Ask Guru Gobbo #27

Things are things, things are answered, and at the end is a pizza party with cake! Note: the cake may not be able to be reached by everyone leading to mostly myself ingesting it. There'a lot of good questions, some short answers, and spiky, creepy, blue thing to top it off.

- August 16th, 2008

  1. Caped Luigi's Yoshi
  2. A Waddle Doo With A Hat
  3. Mirror Kirby
  4. Animaster
  5. Prophallus
  6. Kirby
  7. Abigail
  8. Potato Soup Man
  9. Chimera
  10. Stevie78
  11. Peyton
  12. SSBB Fan
  13. Curious Guy

Hi! Um... I can't think of any small talk to put here, so...

1. What's your favorite Kirby ability?

2. What ability is the most comedic?

3. Finally, what ability is the most useful?


- Caped Luigi's Yoshi

Squeaky Bogg

1) Backdrop is king and forever shall be in my book. Sure, it only got one real appearance, but what an impact it made. Plus, back in Adventure, it held a lot more value than current games' abilities. The variation was something new rather than mundane, Plus, there's something great about smashing foes with your bare ... um, stubs? It's good to get down and dirty.

2) Comedy, thy name is Kine Stone! The poor guy gets his gut busted by bouldered buddy. Oh, the horror! But, he powers through it anyways 'cuz he's a fighter. Or a fish. But not both. Kine's an ocean sunfish not a Japanese fighting fish. Big difference.

3) The most useful ability, throughout any game it has appeared in, is easily Parasol. I'm sure you could nitpick and find an individually better power, but I'm also certain that it would be in either limited appearances or availability. Parasol not only appears in a wide number of titles but also can be found like mad! It's everywhere you turn. This ability is labeled as "most useful" since it is taking effect even when Kirby is just standing there. In fact, when you equip it, you can just stand there. So long as the parasol is lifted over Kirby's head, neither foes nor harmful UV rays can reach him. This is one of the few abilities that functions as a defense, outside of the awkward Stone and still allows for fast and easy moving. Plus, you can use it to lower down slowly. I don't think I have ever needed that, granted, but it's nice to not worry about dropping into death, spikes, and enemies.

Greetings, Bimblesnaff. On an earlier mailbag you said that the Halberd captain didn't have an in-game sprite. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall him having a single sprite (during RoMK's opening sequence) with his back turned. Yeah, just wanted to point that out.

Onto the question, I've noticed that there's some inconsistancy with the planets that surround Popstar. In Kirby Super Star, they all had unque names (Hotbeat, Skyhigh) while in Kirby 64, the planets changed into completely new ones, and they were given the naming sequence of putting "star" at the end (Rock Star, Shiver Star) In addition to this, some of the planets are easily exchangable between the two, minus the name difference (Aqualiss, Aqua Star) I find it kind of strange that they had a whole solar system planned out, then they made a new one to take it's place.

Do you think they're the same planets or completely new ones? Just wanted to get your opinion on the matter.

- A Waddle Doo With a Hat

Squeaky Bogg

You're right! Still, however, his in-game sprite was a single, static, back view image. It barely counted for much of anything and, luckily, most of what I said still holds true. Unless, that is, he was to return as the amazing attacks-without-looking enemy!

Onwards, there is a bit of oddity with the clashing arrangement of the systems. Really, however, there's not much that makes sense on a galactic scale about the entire Dream Land cosmos. For starters, Pop Star is, well, a star, or at least was originally. It gradually grew into being referred to as a planet sometime after Adventure and before/during Super Star. The naming convention, you are right, is off. The Crystal Shard planets all of "Star" visibly attached to their name. This is the thing -- visibly. What we never see, "we" being Americans, is the complete names of the stars. Flow Star Floria and Scorching Star Hotbeat are just some examples of their full, Japanese titles.

Anyways, there really is no reason that the two games don't sync up with one another. The obvious statement could be the directors of each game. Super Star was the trend setter in the edgier, less childish Kirby with hats that has continued through the series today while The Crystal Shards was made in the vein of Dream Land 2 & 3 to be more cute. There are obvious similarities between some of the stars, such as two earth stars, two fire stars, etc.

Of course, Pop Star itself is rarely kept in a consistent form. How many games has its landscape been drastically altered to suit needs? Ripple Field use to be a single Rainbow Island in Dream Land 2 and suddenly upgraded to a full fifth of the planet in Dream Land 3. Kirby isn't really one of those games with a solid, defined system of, well, anything. It flexes and changes as need be. If you need Whispy Woods to be somewhere, then the entire forest is going to be uprooted and moved without question. I know a lot of it could be explained, but I don't even think the game creators put as much thought into this type of thing as fans do.

Now, in a completely nonfactual sense, just my opinion, I've always seen it that the worlds featured in Super Star are more like Pop Star's moons, or, given that it is more like a star, it's orbiting planets. When you compare their sizes to Pop's, it's a huge difference. In fact, the surrounding worlds are about as big as the feuding sun and moon that orbit Pop Star. Orbiting sun. Whew, is that scientifically flawed. Anyways, the Crystal Shards planets would be more equivalent to Pop Star in size. Those other, tiny, bordering worlds would just vanish from view when zooming out to scale.

