Ask Guru Gobbo #65

Hey, everybody. It's party time in the gravel pit! Wait, no, it's just time for some more answers to more questions. Today's theme is: nothin'!

- October 2nd, 2008

  1. A Friend Of Fumu
  2. Stewie
  3. Samus Kirby
  4. Halberd Stop Crashing
  5. Rgijaba
  6. Gradius Master
  7. Freaked Out
  8. Marx
  9. Sapphire Kirby
  10. Death Kirby
  11. Sonny B

1)Why Do The Character's Think Mike Kirby's Singing Is Bad? I Think The Singing Is Cute(Anime)

2)Why Did King DeDeDe StowAway On The Halberd In Episode 100?

3)Why Did 4Kids Change Nightmare's Name To eNeMeE? And Why Did They Make The Way You Pronounce(Sorry If Spelling Is Wrong)It The Same Way You Pronounce The Name Of His Componey?(Sorry About Spelling)

- A Friend Of Fumu(Tiff)

Squeaky Bogg

1) When Kirby sings, it's pitchy, off key, and loud. Saying Kirby can sing is like saying a crow can.

2) King Dedede stowed away in order to offer what help he could, I can only assume. Like in the games, he shows a change of heart... sorta, become half-way good.

3) His name, as far as I know, was still "Nightmare". NME was just punny name to the corporation/front he held for his evil organization since it came out "enemy". And- wait, they actually did change his name to eNeMe? Wow, that's lame. Well, they did this since, as stated, they are lame, just like they changed it to Fololo and Falala.

1. Is Propeller from KDL2 the same creature as Falie from KAM, except with different names and attacks?

2. BabyCharmander's Helper guide is on this site (with the 1337 yoyo challenge).

3. Is it hard doing this Ask the Gurus thing all by yourself, without the help of other gurus/mailbaggers/obsessed-nerds/whatever-you-want-to-call-them?

- Stewie

Squeaky Bogg

1) No, it is not. It if had a different skill set, color, and behavior, it would be an entirely different creature. No, these two are just similar beings. Fallie is something like an explosive fruit while Propeller is, for the most part, a pet seeking, emotional foe.

2) Hm. I was not aware of that. Well, still, the same answer remains. Email her for the prize as it isn't my juristiction. I'm just here to provide crummy answers.

3) (a) Having the aid of past Guru Ivyna J. Spyder would be a big help since I bungle so many of the animated series related questions. It's like asking someone in Iowa about the local news in Moscow. (b) Hah! (c) I actually do get selective assistance from one nerd occasionally. (d) I call them G'norts! That's right, they're ring wearin' dog men.

Being a lover of both Metroid and Kirby,(thus my name) I was very pleased when I found out Samus appeared in Kirby Dreamland 3, I was very happy! Anyway, do you think Kirby's home is near the galaxy Samus Aran is in? Or is Popstar just a dreamland for a all, and Samus was asleep?

(Poor gal, dreaming of Metroids in her sleep!)

- Samus Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

I'd chalk it up to a meaningless, non-canon cameo appearance. I don't really think the cute, bubbly worlds of Pop Star and Metroid cross in any real sense. Really, if those parasites wound up in Dream Land, they would be wiped out so fast. It's not like Samus would just sit there and hold on to a Heart Star until some rolypoly marshmallow did her job. She'd just roll into her little ball, squeeze through the crevices, and blast those suckers herself. Still, a fun cameo nonetheless.

1)What was Meta Knight called before avalanche was released? Wasn't that the game he was named in? In America, I mean.

2)Do you think the reason they aren't continuing the Dark Matter series is because of it's lack of Meta Knight, Sword and Blade, and lack of things used to make the anime? I.E., Few Dark Matter series' characters (Looking at you, Masher!) are actually in the TV show? Excluding Deamon Beasts, Rick, Coo, Kine (how can he like Fumu?) and originally Nago, that was the only reference to the series.

- Halberd Stop Crashing

Squeaky Bogg

1) Meta Knight, I think like you said, was nameless before Avalanche, yeah. The game manual makes no mention of him even existing outside of being "the toughest foe yet". I don't know if Nintendo Power gave him a name as I lack issue #48 (May 1993). I do have the Dream Land 2 one, tho'. However, the collective group of soldiers was called "Meta Knights", so the name by proxy was applied to him. But, yes, I believe Avalanche was his named debut in America. Japan had more media and material, or any at all, surrounding their Kirby games, like little comics and such, which would have spilled these beans. Overseas wasn't as video game crazy at this point, so such wasn't of interest to them.

2) Yes, those are reasons I've previously stated for not following that course of action. It's come up so many times. Deeply, I believe there was some falling out with Shinichi Shimomura that led Nintendo to shy away from his creations. Whatever the reason, they didn't like his angle on the series. Be it the slower pace or more childish environment created, which, yes, discludes Meta Knight, they wanted the other course of action which was only amplified by the animated series' success.

