Ask Guru Gobbo #11

In tonight's session, I eat a whole oxen head without chewing! That, or more questions are answered. A little light, I must say, with about two repeaters, but there's a lot of reference to past sessions, too. On a scale of won to defeat, I'd give it pat on the back.

- July 31st, 2008

  1. Phantom K
  2. Sapphire Kirby
  3. Bimblesnaff (?!)
  4. Silver Lunar
  5. Sonic
  6. Hot Spot
  7. Lei
  8. Abigail
  9. RoyFan64

Reading through the questions and answers here, I've noticed that a lot of people seem to think that some of the enemies in Kirby games are actually Dreamlanders, while there is really no evidence to support that. The only time I've actually heard of characters other than Kirby or DeDeDe that are confirmed Dream Landers was in the original game. (Unless Kirby's animal friends are considered DreamLanders, idk though I've never played their games) Assuming that the enemies are anything more than just obstacles is overanalyzing a part of the game that probly had very little thought put into it in the first place.

- Phantom K

Squeaky Bogg

"Dream Lander" is used mostly as a buzz word. When most people, and I'm especially guilty of it, use it, they just mean "resident of Pop Star" rather than the tightly defined location within Pop Star. Regardless, in Kirby's adventures (disambiguous), he travels through Dream Land on a number of occasions. Occupying these places are the common foes and other baddies. Logic would hold that, being in Dream Land, those who reside there are Dream Landers. King Dedede, being ruler of Dream Land, has his minions who, I would take it, come from Dream Land. That tends to be where you get your staff from, where you are at. Only through oppressive conquest are the ruler and peacekeepers not from the area being kept.

Granted, some enemies don't seem to share the "all play and then eat, what's work?" attitude, but neither does Dedede. Come to think of it, Waddle Dee sure does seem pretty laid back. A lot of the foes are, if not all of them. They don't really move around much. Heck, Broom Hatter doesn't even attack for the most part, unless you call idly sweeping a deadly tactic. Plus, Meta Knight is undeniably of the same make as Kirby, and he's no where close to playful and lazy.

Again, "Dream Lander" is a nonspecific term. If meant as "what Kirby's species is", then you have a valid argument. However, nothing says that Waddle Dee and the bunch aren't what Kirby is, chiefly since nothing says what he is. They are a varied lot of oddities, but nothing has ever said whether or not each is a specific type of oddity. The known fact is that they are in Dream Land, so... hey, stranger things have happened. I'd call it possible.

In one of your previous mailbags, someone asked if Kirby has feet or shoes, and you said he wore shoes. I think they are feet. In Squeak Squad Kirby's Animal ability gives him furry feet. Why would Kirby's shoes (if they were shoes) turn furry?

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Heh. Mailbags. That made my day.

Ahem. That's a very good point, but such a fact just makes me more inclined to believe they are shoes. The abilities add hats to Kirby or other donned apparel. For Animal, he dolls himself up in a berserker-esque fashion with skins and furs. His feet turn furry since, as with the cowl, he gets additional clothing. He never physically changes with his powers, outside of a color change. Now, this animal skin booties theory could have easily been trumped had your argument been, "Why would he wear shoes over his shoes?" as opposed to "Why do his shoes fur up?" Of course, even if that were the case, I would roll out something along the lines of Kirby temporarily replacing his old kicks for the fuzzy slippers.

Greetings, citizen of Dream Land. I am you from the Future. I have come to warn you about a grave interference... sometime between Session #37 or #39. Be forewarned, for when it comes, you'll know... be prepared, Bimblesnaff of the Past.

But here's something I've forgotten... how many of Kirby's games do I own? What was his rarest title? Oh if only I could remember...

- Bimblesnaff

Squeaky Bogg

Eegad, me! I'll be sure to look out for that. At the rate I'm going, that should be some time in October. Be there, folks, when Future I turns into Present I!

As for my Kirby collection reminder, I own the titles of Dream Land 1, 2, & 3, Adventure, Block Ball, Star Stacker, Avalanche, Dream Course, Super Star, and... then Amazing Mirror. I ... don't own any of the systems that the more recent titles of come out on yet. I live too much in the past.