I have a question...see, I heard that the Kirby epasode with Mirror Kirby in it, "One Crazy Knight", was supposally BANNED...Soo, uhh, do you, by any chance, know WHY? o.o

Just curius.

- Mirror Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

The reason that surfaced was drama! Yes, the episode was, by the producers' accounts, too much for children to handle, particularly with the fake death scene. They think very, very little of the American youth and feel they have to be coddled with mittens at all times. 'Cuz it's not like anyone ever has to deal with death ever.

In the anime, Waddle Dee was shown to be able to eat through the spot where his mouth is supposed to be. I can't really argue against that since it's the only obvious way they could be able to eat. Waddle Doo on the other hand doesn't seem to have much of a face beyond the oversized eye. How do you think they eat?

- Animaster

Squeaky Bogg

I call forth the trial of Pokémon Animé v. Gyarados Mouth. In it, you may remember that the large serpent was unable to close its mouth for the most part, generally depicted with an ever gaping jaw. Similarly, one-dimensional aspects of other creatures could be found in the series, all which vanished in, say, a movie that actually held real production value. This stemmed from the animators being stupid and only having one source picture to go off of.

It really is that simple. The animation teams are, what? Normally in Korea, nowadays? The Clerks: The Animated Series commentary gave some hilarious insight to how hard it is to communicate ideas with them. "Man no sleep behind counter!" was one of their responses. Granted, folks tend not to, but it was part of the joke. Still, that doesn't really translate with the instructions. Anyways, back on track, Waddle Dee does have a mouth. This can be seen in-game with Super Star* and in mangas at several points. Just because the mouth is not readily visible does not mean it isn't there. As of such, folks like Broom Hatter has eyes, they are just small and obscured from view for artistic reasons. I mean, I would assume it does. It can see, I'm taking it, to know where to sweep. I doubt echolocation could help detect particles of dust.

* A correction is made to this answer in Session #77.

Hah! It would appear that you're starting to get repeated questions. Do ya think it's time for a homage to the retired gurus by making your very own Gobbo FAQo? Starring Bimblesnaff, the wonder creature, and Generic Kirby Fan #90210!

- Prophallus

Squeaky Bogg

I've actually been getting a lot of repeats for a while, as early as the third or fourth sessions. Back then, what were people's reasons? There was only a handful to dig through. I can't blame anyone for asking a repeat now. But, yes, I believe it is coming close to time to make such a thing. I really would, too, love to have it a total homage to the original Gurus and the lovable Generic Kirby Fan #90210, but I wouldn't want to tarnish its name. However, since folks don't bother to read the "Don't ask about the Pengy suit episode" or "Search for answers before asking", I wonder what good it might be? Still, however, I should make one, or, by the time this is read, have made one, why not?

Hiii~! Squeaky Bogg looks tasty. If i ate him, what power would i get? Also, I know that in a previous mailbag, you said that i can't swallow bosses like Meta Knight or King Dedede, but if I did swallow those two in particular, what power would i get?

One more thing, can you use a Squeaky Bogg picture that isn't requested by other people. Those Boggs need love too~!

- Kirby

P.S. Aren't you glad i didn't just say the p word like the last Kirby?

Squeaky Bogg

I am quite glad, despite the picture to my side. Now, as to your question, I would naturally say, "Well, of course, if Kirby were to eat Meta Knight and King Dedede, he'd get Sword and Hammer, respectively." I mean, that makes practical sense in game terms. However, with the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, that goes out the window since he can not only eat those two characters but gain the respective individual powers from them. That sure makes my job easier. Heh heh heh.

Okay, This first question really isn't a kirby question but how do you use Gameshark codes, I really want to know.

And now a kirby related question. Is the red stuff coming out of Zero Two's eye blood or strawberry jam?

Sorry if I'm bothering you.

- Abigail, Mwa ha ha ha

Squeaky Bogg

To use Game Shark codes, you first need a Game Shark. Much like the Game Genie, when you boot up the game, you enter said codes for stated effects. I mean, I don't see how else it would work. I've had my share of code/cheat devices, and that's how they've all worked.

Zero bleeds from his eye, his wings, and anywhere else red stuff is spewing. I guess one could argue, "That's not blood, that's just red fluid leaking from his body." Yeah, that'd be blood then. I don't know if some switcheroo was pulled to not inflate the game's rating, but that stuff is blood, plain and simple.

For the record the "soup and ers" Potato Soup Man is not me, apparently he stole my screen name also I would NEVER just babble when sending anyone anything because there is no reason to waste your time so from now on I will put a random code word in the letter so you will pie know that it's the genuine PotatoSoupMan, but anyway, who is the blue character that was on the left that only said what in session 24? Now to end this who would be so mean as to write a mail about someone they don't know, but wow what a coincedence that it happened right after I sent my letter.

