than others, but it all comes down to how it completely undermines the very nature of the Kirby series. He's not angry and serious but haphazard and happy, even when his cake is taken.

2) Señior Noodle Arms is just another name I give to "Spanish Meta Knight", or the abomination that goes by the title Meta Knight in the 4Kids animated series. The title added on is a mocking of the "Sir" inserted before his name while the "noodle arms" bit is a reflection of how I feel Meta Knight's character design has been tweaked over the years to make him more able to wield a sword. While he is suppose to look and be exactly like Kirby underneath all of his armament, if you were to strip him (down, fan girls, down!) nowadays, the very outline of his body does not fit the general shape of Kirby's with respect to how his arms are connected. The stubs are far too long, so I go with "noodle arms". It's really just a joke selection, which I use to fill up spots on the poll when there isn't a better option to put in its place. That's all.

As for your show-to-game linkage, thanks for the save. Yes, I'm not all too familiar with the finer details regarding Squeak Squad, and it seems they put several nods to the series in there.

I have searched the entire internet and I cant find the kirby anime episodes 66-100 anywhere. Do you know were I can find them? please help me! X<

- Kirby Watcher

Squeaky Bogg

Deja vu? This was actually just asked, this session, sorta, so you wouldn't really be able to even know that. As far as I know, Ivy is the primary force on getting the Kirby episodes out to the internet. When she turned off the spicket, the entire net ran dry. I guess you could try begging her, or you could kidnap her boyfriend and hold him for ransom. But, remember, if the cops ask, I didn't tell you to do that. I suggested murder.

Is metaknight Spanish?

- Señorita Meta Knight

Squeaky Bogg

Only in my sick jokes an the 4Kids dubbing of the animated series. The masked swordsman is not Spanish and, truthfully, could not be since he does not come from the planet Earth. That's where Spain is, that's where Spaniards live, that's where they have to come from. No, his entire Spanish accent comes from American dubs feeling that they must "diversify" their casts. Russian, German, Australian, it's all used to give characters (poorly derived) character. This isn't an issue in Japan since, there, the population is pretty much all, you guessed it, Japanese. It's one of the most homogeneous cultures today. America, on the other hand, is a giant melting pot, and the cast directors feel they need to get that variety into shows.

(Yes, it's me again...)

Thanks for answering my last question.

Well, I have another question now...

Was Kirby supposed to be pink? Like, was the original color for Kirby supposed to be pink?

- SSBB Fan

Squeaky Bogg

Most definitely. Since the original was colorless, his color was not much of an issue, however, which is why the cover of Dream Land sees him as white. During this time, his real color was being debated overseas, but America didn't care and just went with stark white.

Masahiro Sakurai, Kirby's creator, always had the intention of making Kirby pink, but Shigeru Miyamoto, legendary Nintendo god, thought he should have been yellow. The pink won out but the alternative coloring can still commonly be found for most second player options in Kirby games.

1. In Kirby Superstar's sub-game, Revenge of Meta Knight, was there any real reason Kirby immediately flew off to destroy the Battleship Halberd? It seems Kirby just made things worse for himself, or was this another of his impulsive actions?

2. Second, is there any reason why you prefer Meta Knight not to have his own game? I've read past sessions where this question was asked, but I find it unfair to compare him to Zero from Megaman. First, they have very different roles. Zero helped Megaman in MegaMan X, while Meta Knight would constantly fight Kirby in order to keep him from unleashing an ancient evil. The Meta Knightmare example from Nightmare in Dreamland. Though you would just have the same style as Sword Kirby, the fact that you weren't playing as Kirby would make a difference.

3. I've heard some things about Kirby Superstar Ultra's Meta Knight ultra mode. I have no idea what this is about, is it similar to the Meta Knightmare mode from Nightmare in Dreamland?

- Darkstar

Squeaky Bogg

1) My impression was that, like with most threats to Dream Land, Kirby was immediately alarmed to it. The battleship was pretty large, after all, and rose out right near the Orange Ocean, which has plenty of folks living at/in/around it as seen in Adventure. It probably didn't take long for someone to get ahold of the pink pudge and say, "Yo, Kirbo. Some none cool stuff is shakin' down up in he'e." That's how I imagine Dream Landers speak, not really.

2) That actually just makes it seem more like he shouldn't have his own game. Zero was at least half way to playable at the start. And, truthfully, being Meta Knight doesn't make a difference. It's Kirby with a sword and no air pellet. Now, like I said before, if they found a way to completely change the fundamental game play, then they'd have something. However, I doubt they'd be doing that HAL's recent tendency to not go for "new and innovative" and instead spit out remakes of classics that were original.

HAL could make one, yes. It would like hot cakes to the Kirby fans, I'm sure. Would it be any good? I wouldn't think so. It's just a more confined mode of play. I think they'd be better off making a game with Meta Knight as a player option rather than the star. Of course, I'd rather see Gooey, Waddle Doo, or King Dedede in these roles.

Another point I wholly believe is that, if they wanted to make a Meta Knight game, HAL would have done so already. It's a business, and you strike the market while the iron is hot and opportune. I honestly believe that they do not think they could make him hold up his own title, which is why he's still pulling the brief but brilliant roles in Kirby games.

3) From what is known about Meta Knight Ultra mode for Kirby Super Star Ultra, the masked swordsman is training for some "ultimate battle". This is all the information that has been spilled on the matter yet and is all that RR has to report on. So, it seems like players will once again be able to get to command the blue ball but, this time, on a whole new adventure rather than one designed for Kirby. Maybe this will show just how unique he can stand out from beneath the pink shadow.

Okay, then, let's see what else we got in the ol' Question Cache. Alright, something here about ... my favorite movies or games outside of Kirby? That's not even fakeable as even slightly being related to this site or Kirby, and quite intently goes against it! Well, maybe the next one will be better. ... "Poyo", from Kirby. Oh, jeez, really? Well, I've about had it. One more to restore my fate in humanity...

OMG! i totally LUV your little green character! How do you draw him? Its the cutest thing EVAR! XD

- Bimblesnaff Fangurl

Squeaky Bogg




Squeaky Bogg gained 1 fan mail. Level Up! Squeaky Bogg learned Jaw Drop Face Icon!

Yes, this not only re-instilled my shattered faith but created a new Bogg Face. I didn't draw it, it just came into being. Speaking of drawing, tho', to keep this question true and answered and not just self indulgent tripe, how about I show just how I draw-

How to Draw Bogg

This "question" has a follow up in Session #18.

Okay, okay, so that one really was just self indulgent tripe. How about I answer another one? ... Falsely.


- Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Don't worry, folks, I speak Poyese. To answer your questions, um... "Kirby", there is a way I can hold this view. I have often been questioned how I can like much of Sakurai's works but then hate another. It seems counter logical. Well, there's a very good example that I think we all can relate to: Star Wars. Episodes IV through VI were works of genius with gripping dialogue, amazing story, and awe-inspiring whimsy. Episodes Mistake to Why? lacked all of these elements. George Lucas still was the brain behind them, but they were no where near as good.

This concept is known as "Author Suicide". Sometimes, the greatest foe for a piece of work is the very individual who created it. A lot of times directors or such get their vision "changed" by the suits upstairs and later release their own cut of a movie, which can be better. Other times, it's horrible! This is exactly how I feel about the animated series. Games, good. Show, bad. Very, very bad. Same brain behind both, but one just totally missed for me.

Now, I think that's what you asked. I dunno. You may have wanted to know where you left the keys for the Warp Star.

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