Ask Guru Gobbo #48

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- September 6th, 2008

  1. Sarah
  2. Theorizer
  3. Turtle Goon
  4. Natsu-bozu
  5. Tripp Best
  6. Kirkby the Hedgehog
  7. Bon RaWontaine
  8. Stevie78
  9. Curious Guy
  10. Billinio

Where can i download music in this site? please tell me!

- Sarah

Squeaky Bogg

Really? I mean, it's right there, staring at you on the main page. Up in the Featured display, the last option is clearly labeled "Related Music". If you couldn't find it from there, scrolling down the navigation bar to the area labeled "Multimedia" has a link to the base "Sounds & Music portion of the site. MegaWarp has been hard at work updating this part of the site this summer, so it's all shiny and spiffy. I guess, like a lot of things, it needs advertised more.

1# What, in your opinion, is the hardest Kirby game? I think it's Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

2# What, in your opinion, is the easiest Kirby game? I think it's Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.

3# What, in your opinion, is the most fun Kirby game? I think it's Kirby and the Crystal Shards.

4# What, in you opinion, is the least fun Kirby game? I think it's Kirby's Pinball land.

- Theorizer

Squeaky Bogg

1) I don't think Amazing Mirror is necessarily difficult, it's just very large. Anyhoo, my choice is Extra Mode on Dream Land 1.

2) I would probably have to agree with you on that one. The remake was horribly nerfed and defanged for some reason. Even though I never played it, I'm sure there's a little teddy bear head floating in one of the corners of the screen. 1,000 pts to however got that.

3) Despite my knocking on it in more than one occasion, the most fun to play Kirby game title is awarded to Kirby Super Star. You just can't beat it's plethora of mini-games for the ADD in us all. I mean, I don't think it's possible not to be in the mode to blow through The Arena or delve into the Great Cave Offensive.

4) Blasphemy! I love that game. I'm for some reason unnaturally talented at that game and am always getting a newer, higher score with each play, even though I can never reach any of the bosses! No, I'd say the least fun game would be... Kirby's Dream Course. I like the game, but when splitting hairs, it's the one that comes out on the bottom. Plus, this is only out of the titles that I've actually played. Now, while I do love this game, particularly the two player mode, getting those gold medals and constant holes in one can be a real drag at times, bordering a chore or mania. That's why it ranks down there.


I know that Kirby fought the enemies in Dream Land and Adventure because they were King Dedede's henchmen, in DL2, DL3 and 64 because of Dark Matter, and in Squeak Squad because he was on a destructive rampage, but I want to know why he fought the enemies in Dynablade, Milky Way, and after he crashed in Revenge of Meta Knight.

I also would like to know what would happen if Kirby swallowed a turtle. Would he get shell abillity!? Just wondering...

- Turtle Goon

P.S. When will Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. continue?

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yeah, this is one of the holes that Super Star featured in its design. I would assume that, in Milky Way Wishes, at least, that the baddies are "protecting" the wishing star or whatever it is. However, the other two instances just don't make any sense. There really is no reason for it. It's just a sort of a game logic of, "Gotta kill somethin', right?" This is why you always need some big bad pulling the strings, at least in Kirby, to make things make sense.

2) Doesn't Kirby get some time of shell thing when he copies Squirtle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I'd guess something like that would happen. That, or he'd get Throw, the turtle power. Elephants be damned!

3) Normally, here, I'd link you to the last time someone questioned the multichromatic project. However, now it just seems like, after a month of dead air, the effort is just as dead. That's just my opinion, not fact. I honestly haven't heard anything on it.

I never really understood as to why King Dedede hated Kirby so there a reason as to why?

- Natsu-bozu

Squeaky Bogg

The King, initially, had nothing against Kirby in particular. Like most greedy lords of the land, he just swooped down and plundered some food, or taxed them depending on how you look at it. Anyhoo, Kirby was just the only one who said enough and did something about it. This is why the King hates him. The puff stood up to the bully, but unlike what happens in real life, the tiny, girly kid won the fight. Dedede held it against Kirby a little, but eventually developed some odd type of friendship with him. Well, that's how the story progresses with the Dark Matter series. If you go with the hatted progression or in any non-platformer, he remains a bitter jerk.

How ticked were you when you found out haley in KatAM didn't give Needle?

- Tripp Best

Squeaky Bogg

Pretty peeved. The guy looks like Spiky, the little porcupine from Dream Land 2 and Block Ball. Of course, I already knew that Needle wasn't included in the game. Still, when I saw it, I thought, "Does it... no?! Lame." Of course, really, does anyone really want Needle? That power really wasn't great.

Do you have any idea when KSSU will be out in australia?

- Kirkby the Hedgehog

Squeaky Bogg

Hm, this is an oddity. The game is to be released in American on September 22nd, but it's not scheduled for a Japanese release until November 6th? Well, I can only assume that the Aussie release has to be between those two dates. I mean, if it's already in English, it should be hard for it to go down under. I'd mean it and stick the date somewhere during October, why not?

Hey there, Bimblesnaff, Squeaky Bogg, Bimble Bogg Squeaky Snaff... whatever you liked to be called. If they were to make a motion picture based on the Kirbster, what do you think it would be about? If it were live action, who would play the characters? If it were animated, who would voice them? You may know me as "The guy who does voice overs for movie trailers." I can see it all know...

"In a world where serenity is the key to living, one creature dares to make it difficult for all...

