Ask Guru Gobbo #30

Okay, everyone, it's time to-

Squeaky Bogg

Stop at once! I am Bimblesnaff from the Future! I come with ill warning!

What! Oh-no! Hey, wait? I thought the bad stuff was going down between Sessions #37 to #39? And why do you have a beard? You're only a week older than I am. Never mind that I'm not even Squeaky Bogg!

Squeaky Bogg

Oh, this isn't about that. I just forgot where I put the keys to the time machine. So, yeah, this week is going to be twice as long as you thought it would have been.

- August 19th, 2008

  1. Chimera
  2. A Waddle Doo With a Hat
  3. Caped Luigi's Yoshi
  4. Viper Kirby
  5. Mirror Kirby #1
  6. SSBB Fan
  7. Lei
  8. Vinnyboy
  9. Contestant 4
  10. SuperComputer276

what what happen if kirby ate a goblin?

- Chimera

p.s. i'm the same chimera from every question but the sleep and blue thing ones and will you use the spike one or the other new one please

Squeaky Bogg

First, one would question where he found the mythical thiefling from in Dream Land. Second, one would question just what breed of goblin was being dealt with. Much like the legendary beast you take your name from, it has many forms. Should he ingest the gnomish variety, a squat, ugly man with a distorted features, he might gain the ability to have a nose! A big, ugly, warted one at that. In addition, he would be able to dig through soft earth as with the Animal ability since of a goblin's natural mining talents. Now, if he were to eat the modern fantasy goblin, the green slime ball, he would turn the same color and get a very upset stomach. The change in hue wasn't ability related, if you couldn't tell. Those guys are not Kosher, yo.

Additionally, there is no blue thing.

It's me again. You said in a previous ask session that the planets in Super Star had actual "star" names given to them such as Hotbeat being called Scorching Star. What are all the "star" names for the Super Star planets? And where is this information given? You said it wasn't in America, so was it from the Japanese instruction book or something? Just wondering.

Also, I wanted to know what your opinions on the KirbyWarrior's RPG series were. I recall you saying in an earlier session that you didn't like the fact that it used fancharacters, but in terms of gameplay, how do you like the series?

As for my third question, I've noticed that in the late 80's and early 90's there were a lot of American-produced video game-based cartoons, usually made by DiC. If they had made a Kirby cartoon, how do you think that would've turned out?

- A Waddle Doo With a Hat

PS: After re-reading session 27, I realized that I called the session a "mailbag". Sorry about that.

Squeaky Bogg

1) The planet/star names were all recovered from the Kirbypedia. I don't quite know where that info came from, but that was listed as their Japanese names. Names in Japan always seem longer and more detailed, however. Why, episode titles to shows always seem to be twice as long and still fit in some type of action verb at the start.

2) Truth be told, since you asked, I didn't care for it. There was no real game play definition involved. You just seemed to follow a laid out path where you hacked and slashed your way through simple enemies, steadily collected progressingly more powerful equipment with no decision on what to buy, as you only had one option and had money to spare, and sorta trudged on through. Now, in Kirby Warrior's defense, I did not finish the game. I made up to the grim reaper chase scene and, after so many times of being caught by death and having to restart, I asked myself, "Why?" and promptly deleted it. I really hate to knock his work, which is why I dodged the matter before, since I know there was actual effort and time invested in it, but that was how I felt about it.

3) If there was a Kirby cartoon in the '90s, since it couldn't come out any earlier, I would be wary. The '80s run of video game cartoons were all great, in my opinion, despite their horrible, horrible everything, were still awesome. I don't care that Mega Man was a short, stout, green freak. It was cool. Mega cool. However, after this golden age, things had to become too cool and edgy. Damn you, '90s! I don't know how the project would have theoretically turned out. Then again, if he acted like he did in Avalanche, I would adore that show and worship the VHS I bought it on. That's right, tapes, tapes that I purchased from the flea market. Just like how I get most my old cartoons.

*) It's no problem. That actually happens quite a bit. I normally enjoy it and just laugh it off.

Hi again! Umm...

