Ask Guru Gobbo #60

Another already? Here I thought all the fans would be pre-occupied with the new Kirby game to care much about the site. Well, I forgot about the counter-balancing force of the new game flaring up visits in general. Guess that's another scratch for the "wrong" column. Nerts! I marked the wrong column. Now I have to put two there. Lemme try again... Hm, this could take awhile.

- September 26th, 2008

  1. Princess Rosalina
  2. Kirby Kirby Kirby
  3. Hero Kirby123
  4. Kirkby the Hedgehog
  5. Beezo 'n' Weldar
  6. Katsztro
  7. Rgijaba
  8. Peyton
  9. Waddle Dude
  10. Prince Flarema
  11. Mr. Game and Pie

Hello! I'm NOT Vinnyboy or Ness Kirby! I'm Princess Rosalina, a sister of two brothers.

Yeah! I know! You too lazy to answer either Vinnyboy or Ness Kirby's questions they ask away to you. They told me to see you answer both of them, but nothing. Well, I have a better questions.

1. Which Kirby games have the better mini-games: Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby Super Star/Super Star Ultra, Amazing Mirror, Squeak Squad, or Kirby 64? (Note: Canvas Curse didn't have a mini-game.)

2. Star Warriors versus Squeak Squad. Who will win?

Well, that's all. See you later!

- Princess Rosalina

Squeaky Bogg

0) It's true, I do shrug them off. Things were getting packed and the chaff needed shed.

1) The best mini-games out of those titles would go to Adventure. It really can't be grouped with Nightmare in Dream Land as they changed all of them. No, Crane Fever and the original test of speed, Quick Draw. Cowboys win over samurai. Really, tho', I guess that Super Star Ultra should be the winner since it is just the mini-games from the original plus more. However, I'd rather eat baby chickens.

2) Squeak Squad. When comparing the tired cliché of destined warriors to, what? A transdimensional band of rogue rodents who plunder treasures of unimaginable power and sweetness? Hands down, the sneaky Squeaks have the initial advantage. I mean, realistically, the felons would be put in their place by the good doers, but I'd like to think the thieves would get the drop on the crusaders and relieve them of their most power weapons. Take away their even more cliché legendary swords and they are nothing but a bunch of lame Meta Knight knock offs.

Some Game Critics gave Kirby Super Star Ultra scores like 7.9/10 and 6/10.

Do you agree with these Critics?

- Kirby Kirby Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

I haven't played the game. I haven't bought the game. I do not even own a DS. It will probably be some long time before I ever play the game. I can not give any opinions on a game I do not own or have not played as they would be founded on nothing. This question will be directed to with all such related inquiries as well as those for Canvas Curse or Squeak Squad. Facts I can look up, but opinions have to come from me.

why don't you battle Marx in his small form in KSSU?

- Hero Kirby123

Squeaky Bogg

Since you didn't do such in Super Star. You never fought the real, puny Marx. He had nothing to him. No powers, no abilities. He would be a push over, like Ado when she ran out of things to draw or the eye of Zero. It's basically a waste of time. Now, while they could have included such, they needed Marx to fall into NOVA to create a giant explosion. Tiny, normal Marx wouldn't be capable of causing this.

Hi! got some questions.

1.If meta knight ultra is just being meta knight for the whole game, then what would the "ultimate battle" be? I have a feeling it would be arena.

2.Can Kirby break dance? Or does he just have attacks that look like break dancing?

3.On the DS screen (bottom) in Milkyway wishes,it looks like it has list of abilities. What is it?

- Kirkby the Hedgehog

Squeaky Bogg

1) The "training for the ultimate challenge" was a blurb given by Nintendo Power. Much like a lot of the data they tossed out there, it was meaningless. They didn't want to say, "Play the whole game again only as Meta Knight with some special touch screen buttons." That sounds really lame and cheap. No, they'd rather make it seem interesting and new, like I assumed back in the day. Really, tho', there is an "ultimate" battle had at the end, the very end. I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone, but it is something awesome!

2) The ability to break dance is inherent in all Dream Landers. Why, just look at them. They are so round and perfectly suited for the rhythm of the streets. That's what they do, after all: eat, sleep, dream, and get funky! That's, um... in the Japanese manuals. Somewhere, you know, in the back.

