Ask Guru Gobbo #50

I was at fifty? I did't even realize it. Guess I couldn't delay this grand, shiny number. Technically, it's a little short changed, but it still comes out as being larger than some of the past ones.

- September 8th, 2008

  1. Leint
  2. Koopa Cruiser
  3. Spinni
  4. Dedede-Daimyo
  5. Jessica Kaplan
  6. Viekmvbr
  7. Fumu

I have a theory on Meta Knight that will end all Meta Knight theories forever. Nintendo made him as a mysterious dude that Kirby could fight and gave him lots of popularity to help the franchise. Nuff said.

Now for a question. I know in Kirby's Dreamland, the areas like Green Greens, Bubbly Clouds, etc. are considered to be part of Dreamland. About the areas in Kirby's Adventures like Vegetable Valley, Butter Building, Rainbow Resort, etc., are they considered areas in Dreamland as well or just a completely different area in Pop Star all together?

Are you anywhere near miffed that they replaced some of the older mini-bosses from Adventure with newer ones in KiDL?

What do you think was the hardest switch to get to in Adventure? I think mine was the one in Yogurt Yard? where you needed the hammer ability and had to get past all those wheelies.

Last one is silly, but why are there no hotels in Rainbow Resort? Go by the name and you'd think that be a first priority.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) XD Hah, good one. Yeah, that one sure can't be argued. The guy was engineered to be a vehicle of fandom, after all.

2) According to the official story for Adventure or at least its English translation, which normally isn't far off the mark, the Dream Spring baths all of Dream Land in flowing dreams and such. It's a Dream Lander relic that nourishes Dream Landers. Being as such, yes, I would say it's in Dream Land. Now, it could be outside of this, but it has so much connection to that region, it seems to be the case. They don't take geographic consistency too heavily in the Kirby series. You have to remember that, supposedly, all of these places are also on the Rainbow Islands from Dream Land 2.

3) They only replaced one miniboss to my knowledge, Rolling Turtle, with PhanPhan. Fire Lion stayed but looked radically different from its original sprite, appearing more like its official artwork did. Thank goodness they didn't try and pull that stunt with Poppy Bros. Sr.! Shudder!

4) The Hammer is is pretty tricky, but you at least know that it just requires a power to access. There are some real brain teasers that I remember out in Orange Ocean. Sadly, I can't quite remember what they entail as it's been a while since I had to be haunted by them. Those, in my opinion, were the real Nightmare in Dream Land.

5) Silly Leint, the Rainbow Resort is a resort for rainbows, as the name also implies. Rainbows don't sleep in hotels. That'd just be crazy!

Hello again, its me.

I want to post an ability review, (specifically Beam) but the e-mail criteria is a bit complicated for me to follow and I can't send it. (which is a shame as I'd love to contribute to the site)

- Koopa Cruiser

Squeaky Bogg

The email criteria? That only entails including "Rainbow Resort" or something in the title and sending it to me. Now, do you mean the actual review criteria? That's pretty basic. You just don't want to make a cheap knock-off of SiR6's hard word. He summed up all the abilities rather nicely, covering all the games, the animated series, and all facets imaginable. I thought the movie review analogy was a nice summary of things to get done. Write it to say why it's good or bad, not just what it does. It's not supposed to be an encyclopedia entry that should be free of bias and opinion. Rather, that's specifically what it should include to give it flavor and reason for other folks to write reviews over the same ability.

How come Kirby Wii keeps getting delayed?

What does Bimblesnaff mean?

What does Squeaky Bogg mean?

- Spinni

Squeaky Bogg

1) Nintendo actually has a known factor in its game development referred to by several names, including chabudai gaeshi, "upending the tea table" or simply the "Miyamoto Test". He carries a lot of weight with games' releases, and if he thinks a game can be great rather than good, he'll hold it off. I think this applies to a lot of Kirby games, even if Miyamoto isn't working on the title. The first title was delayed, and Air Ride was pushed back an entire system generation as well. Also, Tilt 'n' Tumble 2 was flat out canned, and Miyamoto demonstrated that game himself. I think it's just that Kirby doesn't have good luck. He has a fan base, sure, but they'd like to get him, I guess, a broader one.