1.I missinformed you. His (the game calls him a guy, the king of Wham Bams)name is realy Wham Bam Jewel. I just think Wham Bam Crystal the second I saw him.

2.Do you think the apple thing's name is really Mad Apple? As much as I'd love to jot down the first thing I see, I wanna be sure. No mistakes for me, no Jumpn' Dan, or anything of the sort!

3.I'm no fan of the anime, but I think Fumu is AWESOME! Tuff on the other hand... well, once you said, while refering to Tiff, that her clothes where the smae color of her skin, but her skin is a light yellow tint, while her shirt is pink and green.Why did 'ya say that? Is it just 'cuz you wanted a longer list of bad things?

4.Is there any formal art, offical or otherwise, of Shadow Kiby? I mean art that's anygood... at all.

5.When ever I try to print out antone in Suqeak Squad (exept Squeakers) my printer shoots out the page... but no picture! Ever! I've printed out just about everyone else, but now these guys.I'm not out of ink, it's not a realy old printer, it's not a realy new printer... why won't it work on them?!

- Rgijaba, self proclaimed evil geinus and lord of pudding pies

Squeaky Bogg

1) Heh. Now you know how it feels :P

2) No clue. If that's the name that pops up when you hit it, if such even occurs, then I'd say yes. Otherwise, I dunno.

3) Is it? For some reason, I was thinking one of those two colors was that yellow. I must have been mixing her appearnce with that of "girl" from the pilot episode of the animated series. It's not like I look at her too much. Her horrible appearance burns my eyes.

4) That I know of, no. However, you pretty much can just get any picture of Kirby and desaturate it to produce the same. Which, really, is proably why there is no formal artwork of it. It's not anything new or special, just different colors.

5) Printing stuff? Yeah, that sounds like a technical issue. I don't have any knowledge or know-how for any Game Boy printers or what not. Can I stake a claim of unknown field or out of specification? Sweet. I do that, then.

Hi! I was wondering, if there was a kirby game where kirby went into every other nintendo world, what would you rate it? This game is classic kirby gameplay, not SSB.

- Gradius Master

Squeaky Bogg

I'm afraid that Super Smash Bros. is about as close to such as there will be. And, really, since Kirby can still inhale and use a lot of his abilities in this series, the Adventure mode or whatever its called really does give a good glimpse into such. About the only world that I see Kirby fitting into well would be the Super Mario Bros. levels. Yoshi already eats stuff, and the enemies are about on par with Kirby's familar foes. Bricks could even be treated like Star Blocks. Kirby on Zebes, or whatever that planet Samus visits is called, wouldn't fit at all. Those baddies are all nasty and unsuited for Kirby style game play. The Zelda series would be a little off base as well, unless the game either went top-down 2D or used only the side scrolling from Link's Adventure. Still, tho', the more I think about, sucking in Octorocks and blowing them at Moblins would be pretty cool to see.

Ok... ok... did i just see squeaky bogg come out of the corner of the what'cha call it rectangle thing with the Rainbow Resort sign on it on the main page IM SERIOUS. WHATS GOING ON. I see. You think you're so pranky hmm??? HMM? Sorry. I think you have some explaining to do.

- Freaked Out


Hi. You may remember me from such classics as "... What?" and "Patience". Today, I'm here to tell you about my latest work, "Connect the Dots".

Hey, Bimblesnaff and Squeaky Bogg, the Sun and Moon are fighting. Go get power from the stars and ask NOVA for help. You can do it! I'll just be here on my ball, not doing anything suspicious... deal?

- Marx

Squeaky Bogg

How could I misinterpret those intentions?! Really, tho', I think you came at this a little late in the game. Had you pulled this stunt before the release of Super Star Ultra, it would have been all coolies. Now, however, it just seems like you're riding a wave created by the games splash. Still, tho', I don't know about his "star power" from the galaxy. I'd rather find the power held by Kindar's stars. I bet I can find her wandering across total oblivion.

I have some things to argue about (ah, the good ol' days!)but I'm too sleepy to do it now.

1. I asked in my previous question your oppinion of Kaboola, not why she shoots an enemy similar to Bullet Bill. I just said I thought it was humorous. I know you don't have KSSU, but you did mention you have KDL1, right? If that is so, then you should at least have an oppinion of her from KDL1.

2. When fighting King Dedede in Spring Breeze, if you look closely in the stands you can see Sparky, which is odd since Sparky and the Spark ability are not in Super Star or Ultra. Do Sparky appear in the stands of Super Star's Spring Breeze? If so then I have three theories:

A) Sparky or the Spark ability were planned for Super Star but replaced by Plasma Wisp and Plasma.