In this once peaceful village, the civilians anticipate in what is going to be the battle of a lifetime... and behind all this is... Protoman!? Wait, that's not right... Dark Matter! But in the wake of danger, who is there to save the planet of Pop Star from total annihilation?

Protoman!? Hell no... it's... Kirby! Join Kirby... King Dedede... Meta Knight... Lololo & Lalala... and all your favorite Dream Land characters in their most exciting adventure since Kirby's Super Star on Super Nintendo... only this time, it's a feature film!

*randomly reads actors names*

Kirby's Dream Land!

This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

*Kirby does his victory dance*"

Anyway, that is probably how it would go. Let's thank God I didn't say "Rob Schneider is... Kirby! Rated PG-13!" eh? That movie would've been bombed more than a Poppy Bros. Sr. in Bomberman. You know, though... if it were animated, your voice would be perfect for Lololo. You've got the pitch... not bad! Either way, look out for the movie in theatres sometime in 2012. Catch ya later, Bogginator!

- Bon RaWontaine

Squeaky Bogg

Lololo? Like he deserves to be in anything.

I think it goes without saying that this should be an animated blow-out. I can't imagine how they'd pull off a live action version. Unless Kirby, for some reason, came to Earth via some dimensional doorway a la the Masters of the Universe movie, there wouldn't be much reason for it. All the characters and landscapes could at least be computer generated. I'd imagine something like Spy Kids or, for a cooler effect, Sin City. Hell, every movie should look like Sin City. As a matter of fact, they all should just be Sin City.

Anyhoo, I don't really know who would do the voices. I do know this about the imaginary cast: lots of ladies. Kirby should definitely be voiced by a dame no matter his gender, which is certainly male. It would just be necessary to give him that childish voice, not to mention most of the other characters. Not Meta Knight or King Dedede, though. They'd be good male. Another certainty about the cast would be the man, Frank Welker. I don't know who he'd voice, but he's bound to fit in for some if not all of the little weird things. That man can do things with his voice that shouldn't be possible, like a flock of birds recorded on one track!

Back to Dedede, I know who'd I'd like to voice him -- the same guy who voiced him in the flash cartoon Smash Kingdom and Smash Kingdom Melee, Kyle Hogan. Don't look that one up, kiddies! I mean it, don't. Your parents will yell at me. Meta Knight would work as some no name, I'd think. Frankly, I still think the voice work from Avalanche epitomizes each character fine. I mean, trade up for the King, but the rest could be those folks. I'm sure they still sound the same after these fifteen some years?

I want to know, do you find the kirby music cactchy? I do. I always find myself whistling gormet race. I love songs from kirby, (especially revenge of mk stuff.) but most people call it "[sissy]." I strongly disagree with that.

- Stevie78

Squeaky Bogg

I certainly do. From the classics of Dream Land to the funky, upbeat tune of Kine, to the adventurous rhythm of Coo, or the sweet beats of Rick, not to mention the solemn ending to Revenge of Meta Knight or the creepy circus vibe given by the Marx battle anthem, they are pretty sweet. Also, to appease the powers that be, I've had to change one of your word choices. Come now, you should know better than that.

you said in 47 dark matter turned into 02 in his next appearance, but actually, KDL3 was his next appearance, so he turned into 0. ( or 01?)

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

An honest mistake/typo on my part. I probably originally wanted to bridge the transformation comparison to 02 but cut the bit short. I don't really check my work... ever. Now, however, it's changed, and you are the one who looks wrong! Except for the fact that I've already explained the situation. ... Ultra curses!

Hello! Before I ask my questions... I just want to say that although many people may not know who Pon and Con are, I for one do! Hah... not that it matters... but I felt like saying it!

Okay... so question 1: How do you refer to Kirby? I know there are some popular ways to refer to him such as "Cream Puff" and "Pink Marshmallow" but I don't really like those ones. I mean... Cream Puff doesn't really work for him. If anything, he is definitely more like a balloon. I guess people who don't really pay attention to Kirby or don't really care just stick with cream puff... That, and balloon just doesn't have a certain appeal to it as something "cute" like cream puff. I guess it's just a pet peeve of mine. Moving on!

Question 2: Any idea what that strange female Kirby thing was in Dreamland 3? Perhaps it was just a little something thrown in by the developers, but it's kinda mysterious. I'm pretty sure it only showed up in one game, so it was probably nothing.

Well I think that's all I can scrounge up right now... so I guess that's it!

- Billinio

Squeaky Bogg

You do know? Great! Now you don't have to be mauled by my attack dogs. Sorry, boys!

1) I call him a marshmallow and creampuff and other such colorful phrases, but it is meant only as that -- a colorful phrase. The only thing that he can rightfully be called is a Dream Lander, I'd take it, or a Pop Starite or what have you. Everything else isn't saying what he is, just what he looks like. It's a literary tactic, a metaphor, that a lot of folks don't use or don't understand since they take it too literally. Obviously, he's not a sweetened mass of gelatin, but he's squishy like a marshmallow, so the term flies.

2) You refer to Batamon. It is simply a foe that looks like Kirby, as explained in the Kirby mangas. A look-a-like, a crude one at that. I've ranted on it previously. But, yes, it is very creepy and was merely tossed in for kicks and bewilderment, probably to tease the player about never being able to make contact with the foe. I guess they forgot about Pitch's Spark ability at the time.

This answer has a correction in Session #55.

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