2) "Bimblesnaff" does not have any meaning. It was merely a name constructed using the Gnomish character name construction guide in Dungeons & Dragons v3. I've made claims, often, that it translates to "disaster" or "misfortune", but that's wholly garbage.

3) "Bogg" is just a surname used for the slew of beings largely created to serve as mascots at my website while "Squeaky" is from his likeness to a dog's squeaky toy. It's been said before.

Hello, honored Guru, Bimblesnaff. I write to you to thank you for these fine sessions which I look forward to as much as Sakurai's Dojo updates, way back when. Also, thank you for the advice on the macro camera- soon I will obtain one to astound the world with my 3D Kirb-art!

Now, for some questions; certainly!

1) I remember a long time ago there used to be an interactive art-board with instant messaging capabilities here at the site that I enjoied very much. Why is it no longer here, and will it ever return? (Not the Oekaki)

2) Paint Roller confuses me. As his name implies, he skates around and supposedly paints things that come to life. However, unlike the painter Adeleine, he carries no pallet and his paint brush never looks like a real brush, in sprites or even more-recent official artwork. Could he, in fact, be drawing instead of painting?

3) Wouldn't Nruff and Nelly be another example of a duo you could add to the most recent poll?

4) Don't you think it's strange how much of a difference there is between Kirby's first game and his second? I would think it would take a little more time for a series to go from being simple in both story and gameplay, to in the very next title, being much longer, having a grander plot, and diversified gameplay with branching abilities.

5) Are Waddle Doos created by Kracko? Also, Kracko is ALWAYS fought in two sessions- first as Kracko Jr., then as Kracko the boss. What could be the meaning of this?

6) I can see why Rolling Turtle was replaced in Nightmare in Dreamland so PhanPhan would make more of a connection with his anime appearance (boo), but I find it strange and insulting to ax Bounder and Togezo for some random replacements. What would be the reason for exchanging a wall-walking dude and a spiney-shell for a flying pig and a pointy-worm?

In closing, thank you for giving me so many references throughout the guru sessions (I think it is very possible Dedede COULD be a Daimyo; it has never been disproven...) and thanks for your complements on Rolly and My Gallery. I'm sure all of this is enough for you to fill a whole session almost; long live the Ask Kirby Gurus!

- Dedede-Daimyo

P.S. Do you think it would be possible to put an icon under "Current Features" on the main page that would direct people to Gobbo's Sessions? It may help out people, seeing as this is a major part of the website now. Thanks again. Sayonara!

Squeaky Bogg

From your astounding traditional artwork, I can already imagine the quality of your scultures.

1) Hm, not the Oekaki board? Truth be told, I am not certain of such's fate. I would assume that such a heavily resource draining feature would require more bandwidth than the current host desires to give. I know that iSketch offers such a feature and the folks at the KRR Chatroom would all roll over there time to time.

2) It's true! Paint Roller, contrary to the name, actually wields something like a crayon or marker. It's hard to tell for certain. Possibly, it is one of those paint markers? I think those are real, or at least more real than a paint crayon.

3) Nruff and Nelly were considered for the currently transpiring Soon-To-Be Weekly Poll, but there's one Nruff and multiple Nellies. This breaks up the whole pair theme. Granted, Pon & Con have minature versions, but there is only one of each larger version. I really wish I would have went with the little wart/hedgehogs, however, since the stupid cameo pair of Master Hand and Crazy Hand are hogging all the votes.

4) The difference between Dream Land 1 and Adventure makes sense when all things are considered. The first was a Game Boy title, and an early one at that. These are, technically, throw away games. You could save, so the whole game was meant to be completed in one sitting, easy, while sitting around waiting for the bus or what have you. Much like the first ever Pokémon title, they didn't know if anyone would care about it. That one was an accidental success, and a lot of video games are.

There are two methods to development and they work like farming. You can either carelessly toss seeds about the dirt and reap whatever grows or you can painstakingly invest a lot of effort into getting a few, specific crops to harvest. Kirby was one of those scattered seeds. It took root, so they greatly elaborated upon it. Making the jump from portable to home entertainment system was a great help, too. Of course, after this time, they started putting more effort into portable games.