As for my rarest title, I would say Mirror. I don't think that it is rare in itself, but the copy I have sure probably is. It's the international version, but, on top of that, it's of questionable legality as I bought it from Singapore on eBay and nothing about how it arrived seemed official. That, or Dream Land 3. I really don't know the rarity of the titles, truthfully, but that one came up the least on eBay.

After reading session #07, You said that alot of the site's residents/visitors think that Ivyna J. Spyder is the owner of the site, but she really isn't.

I was one of the people who thought she is... who is the real owner???

- Silver Lunar

Squeaky Bogg

Feel no shame for thinking such, either. Anyone would have made that assumption since she was putting forth all the face time while the creator was covered up in the background like a class photo with the tallest kids up front. The real site founder is Kindar Spirit, who started this site many moons ago. However, "stuff" happens, and she hires many of staffers to keep the site rolling with updates. Ivy just happened to be on a grand roll with her sweep of Kirby animated series related efforts.

In fact, ol' Kindar may even be a familiar face to some as she just popped her head out of her hiatus about a month or two ago. Her and fellow oldbie Debagelbond were trying to get back in the spotlight with their Daily Fan Comic action, and then they fell of schedule, and then they kinda fell off the map again. So, if you know where Kindar is, tell her I'm looking for her. She was trying to get in contact with me back in June to discuss the Fan Comics page, and I'm always findable.

Back tracking a little, I know how Kindar probably feels with the masking over by someone else. Well, I don't know exactly how it feels, but I'm in that situation a bit myself. I keep getting the feeling that folks think I'm in charge of this Project R.A.I.B.N.O.W. thing instead of Disaster Kirby. Now, I don't run the thing, but it sure seems like I, well, accidently took over.

will kirby come out with his own wii title

- Sonic

Squeaky Bogg

Allegedly, yes, as it has been in development for some time now, but who knows whether or not it'll be delayed again.

where can i download kirby superstar for free

- Hot Spot

Squeaky Bogg

I do not support free downloading of games or anything, for that matter, that has not been established as such with consent of the creator. It's illegal, it's cheap, and I'll have no part of aiding in it. It'd suggest either buying a cheap second hand copy from a game shop of eBay or just waiting until August to get the Super Star Ultra remake.


I have "Kirby of the Stars! Another Cold Pupupu Hour!" (Hoshi no Kaabii! Mo~ Rettsu Pupupu Hour) as a whole volume. I, however, have not yet scanned it. I own a Kirby site of my own, and though it would be cool to have some site exclusives, I'm just curious: Do you HAVE to submit manga scans for the site via the forums, or is there some other way?

- Lei

Squeaky Bogg

You can do that? Er, um, I mean, yes. I was aware of such. Wholly. There is a very closely knit communication between staff members of this site. Completely. Yes.

Well, whether or not that is true, which I'm sure it is, I've always just said that if you want some submission to be posted, send it my way. I seem to tackle almost any other submitted thinger nowadays, anyhow, so why not?

Are Ado and Adeleine the same person?

- Abigail

Squeaky Bogg

Both are girls, both are painters, both wear the red beret, green smock, and gray dress, both have the same color hair, and both fight Kirby in the same fashion. If it looks the same, acts the same, and is the same, then I say a big, fat yes. This point is highly debated, but I don't see why.

"Ado" just seems like an abbreviated form of "Adeleine". Much like "Betty" is short for "Beth" or "Beatrice", names don't have to match all letters to be a pet form but just have to carry the same sound. But, on top of that, the actual Japanese version of her name is Adorenu, so "Ado" is right in there. It seems likely to me that the character's name was ret-conned into sounding more French and artist-like. Just because the name gains a few syllables doesn't mean it is someone wholly new. There's been plenty of cases where a character's name has changed.

Heck, does Togezo ring a bell? He use to be called Spiny back in Adventure but was renamed by the time he appeared in Dream Land 3. He still looks the same, but, oh, it must be a wholly different enemy. I mean, his name is different. Never mind the identical appearance, behavior, and abilities. Nope, he's a new thing all together. Pfft. And that case didn't even have a close to similar name as the old.

So, yeah, Ado is Adeleine. Smack anyone who says otherwise from this point on.

This question has a follow up in Session #13.

what does poyo mean?

- RoyFan64

Squeaky Bogg

"No good." Seriously, though, it's just a meaningless sound they decided to use to identify Kirby babble in the animated series.

If you are still curious with what happened to that ox head then you really need to find a hobby or something.

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