1. What's the worst ability in Kirby games?

2. How do you think Kirby Super Star Ultra will turn out?

3. Do you think Kaboola will ever return?

- Caped Luigi's Yoshi

P.S. Like Vinnyboy, my name doesn't have spaces... or an apostrophe.

Squeaky Bogg

Now, Vinnyboy at least had some grounds for his case. Your handle, however, is distinctly made from three words that are even all capitalized with obvious possession. "Vinnyboy" can actually be strung together and it'll look fine. Your handle, however, is a perfect example of "I'm not typing all that out, it's a pain to type" shortening. It's undeniable full, separate words. It's just for properness.

1) Wheel, I would say, is the worst power. It's just not too practical in normal situations. About the only time you can pull it off is the long stretches of land where Wheelies can be found. When using it any other time, it seems to get Kirby hurt more than it does his foes. It always seems like the turn gets him in trouble or he brakes right into a waiting foe.

2) Much like they did with the Adventure remake, I secretly hold it in belief that HAL will twink the game. Difficulty will probably be sliced in half. That's just something I fear. I don't know how that would be managed. I guess blocking would kill an enemy instantly? Even bosses. What!?

3) It is my hope that Kaboola returns. I thought they were one of the more interesting Kirby bosses, not to mention an original. However, as I mentioned before, it doesn't have anything for Kirby to fight back with. They're not gonna diminish the final boss battle by having a shooting battle against just any old boss, so they would have to think up something new for the blimp. I would think that a larger cannon with inhalable cannon balls would be an option, or missiles of some kind. ... Co-Kaboolas?

In some questions you were asked about the placement of the stars and planets around popstar. Namely, the Kirby Super Star and Kirby Crystal Shards.

While I've recently heard that the planets in KSS were referred as "stars" in the japanese version, these could be somewhat metaphorical, as in, how on Earth we see the other planets as stars and they were called stars in ancient times.

Anyway, since Popstar is a star and way more large, you could assume they are the planets that orbit popstar. (Therefore making Marx not only want to control Kirby's homeland, but probably everything he knows of)

However, the planets Kirby visits in K64 don't really have to be even close to popstar, considering that it's the crystal what warps him.

... Uhh... I don't really know what to ask, besides of your oppinion on that... Maybe what's the most boring ability Kirby has?

(I'm sorry if that was too long or something... ^^; )

- Viper Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

The star/planet relation is a good point. For example, Venus is called, what? The Morning Star? It was in the sky and shiny. Old time folks didn't know better. That's a nice way to try and fix there canon mistakes there, Viper.

The Super Star star-worlds being planets to Pop Star's star is a good point. In fact, I made it already in the topic that I assume you are referencing with this question. It was in the last part where I stated things that I thought.

The crystal does warp Kirby in the game, true, or at least I shall take it as true, but you still can see the different stars in the same span. Why, I am looking at video capture on YouTube (the shame!) of a run through Shiver Star as I type this. It is the screen before the level is entered. It has the frosty world dead center with the caption beneath it. Far off to the right, you see Pop Star. At about 5 o' clock, you can see another star, one of the reddish ones. And closest, you see Geo Star in the bottom left corner. Now, I'm not sure what scale they are on, but they seem like they would at least be in the same solar system in this case, assuming they are not mega-massively huge stars as that wouldn't make sense for the amount of world to be traveled. Why, it'd take years just to find out where the boss was on each stage!

As for the most boring ability, that prize goes to regular, old school Fire. You just sat there and spit stuff out. There was nothing to it. Kirby didn't move, he couldn't aim, and nothing happened outside of lighting fuses. Every equivalent power at least offers something more. For those few cases of cannons aside, I'd rather be cubing my enemies with Ice. If someone is far away, I could at least back toss a Cutter. Even Beam offers a wider area of attack. Fire? What does it bring to the table? Nothing! Boring!

I added number one to show who is the real Mirror Kirby because somebody stole my name like Potato Soup Man(People should respect privacy!).

Anyway, I saw a picture of the Card Swipe minicake from Ultra showing a card of the main antagonist of canvas curse,Drawcia!

Do you think Drawcia may appear as a new boss or a miniboss to get the rare paint power.I think it is more likely for her to be a miniboss unless they make another subgame involving the storyline of canvas curse.