3) It is the list of abilities. Trying to make there more reason for Ultra to be on the DS rather than the Advance, they had to think of things to do with that second screen. In Milky Way Wishes, the available super-copies appear at the bottom and can be scrolled through by touch. Previously, the quick way was just to hit Y or something and cycle through if the main menu wasn't felt like being opened up. Both are nice ways to quickly get what you want.

What's your favorite song in the Kirby games that you've played?

Like, your favorite song from each game, not the best from all of them.

I know that in Dreamland 3, my favorite song is the final level, DeDeDe's Castle.

In Kirby Super Star my favorite is Marshmallow Castle (a.k.a. Castle of the Halberd Knights).

In Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dreamland my favorite is the Orange Ocean level where you're on the boats...I don't remember what it's called.

Speaking of music, were you disappointed when they changed DeDeDe's song was changed to the Fountain of Dreams song in NMiD?

- Beezo 'n' Weldar

Squeaky Bogg

Most tunes that I digged (that term flies like hanged versus hung, different uses with different participling, and, if not the case, I need to retake sixth grade English) were mentioned in this answer, although it was not directly related to what you are asking. Still, tho', them be my favorites. As for the change made in Nightmare in Dream Land (An abbreviation for it separating "Night Mare" but condensing "Dreamland"? That's a new one), I've never noticed it. Again, I don't own Nightmare since I own Adventure and like my game sans flying pig heads.

Does Meta Knight REALLY sleep with a plush animal?

I read this on some other website and it stated that it was a little known fact.

- Katsztro

Squeaky Bogg

He might, I really don't know for 100% certain. I cannot find any evidence of this fact outside of one mention, most likely the same site you saw it at. I'm under the assumption that this is a scene from the animated series in which Sir Meta Knight is awoken and shown with some type of stuffed toy, shown once or a few times for comical effect. I don't watch the animated series, and I have never seen any pictures of this, but the source pulled from is pretty known for including every fact about a given character, no matter how minor. They are also known for stealing information from Rainbow Resort. This wasn't snagged from us, tho', but I still believe it to be true. Meta Knight had a lot of conflicting personality traits, and this falls right in line with his hidden jar of sweets stash in his room or his enjoyment of Channel DDD.

(dramatic music starts playing) and-and-a KIRBY SUPER SATR ULTRA, the best game's back, an oh i't full of wonder, and... forget it. i see you alreaty know that Flying Fortress Kaboola is in the game (is that her new name?) but guess who else is back? Koozer!Flotzo!Grumples!Cawcun!Mr.Tick-Tock!Phan Phan!Grand Wheelie! Fire Lion!i just wanted to ask about Revenge of the King (it's realy, realy, realy hard! i couldn't believe it!), in it they've replaced ALL the enemys!! what are thier names? Cappy=mean, grey toad stool,Grizzo=big cheata,sword kinght=he's the same, only now he looks like his cooller looking animated couter part,Kracko=a huge ugly black cloud demon who's pupile is a red slit,poppy bro. jr.= an ugly elve doll who's tounge is sticking out,Scarfy=a cute flying apple. i'm sure i forgot some, but please tell me who they are...

- Rgijaba, self proclaimed evil geinus and lord of pudding pies

Squeaky Bogg

No clue. This game just came out. I dig through archives of information for games that are years old. The information has had time to appear and be translated, or at least posted on the web. Google doesn't even recognize most Ultra information as it just hit the scene. I don't even think the game comes out to Japan until November, and that's where most of the goods are snatched from. Information is not just magically present. Most names are gotten from the end-of-the-game role call that identifies all of the enemies. Super Star only had this for helper enemies at the end of Revenge of Meta Knight. I've heard nothing about the rest of the foes being named yet upon completing some other part of the game, mostly 'cuz I don't think there is one.

Do you think Kirby Squeak Squad is too easy because I got to the 6th world under 6hrs

- Peyton

Squeaky Bogg

Never played it. I guess you can refer to Question #2 for the gist of it since I don't feel like repeating all that. In fact, I've added the previous two DS releases to the list of "Can't offer an opinion" list, or the Coao.