5) Waddle Doo does seem to have a connection with the storm god, although so do Starmen and Flamers. Granted, Doo has more interlocked features since, in addition to the eye, he also shoots a beam. This tie, however, vanished when Kracko was given a real bolt of lightning to blast his opponents with. Now, if Waddle Doo appeared solely in Bubbly Clouds in the first title, there could be arguments made, but the cyclops can be found in more than just that level. Obviously, they can pop up in more places than just his domain. This isn't to say that they were not the creation of the eyed cloud, just that it's not wholly certain. I mean, there's some crazy theories, including Doo being a possibility of a Dark Matter infected variant of Waddle Dee, as seen in The Crystal Shards from times long ago that developed into its own established species. Due to this core of darkness, the Doos are immune to Dark Matter's control, which is why you never see them as an enemy in any of the Dark Matter games, save for the recently converted Waddle Dee rescued in the game.

I believe the double nature of Kracko all merely stems from his first game. Whispy Woods had the bomber clown as his stage's miniboss, so the two had no connection. Lololo came at you first and then brought his... whatever Lalala is to him in this series. Kracko, too, battled Kirby twice, first as a miniboss and then as the macroboss (invented terms, yay!). Since he was born with this rebirth of sorts, and since it makes for a trickier fight, they've kept the trend going. As a side note, Kracko actually was not always fought in two forms. Why, this dual battle was not replicated in his Adeleine artwork appearances, in Super Star, nor Amazing Mirror. I don't think Dream Course or Avalanche can really be counted.

6) The pig head Gip entirely confuses me. The best I can tell is that Bounder was, I dunno, too human to be an enemy? Also, they ruled so you didn't want to hurt them. Gip, on the other hand, you wanted to turn into bacon. Togezo/Spiny, I guess, was too similar to the Spiny from Mario Bros., which, actually, is called Togezo, so it makes me think that the similarities were done on purpose. Who knows? Maybe there were legal issues to work out. Seems likely.

7) While possible, being "big king" Dedede rather than just "big name" doesn't leave much room for any superiors. A shame, too, as my mind was running wild with possibilities of what such a situation could yield.

8) While I probably should put something on the Featured box, there's a link to the Ask Gurus in the top of the left sidebar, a link in the Quick It right sidebar, and a link (currently) in the Project RAINBOW banner's N, I think? It was probably updated, I think. Anyhoo, stuffing this into the feature box would require a new image to be made, which while not complicated would also require matching text. That's where the problem comes, in most cases, and is why a site should never have a uniform font standard on all its images. I probably should look into, however.

And I think this qualifies as three questions. Yay!

Is there actually going to be a new Kirby Wii Game?

If there is, I'll be super excited.

Also, could they make a game with Waddle Dee as the star?

Waddle Dee's my favorite.

- Jessica Kaplan

Squeaky Bogg

1) It's been covered countless times, but the Wii title was last stated as being scheduled for a 2008 release in Japan. Of course, there's been no word on this since earlier in the year, and the matter was completely glibbed over at E3 '08.

2) Waddle Dee as a star would carry the same problems as having Meta Knight as a star, but, in this case, there would be even less Dee could do. They have had some ideas of doing this, at least partially, as beta screenshots of The Crystal Shards had pictures of non-Kirby players in it, including King Dedede, Adeleine, and, yes, Waddle Dee. I can't imagine how the little pudge would do much of anything, however. Wielding the parasol alone would get a little tiring pretty fast.

is there going to be a kirby anime sireis DVD

- Viekmvbr

Squeaky Bogg

There already is a Kirby series DVD. I mean, I think it is sold in volumes, but that's how they sell stuff. First, each thing separately. Then, you combine them all together to force folks into buying the whole lot again. Those crafty sales weasels!

Why do I suck so much? Please draw a picture of Squeaky Bogg disemboweling me.

- Fumu

Squeaky Bogg

I would love nothing better, but I think the general audience rating of this site would prevent such a graphic depiction of gore and violence. A pity, I know. But, we can dream, folks. We can dream.

Anyhoo, the reason you such so much is because you are the moralistic know-it-all who doesn't have interesting lines and hogs up too much screen time, not to mention that your voice is like scraping a rabies cat across a chalk board. Also, what are you? You aren't a Cappy, and you look like you aren't wearing cloths. Is that your body or some type of dress? It's nearly the same color as your skin.

This answer is corrected in Session #65.

Could there be another one tomorrow? No tellin', but now it's the sprint to one-hundred! Onoz!

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