B) Sparky was in the original KDL and they decided to reference the fact.

C) Sakurai loves Sparky :)

3. In Revenge of the King, some enemies were replaced by their Extra mode counter parts (Bronto Burt to Koozler) while others recieved new enemies (Cappy to non-Blopper. Since Scarfy's new Apple replacement is such a shock), then Scarfy must have been replaced by a different enemy in the Extra Mode of KDL1. Who is this enemy?

I'm sleepy, so I'll send the other two items eventualy...zzz...

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) I was just as sleepy as you. There wasn't as much as a direct question there, and I was rushed and hazy. I saw Bill and opinions, so I just slapped down the repeat. Kaboola is, as previously stated, one of my favorite boss. It's funny, though, looking back at previous mentions I made to the blimp and seeing things such as her possibly firing missiles. A thing I wonder, if I haven't already stated, is if the shark faced canvas design (that's what I call it, shark face) is Kaboola's new look or just that of Kaboola's Revenge. Frankly, since Kracko was turned into a dark thunder cloud, I see the latter as a plausible course of action. However, since the blimp lacked the initial appearance, there's nothing to really go off of for same game comparison. There, that enough opinions, Sapph?

2) I believe Beam and Waddle Doo were the ones Sakurai loved, which is why it normally gets such poor treatment. I'll agree with you on the Plasma replacement. Spark just didn't have anything all too interesting for it to do, and Plasma offered a new, innovative system of attacking. I'm pretty sure he's still getting left out in the cold for the upcoming Wii title. (See previous mention for snarky comment on it's supposed release.) There probably was some regret felt over the classic enemy not getting the chance to be in the game. He's Adventure old, after all, and had a lot of appearances. Super Star was the first game since its creation to not feature it as an enemy (assuming you leave out non-canon Avalanche). I do believe, tho', that ol' Sparky was still there as a spectator even though he wasn't on active duty.

3) Koozler?! They better not have deficated on any more classic names. I'm already raisin' hell over "Kabula". There's a Kabu already. They didn't want to have Kabu + one syllable before, why did they do it now? Rage! Anyhoo, Scarfy had no such face lift in Extra Game. Rather, the resulting explosion, and all explosions in fact, were just larger and dealt more damage, if I recall correctly. Revenge of the King, however, wanted to change all enemies and not just a handful while giving modified behaviors and AIs. Of course, I'm sure that if Game Boy had color, they'd have made a Purple Plants, too. ... No they wouldn't have.

what do you think about Kirby wikia? I think it is better then Kirbypedia!

- Death Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

The Kirby Wikia is a good source, I'll fess up to that. I've even used it to scrounge up some information reported here, in fact. However, I do not see it as better than this site's own Kirbypedia. For one thing, several articles were ripped from our information repository. Another factor to consider is that Ivyna J. Spyder and myself put together, what? 90% of Kirbypedia? Close to or about. Now, I know there is a lot wrong with Kirbypedia, mostly things that were put up early in its creation that are not such flagged as being in need of fixing or further development. The Wikia, however, is bombed with dozens of articles and, a lot, have little if any development to them. On top of that, grammar is sub-par at best in a lot (when my words were not pilfered, that is). I think the best example of this that I've seen is the synopsis of the first episode of the animated series. Still, it remains a very strong source of information on that series, which I care nothing about. However, for the things I love, being one of the two major contributors, which is basically the old games, I don't believe they can come close to touching us. Actually, they did. They drugged us, put us in a bath of ice, and ganked one of our kidneys. That's basically how I feel whenever I go there. You get your hard work stolen out from under you with absolutely no credit given and see how long you hold a bitter grudge. I know they've recently taken movement to right those wrongs, but I'm a calloused and unforgiving fiend.

Three questions:

One.Which do you prefer: Bounder(Kirby's Adventure and Super Star) or Gip(Nightmare in Dreamland & Super Star Ultra)?

Two.Is it okay to download any of the MP3s here and put them on an iPod?

Three.What do you think of the US Kirby's Dreamland 2 Commercial? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is it scary, or is it awesome?

- Sonny B

Squeaky Bogg

1) Gip is a git while Bounder is one of my favorite enemies. I've even pointed out his ruling nature before. Much to the same effect, I've expressed how that awful pig head is a sorry excuse for anything and I would feverously kill it on sight if I had any games with it. Thankfully, I do not.

2) Of course it is. That's why they are there, to be downloaded. Oh, but, while listening to them, you must tell anyone you encounter where you got them from. I don't write the rules, people. I just make them up.

3) I like that commercial. Kirby going bar brawlin' with his friends was hilarious. Of course, I didn't really know yet that they were pushing Kirby in all advertisements as a tough cream puff. The bit got a little old.

Tomorrow, I eat my own head. I bet it taste like cabbage.

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