- Mirror Kirby #1

Squeaky Bogg

I think she's just on the card. Really, they probably wanted to include a lot of irregular faces on those cards to ensure that players, at a glance, wouldn't get faces mixed up. Drawcia is a pretty unique character and color scheme. I do not think she will be in the game, especially to give the Paint ability. That was just a gimmick power for two bosses.

1.How do I put links in my questions?

2.How do I put italics in my questions?

3.What other stuff can I put in my questions?

Also thanks for answering my previous questions.

And bye.

- SSBB Fan

Squeaky Bogg




Hrhr. Really, tho', it's just basic web coding, with < and > surrounding the appropriate letters. It's all safely disabled for submission. Generally, I add them when needed and will probably disable them when I don't think they should be there.

Umm.... do you ever feel bad for your first game in a series to be played was not the actual FIRST GAME in the series? I played Kirby's Dream Land when I was little, I borrowed it from my friend (she still has it), but I myself do not actually own it, and I believe my very first Kirby game was actually Dream Land 2.

- Lei

Squeaky Bogg

Are you secretly me? Really, that is the same exact scenario I went through. I borrow-traded games with my friend for a bit to see what the game was like. I thought it was awesome and went on to purchase Dream Land 2. I don't think I got the first Dream Land until my fifth or so Kirby title. So, no, I don't think that's odd at all. Well, I mean, it is pretty weird when you get down to it, but it seems like a perfectly sensible way to get into a series.

Hi! It's me again.

In session 16, I asked about Kirby who never expressed love. Then, Curious Guy replied my question in session 19 and Sapphire Kirby made suggestion in session 20. Well, I have a general idea! It's time for "The Bachelor: Kirby Style."

In this "general idea", Kirby wants to find his true love for relationship. However, it is very difficult to make a decision for Kirby. Well, here are the following female characters he will choose:

Chuchu - an octopus who has every power to save Dream Land.

Ribbon - a fairy who is brave enough to her power of the Crystal Shard.

Adeleine - a human girl who has the ability to paint things that come to life.

Fumu/Tiff - a Cappy girl who is not only can summon the Warp Star, but she gives Kirby what to do.

So, there you have it. Kirby must have a date of one of four female characters. But the big question is - who will win and get to married Kirby?


- Vinnyboy

P.S. Well, that's my general idea. I like to thank Curious Guy and Sapphire Kirby for my wrong answer. It help me to point out some mistakes. And show me that smile Squeaky Bogg face again. Thank you!

Squeaky Bogg

You mean, this one!?

Well, the creepiness of the trans-species love stories aside, which I know was always present but I just feel like now mentioning, I would say the winner would be Chuchu. Yes, something positive for Chuchu, for once. If Japan would want anyone in this love situation, it would be a tentacled octopus. My reasons for that are purely innocent, of course. Why would you think different? That's just sick!

Anyways, I have to make a slight correction to your line-up. Fumu isn't a Cappy. I mean, she and her family don't look anything like them. No, her species is never really defined in the animated series, but it is established that they are not Cappies themselves. Where? Ivyna J. Spyder. Yeah, you can question me, but she knows her stuff.

I'll take "Kirby Trivia" for 1,000.

What is the true name of the sweeping power, as the Dreamland 3 manual calls it multiple things.

Final Answer.

- Contestant 4

Squeaky Bogg

The Kirby manuals have a bad habit of sticking to names. Why, outside of Dream Land 3, even The Crystal Shards can't seem to decide what to call Burning... or Burn? However, the power of the broom is pinned down to one real name: Clean. The power encompasses a lot more than just brooms. Why, two of the pets use the ability to pull out dusters, another throws a bucket of water, Nago rag mops the floor, and the fish pops out a plunger! At least with Burning and Spark everything, well, still is burning and sparking. So, it is "Clean" that is the officially recognized name for it.

"I'm sorry, you did not answer in the form of a question."

The little blue guy that says "What?"... I'm guessin' his name is Ometon since the name of the image: ometon.gif. Granted that's how the Sonic fanbase came up with Nazo, but let's not go there. Is my guess of his/her/its name being Ometon correct?

- SuperComputer276


... Who?

And that's that. Well, it may be this, actually. I think that is reserved for another time.

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