I forgot to mention this but fake PotatoSoupMan what in the world makes xylophone you think I would want to get together with Bimblesnaff? I am not- oops, family site. I should just stop now before I get carried away, oh I should probably ask a question, well um why is that on the back of King Dedede's robe it has a blue rabbit's head on it.

- Potato Soup Man

Squeaky Bogg

It was pretty odd that someone would both fake you and hate on you near the same time you posted a question. I guess someone was monitoring your internet activities and secretly hated that your user name was so original and hearty. The password thing, however, won't be necessary. I've started displaying IP addresses for comparison of who's who and such. The false individual, however, did have a lot of nerve or bordom to try and pull that stunt. I'd say bordom.

This question was already answered, or least was already answered before I relocated it to the end of the session.

As for Dedede's symbol, that is not a rabbit. That's what I've heard a lot of people say, but it just isn't true. I've never seen a blue bunny in that image. My take on the logo was a V-shaped hand gesture, for "victory" or "okay", that he use to make back in the old games. His hands are round and bulbous enough to pull off that shape. Now, it seems, he wears mittens or gloves that cover up his ability to pull this off. However, back in the first game, in Castle Dedede, there's lots of portraits of the daio hanging on his walls where he is leaning over, turned a quarter about, and giving this hand signal. Also, before beginning the Egg Catcher bonus game in Adventure, he turns to the player and flips the V. It's a nice homage to vintage king despite it no longer being possible. So, bunny head, no. Victory, for the win.

What was that blue and gray spiked thing you used on two occasions in Session #24?

Also, how much does Kirby weigh anyway?

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

That seems to be on everyone's minds. Well, the answer is coming soon. Just be patient, young grasshopper.

As for Kirby's weight, his Smash Bros. bio lists him as lighter than air. I don't really think that can be weighed.

I'm just wondering, wouldn't you like a kirby game that isn't a side-scroller? The wii game looks awesome, but i noticed it had side-scrolling gameplay. It could be something like air ride, but with foot traveling. (and some warpstar riding)Imagine have a kirby game in full 3d, non side scrolling, and a big boss battle where you flew around on the warpstar! Just like the anime! What do you think?

- Stevie78

Squeaky Bogg

Just like the what!? No, really, all of the big, boss battles featured Kirby flying around in some fashion, or at least the battle near that point. Star Rod against Nightmare, Rainbow Sword against Real Dark Matter, Love-love Stick against 0, Crystal Gun against 02, Star Chariot against Heart of NOVA, ... um, shootin' stuff at Dark Mind's core during the credit sequence, I guess? All of these feature free traveling, shooting action-ness stemmed from the Kaboola battle in the first Dream Land. The animated series just used this motif, and, if it didn't have this type of end fight sequence, I would be rather disappointed in it.

Regardless, I've aired my reasons to what would complicate a fully three dimensional Kirby game. While it would have some nice qualities to it, I'm afraid I'm too much a classic gamer and prefer only have two D's to navigate. There's just too many holes opened up, especially for free-flying Kirby, when you introduce a boundless landscape. I mean, unless the entire game was spent inside a system of cavernous tunnels and buildings, there would be way too much space for the puff to go.

is metaknight really a playable character on kirby nightmare in dreamland or is that a lie?

- Peyton

Squeaky Bogg

Really? Yes, Meta Knight is a playable character in Nightmare in Dream Land. However, to be able to play as him, you first beat the game and unlock Extra Mode, which I believe requires completing the regular mode with 100%. After knocking the bonus mode from your to-do list, then the bonus bonus mode of Meta Knightmare opens up in which you play as Meta Knight. He's basically like Kirby when empowered with the Sword ability except his flight is more like Wing from Super Star, as opposed to inflating, and he can use his blade to demolish blocks, pound stakes, and light fuses.

Hey! It's me again, Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fan!

I would like to thank you for answering all of my previous questions.

And now for my newest question...

Why does Meta Knight wear a mask? And how does he get another mask after Kirby makes it fall off in the games(games like Squeak Squad)?

- SSBB Fan

Squeaky Bogg

Meta Knight wears the mask to hide his identity, much like a super hero. He doesn't want people to know that he's just like Kirby. Whether this is due to some family relation, shame from being associated with the people he views as "lazy", or something entirely different has never really been clarified.

His reappearing mask is a puzzled caper. It has come back or been replaced as fast as one scene transition as seen in Super Star where, immediately after the unmasked Meta Knight flees from his losing battle against Kirby, he is seen again flying on bat wings, shooting balls of energy, and wearing a mask! I would guess he just has a drawer full of them. That's where he goes after being bested by Kirby, I guess -- to fetch more face plates.

What the heck is that little blue thing that says what in session 24? it... scares me... also why do you have such low self-esteem with how you look?

- Curious Guy


... What?

And that does it for questions received from the 13th, just to give a little bit of a time line for where things are at. I just figured, "Ah, shoot, I'll just take 'em all out behind the barn and pop 'em in the back of the head."

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