When kirby does his "victory dance", How does he do to divide himself into 3?

- Waddle Dude

Squeaky Bogg

He partitions his body in order to make up for the extra dimensions he is lacking. The dance is to great to be deprived this. Really, I think he just does it 'cuz. It was just a fun thing put in the game, and one dancing Kirby doesn't really fill up the screen that well. Plus, the multiples allowed Kirby to interact with something to up his made dance tactics by fifty points. I don't know what the scale of points is normally given on, but I assume its good.

Okay, since I don't have or know the original Super Star, I will need some help distinguishing new and old details in Ultra. (If you don't mind)

First off, the main reason I got the game was to battle Marx. In Super Star, did he have a giggling like clown voice? (Best description I could come up with)

Second, in KSS, was the second boss in the Great Cave Offensive Computer Virus? Because this boss was in Ultra, or is this boss new?

Third/fourth, and final. I've Played through all the games now, and I have to ask, Meta Knightmare Ultra, why is it called Meta Knight"mare" Ultra, I mean, that was what it was called in NiDL, except the Ultra part. Also, why would they give Meta Knight an ability to double his speed, when he was already twice as fast as Kirby?

Anyway, it took some time to think of questions, and KSSU I hope didn't ruin anything in the original. I wouldn't know though, since I don't own it.

- Prince Flarema

Squeaky Bogg

1) The voice work in the original Super Star was like voice work in any other Super Nintendo game: poor and inhuman. King Dedede and the Mike screech, too, use to sound rather like instruments more than voices. No, Marx didn't giggle. It was more a "Bwahahahah!" type of maniacal laughter fit for a super villain. I can't say which is better as I don't know how creepy of a clown he now sounds like. O.G. Marx, however, can easily be found on YouTube for a sample of his laughter, that is, if you don't mind wading through that fetid mire.

2) Yes, the Computer Virus, aka: Battle Windows, is an original. It was created as a parody and self-parody of the very RPG like nature of Great Cave Offensive.

3) Meta Knightmare Ultra? Man, that's the first I heard it called that. Early deals just titled it Meta Knight Ultra. I think this can be explained in two factors: A) They didn't want people to think that it was just re-playing the game as Meta Knight. The early reports made it seem like a whole new adventure and not just a second time around as the masked puff. It's sorta like a fake-out to make fans not angry and then have them wind up not caring. Next, B) They wanted folks to think of Meta Knightmare since it, in all essence, is. I have to admit, the name "Meta Knight Ultra" does sound a little stupid. This is the next version of what was Meta Knightmare, so why not have the naming trend continue?

4) As for his speed ability, that actually makes sense. His sub-game is meant to be a speed run, a race to the end to see how fast the whole game can be blown through. Fast as he is, sacrificing those Meta Points to soar through even faster is pretty nifty. Now, the thing that I want to question is the healing ability. What?

I just noticed in the recent poll capsule J isn't one of the options, but he is my favorite cyclops.

anyway on to some questions

1: you answered why Giygas wasn't accepted, but why wasn't Icecube? was it because I did him at my grandmas house?

2: other than forums where can I find some good solid info on KSSU?

thank you for your time

- Mr. Game and Pie

Squeaky Bogg

0) Arg! Capsule J was the entire reason I made the cyclops poll. It was in his honor for having been killed off in Super Star Ultra. Well, that shows you how easily distracted I am.

1) No, the Interactive Fandom submission do not track IP addresses. Rather, I just invoked the Ability Review submission clause: repeated submitters have to step up their game. Just because your foot is in the door doesn't mean I'll buy anything.

2) I wouldn't trust any where else for good info, and I don't just say that to promote this place. The forum post on the game has input from Plas Durock, who I have mentioned a number of times. I respect and trust any information he puts forth as he's shown solid credibility in the past and has basic grammar skills greater than a ten year old. That's where I set the bar! I mean, you can browse around the net for general stuff, but when some fans claim to recognize Kaboola and say her name use to be "Kablooie", you wonder if they ever knew what they were talking about.

Repeat Response:

  1. T.A.C. wanted to know what his name stood for.

There is no end message. Or, there might be, and you have to give me money to see it. Yeah, if that worked, even I would be shocked.

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